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Magni M 16 Tandem Trainer

Founded as VPM in 1976 by Vittorio Magni, this company developed the single-seat MT5 and two-seat MT7 gyrocopters. It was renamed Magni Gyro in 1996 and currently produces a range of ultralight autogyros, including the open-cockpit single-seat M 18 Spartan and two-seat M 14 Scout and M 16 Tandem Trainer. In total, around 300 examples were active at the beginning of 2002. The M 20 and M 21 are in development, but the M 19 is not expected to enter production.


TYPE: Two-seat autogyro ultralight.

PROGRAMME: Current production Magni aircraft.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Tandem Trainer: As described.

M 16-2000T: One aircraft (c/n 022074) supplied by manufacturer in September 2003 and modified to United Kingdom BCAR Section T standards for 'Golden Eagle’ world circumnavigation expedition (www.globaleagle., then due to begin in February 2004.

DESIGN FEATURES: Open, tandem seating. Pod and boom fuselage with sweptback tailplane and triple fins; rudder on central fin only.

STRUCTURE: Chrome-alloy 4130 steel; TIG welded: glass fibre pod.

LANDING GEAR: Fixed tricycle type.

POWER PLANT: One turbocharged 84.6kW Rotax 914 UL flat-four with electric starter, driving a ground-adjustable pitch, three-blade, carbon fibre pusher propeller. Fuel in integral cockpit seat/tank of epoxy/glass fibre, capacity 50 litres.

EQUIPMENT: Optional 150 litre agricultural spray gear.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

Magni M 16-2000T modified version for "Global Eagle" world circumnavigation attempt

Technical data for Magni M 16 Tandem Trainer

Rotor diameter: 8.23m, overall length: 4.65m, overall width: 1.80m, overall height: 2.60m, propeller diameter: 1.70m, weight empty: 270kg, max take-off weight: 450kg, max level speed: 185km/h, cruising speed: 145km/h, rate of climb at sea level: 300m/min, service ceiling: 3500m, take-off run: 50m, landing run: up to 30m, range, no reserves: 481km, endurance: 3h

Magni M 16 Tandem Trainer

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From Thialand, please disclose.
If you have sael subsidenary in Thaland or Asian
How much
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After sale and Service. My purpose is my hooby

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Respected Sir /s,
An impressive aircraft.Would be grateful for price details and any other information provided.
I am a medical practitioner,aviation is a hobby.
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Frank Dicorte, e-mail, 23.04.2009reply

Who sales the Magni Gyroplanes? Are they located in the USA? Where can I find a Gyro CFI in the USA. Is there one in or close to Texas? would you tell me the price of the M-16 Trainer?

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is it possible to you that some information about how deisaine this aircraft?
if you help me in this case you do big fever about me.
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