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Kazan "Aktai"

Light multirole helicopter, created with traditional for Russian/Soviet products simplicity of maintenance, reliability under harsh conditions (snow, winder dust etc) and opportunity to use cheap automobile gasoline, oil and lubricants. Typical for Russia demands of reliable start under low temperatures also was met.

Keeping up with time, designers achieved low fuel consumption and noise levels. "Aktay" features large luggage compartment and can accommodate stretcher and medical attendant for paramedic use.

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Kazan "Aktai"

English name: White Colt

TYPE: Three-seat helicopter.

PROGRAMME: Work began 1996. Project revealed at Moscow Air Show, 19 August 1997, with display of mockup. Second, engineering mockup built 1998. Kazan decided in mid-2001 to begin building a prototype to fly in 2003.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Passenger, medical, evacuation and military configurations planned.

COSTS: US$280,000 to US$300,000, according to equipment standard (2000). Estimated (2000) market for over 1.000. Development cost (2000) US$10 million.

DESIGN FEATURES: Intended for light transport, patrol, medical evacuation and training. Certification will be to FAR Pt 27. Conventional pod and boom configuration with T tail. Semi-articulated three-blade main rotor; tapered blades on production version; max (emergency) rotation speed 2,586 rpm; rotor brake; no provision for folding; Krasnyy Oktyabr VR-10 main gearbox, transmission rating 216kW; engine input 6,000 rpm. XP-10 gearbox for two-blade tail rotor.

STRUCTURE: Extensive use of composites throughout, including main rotor blades.

LANDING GEAR: Conventional, non-retractable skids on arched support tubes; spring shock absorbtion.

POWER PLANT: One 201kW VAZ-4265 rotary motorcar engine mounted above the cabin and behind the gearbox and operating on 92/93 grade petrol. Manual rpm control. Fuel capacity 300 litres. Refuelling point port side. Oil capacity 20 litres.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and two passengers, all side by side, in individual seats; forward-hinged door each side. Twin clamshell doors at rear of pod, below tailboom, provide access to flat freight floor; one casualty stretcher can be loaded through rear doors when passenger seat is removed. Alternative access via door on starboard side. Optional, rear-facing seat in luggage bay. Optional heating and air conditioning.

SYSTEMS: Electrical system with accumulator and M-16 generator, max rating 16kW. Anti-icing of main rotor blades.

AVIONICS: Comms: Yurok radio.
Flight: KG-1B navigation system; GPS.

EQUIPMENT: Inset toe-steps for maintenance access.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

Kazan Helicopter Plant "Aktai"

Photo Gallery 

Instrument panel of Kazan Aktai

Aktai engine and rear door details

Technical data for "Aktay"

Crew: 1, passengers: 2, engine: 1 x rotary pistone engine, rated at 180kW, take-off weight: 1050kg, payload: 300kg, empty weight: 2402kg, max speed: 190km/h, cruising speed: 155km/h, hovering ceiling, OGE: 1300m, service ceiling: 4700m, range with 300kg payload: 100km, range with 190kg payload: 600km, max endurance: 6h

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Cual es su costo en dolares

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