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1969 - project

Kaman K-700

Proposed rescue helicopter for USAF based on K-1125 with two PT6A turboshafts, streamlined fuselage and large tail fin. Not built.

R.Simpson "Airlife's Helicopter and Rotorcraft", 1998

Kaman K-700

The Huskie III underwent evaluations for two years, but never gained acceptance by the Air Force. Undaunted, Kaman tried again; this time with a proposal in February 1969 for an improved LBR helicopter to supplement the HH-43 inventory. Kaman also advertised the type as an armed troop transport for counterinsurgency (COIN) operations. Called the K-700, the aircraft fared even less favorably than the Huskie III, barely proceeding beyond the drawing board.

Intended as the ultimate H-43 design, the K-700's power would be derived from twin T-400-CP-400 turbo engines driv-ing the familiar intermeshing rotor blades. A stretched fuse-lage of nearly 12.5m would accommodate 14 passengers. Somewhat similar to the earlier proposed Huskie III, the K-700 was to have wheel landing gear, a "Vee" bullet-resistant windshield, self-sealing fuel tanks, provisions for external or internal auxiliary tanks, and an awesome array of armament, putting it on equal footing with contemporary gunships.

A vast assortment of features and options, too numerous to list, plus a guarantee by Kaman to deliver the first aircraft within 20 months, did not persuade the Air Force to purchase the K-700.

Wayne Mutza "Kamah H-43. An Illustrated History", 1998

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