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Kamov Ka-62

Medium multi-purpose helicopter with 14-passenger cabin, retractable tailwheel u/c, fenestron tail powered by two RKMB RD-600, Glushenkov TVD-155 or Turbomeca RTM322 turboshafts.

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Kamov Ka-62

Ka-62 is developed on the basis of Ka-60 army helicopter and is intended for carrying passengers and cargo in the transport cabin, and transportation of bulky cargo on external sling.

Ka-62 helicopter has single-rotor scheme with multi-blade tail rotor in the tail ring. The rotor blades and 60% of the airframe weight are made of polymeric composite materials. The airframe features perfect aerodynamic outlines, large transport-passenger cabin and retractable three-leg landing gear. The power plant of the helicopter is made of new-generation modular-design engines developed by Rybinsk Motor Design Bureau, headed by Mr. A. Novikov, Designer General. The civil derivative of the helicopter inherited from the basic army version its high cruise speed, fuel efficiency and transport capacity as well as large door openings of the transport cabin on both fuselage sides.

The helicopter can be used for comfortable passenger transportation, for internal and external cargo transportation, it can perform first aid medical operations, search-and-rescue operation, water boarders and economic zone boarders patrol, for servicing coastal gas and oil lines.

The Ka-62 helicopter is designed with account to the international flight safety requirements. OEI flight and landing are ensured. The safety of the pilot and passengers during rough landing is guaranteed by a set of measures, including the energy-absorbing and energy-attenuating design of the landing gear and seats. The tail rotor in the tail ring is protected against casual damages. The helicopter is equipped with efficient anti-icing and fire-fighting systems.The

Ka-62 is equipped with standard avionics suite of a basic transport version for VFR conditions, or a suite for IFR flying in any weather conditions, using the satellite navigational equipment. The export version of the helicopter is supplied with the engines and avionics of western companies at customer's option.

TYPE: Multirole medium helicopter.

PROGRAMME: Funded under Russian programme for development of civil aviation for 2000. Construction of prototype Ka-62 (then known as V-62) began early 1990, but apparently abandoned; one Ka-60 military version and two Ka-62s intended to undertake flight trials, although second of basic type completed as Ka-60U, delaying debut of civil version; will be certified under Russian AP and FAR Pt 29A/B standards. Republic of Buryatia officially requested Moscow for production rights for UUAP in February 2000. In April 2001, Turkish Ministry of Public Health was discussing contract for six Ka-62s, with total value of US$31.5 million. Russian government's 2002-10 aviation plan includes Rb62 million to develop Ka-62 and Rb51 million to launch production at UUAP and, possibly, RSK "MiG" (LAPIK). Initial deployment will be in Khabarovsk Federal District of Russian Far East, following June 2002 agreement between Kamov and Far East Investment Company for manufacture of Ka-62 at unspecified plant(s) and marketing in Asia/Pacific region.


Ka-62: Basic model for domestic market.
Detailed description applies to the above.

Ka-62M: To be certified to Western standards, for sale outside Russian Federation and Associated States (CIS); two 1,212kW General Electric T700/CT7-2D1 turboshafts; five-blade main rotor: avionics to be developed by Aviapribor. Production version is expected to be manufactured by KnAAPO at Komsomolsk.

Ka-64 Sky Horse: This development of the Ka-60/62 series is reported to be a joint venture with Agusta of Italy intended for export. Features include a conventional tail rotor, modified passenger cabin. Western avionics and option of General Electric CT7-2DL, LHTEC T800 or RTM 322 turboshaft engines. Production would be by UUAP at Ulan-Ude.

DESIGN FEATURES: Originated as military transport; all main systems and components duplicated, with main and secondaries routed on opposite sides of airframe; transmission resistant to 12.7mm bullets; main blades to 23mm shells; run-dry gearboxes. Advanced technology main rotors with sweptback tips. Production versions will have slower-turning five-blade rotor. Yaw control by 11-blade fan-in-fin. Reverse tricycle landing gear.

STRUCTURE: Composites account for 60%, by weight, of structure, including blades of main rotor; fuselage sides, doors, floor and roof, tailboom, fin, vertical stabilisers, and fan blades of carbon-reinforced Kevlar.

LANDING GEAR: Retractable reverse tricycle type; single KT-217 mainwheels retract inward and upward into bottom of fuselage; twin rear wheels retract forward into tailboom; shock-absorber in each unit. Optional inflatable pontoons for emergency use on water.

POWER PLANT: Basic Ka-62 has two RKBM Rybinsk RD-600V turboshafts, each 956kW max continuous; 1,140kW emergency rating. However 1,103kW Klimov VK-1500 may be offered in parallel with adoption of this engine for Ka-60. Fuel tanks under floor, capacity 1,450 litres. General Electric T700/ CT7-2D1 offered as alternative to RD-600V.

ACCOMMODATION: Crew of one or two, side by side; optional bulkhead divider between flight deck and cabin; up to 14 passengers in four rows; forward-hinged door each side of flight deck; large forward-sliding door and small rearward-hinged door each side of cabin; baggage hold to rear of cabin. VIP configuration to be available, with five to nine seats and refreshment bar.

SYSTEMS: Interior heated and air conditioned. Thermoelectric de-icing system optional. Ivchenko AI-9V APU originally proposed, but replacement Aerosila TA-14 under development.

AVIONICS: Optional Russian or Western.

EQUIPMENT: Stretchers, hoist above port cabin door, cargo tiedowns, and other items as necessary for variety of roles, including transport of slung freight; air ambulance/ operating theatre; search and rescue; patrol of highways, forests, electric power lines, gas and oil pipelines; survey of ice areas; surveillance of territorial waters, economic areas and fisheries; mineral prospecting; and servicing of offshore gas and oil rigs.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

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Technical data for Ka-62

Crew: 1-2, passengers: 16, engine: 2 x Rybinsk RD-600 turboshaft, rated at 955kW, main rotor diameter: 13.5m, fuselage length: 13.25m, height: 4.1m, take-off weight: 6250kg, empty weight: 3730kg, max speed: 300km/h, cruising speed: 260km/h, rate of climb: 11.7m/s, hovering ceiling: 2500m, service ceiling: 5000m, range: 720km, payload: 2000-2500kg

Bahrami, e-mail, 26.09.2014reply

My company need min three unit of Ka-62M for offshore operation pax &search&resque all weather codition.pls send me:delivery time /unit of prise /training course duration for experts on bell helicopter(piloting&technition).

JAIME HERNANDEZ, e-mail, 23.08.2010reply

need price and if is faa certified and also time delivery

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need price and time delivery

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Looking for rescure helicopters for a government tender. Must be twin engine, long range, infa red search and rescure, winch gear both sides, twin seats for two pilots, to carry 6 to 8. A total of seven helicopters with spairs and training. Please advise if you are intrested in suppling. Kind regards
Graeme Smith

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Icarus helicopter is intersting to know the operative cost of Kamov KA 62, The price for the version transport passengers,with the different engine Turbomeca or Rhmb Rd-600.List of equipments. Easa or Faa avionics included? Float are included?the maximun capacity of passengers is 16 or 14? The luggage compartement with maximun capacity of passengers how many pieces of luggage can contain? (plese indicate the max size and weight) Thank You Luciano Ottaną Ceo Icarus helicopter Tel + 39 0968 53737 mobil +39 349 8568139
Shall be certificate Faa or Easa? Delivery Time?

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I have a customer needing an 8,000 pound lift helicopter to purchase. Do you have any KA 32A models for sale? If not do you know of any for sale. What support is there for the KA32 in the mid east?

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Hi... Very Nice Helicopter.Pls send its Total price & other information regarding fuel avg etc. Thank You!

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I am interesting in Kamov 62. Could You pls to send me the budgetary price? and how long the delivery time? Tq

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I am interested in Ka-62 very much.

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