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Камов Ка-32A1

Firefighting version of Ka-32A, first flown 12 January 1994. Equipped with Canadian or Russian variants of "Bambi Bucket", capacity 5,000 litres. Two operated by Moscow fire service, with doorway-mounted steerable water cannon and three types of rescue cage, able to lift two, 10 or 20 people from roofs of tall buildings. Other equipment includes searchlights and loudspeakers. Fire service aircraft and others flown by anti-riot police controlled by Aviatika Concern ISC, set up by Moscow city authorities and private investors to develop urban air transport system. Several on lease to South Korean forestry department have Simplex 10900-050 system, including 2,955 litre belly tank which can be refilled in 1.5 minutes, plus 152 litre retardant tank. Ka-32 can also be fitted with 10900- 055 system with two panniers totalling 5,000 litres of water and 250 litres of retardant.

One Moscow fire service helicopter (RA-31073) retrofitted with large, forward-facing nose boom for fire suppression in tall buildings; trials completed April 2001; shown statically al Moscow Salon, August 2001. System developed by Soyuz Federal Centre of Double Technologies at Dzerginsk; water supply of 2.800 litres carried in two underslung tanks or helicopter can be connected to fire vehicle on ground for unlimited supply; hose boom movable in vertical plane only.

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victor ferreira, e-mail, 13.08.2009reply

estudo euronautica e fao maquetes de futuras euronaves tanto civis como mulitares este helicoptero para mim sempre foi um bom hlicoptero e teve respeito por parte dos ocidentais

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