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Kamov Ka-25F

As early as 1968, when N.I.Kamov was still alive, the OKB joined the competition of design studies for an Army assault/transport helicopter. The Kamov contender was a derivative of the Ka-25 designated Ka-25F featuring a redesigned fuselage and skid undercarriage. The armament comprised a 23-mm GSh-23 cannon with 400 rounds in a chin turret, six UB-16-57 rocket pods with 57-mm unguided rockets, six "Falanga" (Solifuge) anti-tank guided missiles, and bombs. The Ka-25F project received a positive appraisal from the Air Force's research institutes but lost out to the competing Mi-24 helicopter.

G.Kuznetsov "OKB Kamov - 50 years", 1999

Matt, e-mail, 27.09.2009reply

Very modern design for a 1968 project. The cockpit section look almost like the front of a EC-135 or a EC-145. I think they made a huge step back with the later models like the Ka-27 or the Ka-31. The design was many years ahead for his time.

lauro pinto dos santos junior, e-mail, 01.08.2008reply


kuchart, e-mail, 13.05.2007reply

I would like to know more detail of this model.

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