Back Kamov Ka-25Ts ("Hormone-B")

Kamov Ka-25Ts ("Hormone-B")

Special electronics version, providing over-the-horizon target acquisition for ship-launched cruise missiles including SS-N-3B (NATO "Shaddock") from "Kresta I" cruisers, SS-N-12 ("Sandbox") from "Kiev" and "Slava" class cruisers, SS-N-19 ("Shipwreck") from battle cruisers Kirov and Frunze, and SS-N-22 ("Sunburn") from "Sovremenny" class destroyers. "Kiev" and "Kirov" class ships each carry three "Hormone-Bs", other classes one; larger undernose radome (NATO "Big Bulge") than Ka-25BSh, with spherical undersurface; cylindrical radome under rear cabin for datalink; when radar operates, all landing gear wheels can retract upward to minimise interference to emissions; cylindrical fuel container each side of lower fuselage.

Jane's Aircraft Upgrades, 2001

Kamov Ka-25Ts ("Hormone-B")

Kamov Ka-25Ts ("Hormone-B")

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