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Hiller NC-5 / UH-5

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E. Speike, e-mail, 16.10.2010reply

I see to my amazement the machine flying /hovering with the pilot being replaced (c.g.) by sandbags. To me that means an aircraft so stable that a normal pilot training would not be necessary. I a a fixed wing pilot but it looks to me that I could fly it right away!

mike1204, e-mail, 29.05.2012reply

The UH-5 was a 2-seat (count them) agricultural experimental helicopter, of which only two were built, with 1947 also claimed as the type's date of first flight. It does feature Hiller's 'Rotomatic Control', a servo-paddle method of cyclic control, push forward on the lever to go back, pull to forward, tilt left or right to bank the opposite way.. A video tour of this machine can be found on YouTube, but specs are hard to come by.

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