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Another front-engine design, the obscure Haig-K Aircraft Corporation HK-1. The Continental C85 is practically in the pilot's lap!

The Cessna CH-1 helicopter

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Technical data for Haig-K HK-1

Crew: 1, passengers: 1, engine: 1 x 85hp Continental C-85, main rotor diameter: 8.13m, take-off weight: 468kg

Richard Thompson, e-mail, 05.05.2016reply

Haig was a member of, and general engineer of EAA Chapter 239, everyone consulted him on their inventions: lift coefficients, materials, vibration - anything needing a formula or slide rule. Bob Beggs, curator of the American Helicopter Museum gave a great talk 5 /2 /16 to EAA Chapt 240 on helicopter history in the Dela. Valley, including the HK-1, what a thrill to see it again. Add a picture of Haig.

Dan kurkjian, e-mail, 28.03.2016reply

The HK-1 flew in 1957 not 1959

Dan Kurkjian, e-mail, 28.03.2016reply

The HK-1 was a 2 passenger helicopter not a 1passenger as your write
Up indicated. the rotor blades and tail rotor were a urethane foam
Sandwich,high density foam in the leading edge of the blade and low
Density foam in the training edge. The skin of the sandwich was 1 /32 in.
Plywood covered by a stainless steel sheet leading edge skin.

Dan Kurkjian, e-mail, 25.12.2012reply

The HK-1 was a prototype, it was fully belt drive both the main rotor and the tailrotor. The rotor and tail rotor were composite construction with differing densities of foam in the core of the airfoil. The heavy density foam was in the leading edge, the lighter foam was aft of the blade spar.
It had unconventional controls, the collective pitch was a peddle on the floor similar to a gas peddle in a car which was correlated to the throttle. It had a steering wheel that controlled torch, and the wheel yoke could be moved
left and right and back and forth for cyclic control.

The travel on the collective pitch was such that regardless of the setting,the blades would alway enter autorotation.

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