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Fiat 7005

Fiat, which had flown its 7002 reaction rotor helicopter in 1961, also had a design for a compound rotorcraft, called the 7005. This work was also a result of the work Fiat had done with Sud Aviation in the design and manufacture of transmission gears for the Super Frelon helicopter. As a result of this cooperation, Fiat started to design its own high-speed helicopter.

This three-seater used a streamlined fuselage and a pusher propeller, blowing over a cascade of vanes at the rear of the fuselage for counter-torque and yaw vectoring. Note that the vanes could vector 37° and the vane box could pivot a further 33° in order to vector the efflux a total of 70°. The Allison 250 turboshaft engine powered both the three-blade main rotor and the four-blade variable pitch propeller.

The 7005 fuselage was 7.92m. Rotor diameter was 8.4m and the propeller was 1.2m. Total height was 2.6m. The landing gear retracted into blisters to minimize drag.

Fiat 7005

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