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Eurocopter EC-130B, derived from AS 350B Ecureuil

TYPE: Light utility helicopter.

PROGRAMME: Derived from AS 350 Ecureuil; PT-1 prototype first flew (unannounced) June 1999 and registered F-WQEV in May 2000; second prototype (F-WQES) assisted in 200 hour test programme, including high-altitude testing in Albuquerque, USA, September 2000; JAA certification 14 December 2000; FAA certification 21 December 2000; revealed only in February 2001, when initial production aircraft (also 3,000th of Ecureuil family) handed over to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters at HeliExpo. Four preproduction helicopters delivered to launch customers in first half of 2001.

CURRENT VERSIONS: EC 130B4: Initial production version.

CUSTOMERS: Announced orders include Blue Hawaiian (10 in 2001), Rocky Mountain Helicopters (10 in 2001), Mont Blanc Helicopteres (two) and five to UK customers; deliveries started in June 2001 and totalled 10 in 2001 and 30 in 2002.

COSTS: US$1.6 million (2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: AS for AS 350B3, but considerably modified external appearance, with windscreen side panels, doors and landing gear from EC 120, plus Fenestron based on EC 135, although symmetrical, carried by redesigned tailboom. Dual hydraulic system from AS 355N. Cabin width increased by 25cm to give additional 23% internal space, accommodating seven or eight seats and enlarged (10%) baggage compartment, optional air conditioning. Retains AS 355B3 engine and transmission, but automatic system (in conjunction with dual-channel FADEC, plus third, digital, back-up channel) matches rotor speed to flight conditions for noise reduction; 84.3 EPNdB flyover rating is 7 dB below ICAO limit and 0.5 dB under special Grand Canyon National Park restrictions achieved by use of parabolic rotor tips.

LANDING GEAR: Emergency flotation system available. Tailskid. Handling wheels.

POWER PLANT: One 543kW Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 turboshaft with transmission rated at 632kW for T-O, with FADEC. Fuel capacity 540 litres in single tank.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and up to seven passengers in transport role; or pilot and one or two stretcher patients plus two medical attendants in casualty evacuation configuration. Dual controls.

SYSTEMS: 4.5kW 28V DC starter-generator. 15 Ah battery; 28V DC cabin outlet.

AVIONICS: Comms: Shadin S800 T altitude encoder; Bendix/ King KT 76C Mode С transponder and NAT AA95 ICS.
Flight: Two Bendix/King KX 165A nav/com/ glideslope; Garmin GNS 430 GPS; Artex 100 HM ELT; AIM 1110 HSI; Bendix/King KI 525 HSI; full-colour VEMD (Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display).

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

Eurocopter EC-130B

Technical data for Eurocopter EC-130

Main rotor diameter: 10.69m, overall length, rotors turning: 12.64m, fuselage length: 10.68m, height to top of fin: 3.61m, height to top of rotor head: 3.34m, max T-O weight, internal load: 2400kg, max T-O weight, external load load: 2800kg, empty weight: 1360kg, never exceed speed: 287km/h, max operating speed: 235km/h, max rate of climb at sea level: 698m/min, service ceiling: 7010m, hovering ceiling, IGE: 5875m, hovering ceiling, OGE: 5320m

Debbie Kipers, e-mail, 01.05.2015reply

I would like to enjoy a flight with you over the grand canyon, but I have mobility issues. Can you tell me the total distance from the ground into the helicopter and if are there any other steps or assistive devices to enter the helicopter. I cannot step /raise more than 7 inches at a time.

David H Erasmus, e-mail, 14.09.2008reply

I am a student and wish to lern more of the facts on the main rotor system of the EC130?

Natalia Zabala, e-mail, 04.08.2008reply

I'm contacting you in regards to the Eurocopter 130 on behalf of CasaLife Magazine. CasaLife has a special transportation editorial section in which we feature high end transportation crafts and will like to include the Euro 130 in our next issue of the Magazine. This special section includes images as well as editorial and information on the helicopter. Please advise if you will be able to send us 5-6 high resolution images (300 dpi at least 5 x 6). Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you soon!


Frank LaPenna, e-mail, 14.11.2007reply

Do you have photos of SA341G Gazelles that you could email me. Im recording all models and location of this series type.

Guilherme Maranhão, e-mail, 07.12.2006reply

Hi there!
In the DESIGN FEATURES: The correct is AS 350B3, not AS 355B3 (350 is the single, 355 is the twin) :)
Keep the exelent work in the home page, I check it everyday!
Best Regards from Brazil
Guilherme Maranhão, (R22 and R44 Pilot and enthusiast)

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