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Dornier Do-132

Five-seater (D-HEIS) with a fully enclosed fuselage, but it is not known if this was flown.

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Technical data for Do-132

Engine: UACL PT6 A-20 turbo-compressor, main rotor diameter: 10.70m, length: 7.50m, height: 2.80m, take-off weight: 1430kg, empty weight: 675kg, cruising speed: 220km/h, range: 450km

Graham Summers, e-mail, 27.08.2017reply

The Dornier Do 132 was innovative in its use of a tip drive. However although a full size mock up was built, and tested in a wind tunnel as pictured, the type was never built as a functional production aircraft.

E J B, e-mail, 21.04.2007reply

The DO 132 was a tip drive and had great potential. Tried to purchase the rights back in the early seventies but the Dorner people tryied "playing games" and no serious barganing went on.

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