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Del Mar DH-2C Whirlymite

The Del Mar DH-2C Whirlymite was an American radio-controlled target drone helicopter first flown in 1963 after design started in 1960. The Del Mar DH-2C was a minimum-size, low-cost, destructible target developed from the Del Mar DH-2 Whirlymite helicopter and fitted with a 7/16th scale replica of the Bell 205 helicopter fuselage fitted with a counter to record hits whenever pierced by a projectile.

Sonny Pittman, e-mail, 21.05.2015reply

Steve, Do you still have the plans? Sonny

steve McInteer, e-mail, 01.03.2013reply

I have the full set of plans from Del Mar. Purchased some containers that held the plans. The stuff was to be destroyed but someone forgot them in this container. They are very neat. lots of signatures two. I would sell them if the price was right...... Steve

bob, 09.12.2011reply

dude that is old!!!

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