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Convertawings Model F

Model B (1957, project)

This project has been designed to meet specifications by the United States Air Force and the United States Navy. The end-product is to be a convertiplane with two rotors and having an aircraft-helicopter configuration. The change-over from one configuration to the other will be effected simply by swivelling the wing, which has a four-bladed rotor at each tip. The blades, which are of small radius, will rotate at high speed. The power plant planned for this project is two Boeing 502 turbines. A wing structure designed along the lines stated has already been given prolonged tests on the test bed.

Model E (1954, project)

This project is for a large-sized rotorcraft with wings in tandem and four four-bladed intermeshing rotors. Power is to be provided by four gas turbines, and the market aimed at is freight or passenger carriage over short distances.

Model F (1954, project)

This project calls for a single-seater helicopter of less ambitious proportions than Model E. It is to have four rotors with inter-meshing blades and power provided by four French Artouste II shaft-turbine engines built under licence in the United States.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958

Technical data for Model E

Number of seats: 70, engine: 4 gas turbines equivalent to 5700hp, rotor diameter: 16.66m, weight fully loaded: 19375kg, weight unloaded: 13850kg, cruising speed: 224km/h, rate of climb: 640m/min, range: 480km

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