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Cicare CH-3

The CH-3 has the particularity of having a rigid rotor with four blades, the hub of this rotor is made of composites with fiberglass. The airframe is built of steel tubes and aluminum sheet. The power is provided by an automobile engine especially modified by Augusto.

Cicare CH-3

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Technical data for Cicare CH-3

Crew + passengers: 2-3, engine: 1 x Chrysler 8-cylinder pistone engine, rated at 150kW, rotor diameter: 7.60m, length with rotors turning: 8.53m, fuselage length: 6.90m, height: 2.47m, width: 1.80m, take-off weight: 800kg, empty weight: 469kg, max speed: 163km/h, cruising speed: 120km/h, hovering ceiling, OGE: 1700m range: 480km/h,

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What kaine of rotor hub siytem use in this helicopter thanks lot for unswer

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I like kippers

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