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Cicare CH-2

It is a two-seat, conventional helicopter. The airframe and the tail boom are made of steel tubes. The main transmission has a first stage of belts, and a second one of steel gears. The tail rotor transmission is carried out through a shaft. The main rotor has three blades with hydraulic controls.

Cicare CH-2

Technical data for Cicare CH-2

Crew + passengers: 1+1, engine: 1 x 4-cylinder Lycoming H0-360-A1A pistone engine, rated at 135kW, rotor diameter: 7.30m, length with rotors turning: 8.45m, fuselage length: 6.85m, height: 2.35m, width: 1.80m, take-off weight: 690kg, empty weight: 390kg, max speed: 165km/h, cruising speed: 135km/h, hovering ceiling, OGE: 3200m

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