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Another modification of the Bell LongRanger was proposed in Chile by Dr. Carlos Cardoen Cornejo of lndustrias Cardoen. This aircraft was a multi-role attack helicopter based on the LongRanger III. On the prototype, which was the first helicopter to be built in Chile, the classic two-pilot cabin has been replaced by a single-seat flat-plate canopy nose section, and armament is carried under fuselage hardpoints. This prototype flew in mid-1989 and had logged 100 flying hours before being flown to Fort Worth to undergo FAA certification.

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Emmit Koelle, e-mail, 02.07.2022reply

This article states that this is a multi-role attack helicopter. That is an error. The modification presented for FAA Type Certification stated that this was an Agricultural helicopter. Although it could be used for attack purposes like any other helicopter, only our U S State Department called it an attack helicopter due to its manufacturer Carlos Cardoen who was also an arms manufacturer. I believe it would more accurate to describe it as it was how it was proposed.

Felipe Gonzalez, e-mail, 14.10.2022 Emmit Koelle

Mr. Koelle
Would you please write to my email in order to talk about the CB 206 LIII project? I´m the son of the Project Manager RM Gonzalez. Best Regards.

FR Gonzalez


Felipe Gonzalez, e-mail, 14.10.2022 Felipe Gonzalez

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