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Bratukhin B-10

Also designated VNP (Vozdushni Nabludatyelnii Punkt - aerial observation point), this could have been AK-2 because its original role was to replace the AK in artillery spotting. In fact by this time the basic Bratukhin helicopter had become rather larger and potentially more capable and VNP was to be a multi-role machine able to fly recon, tactical supply and even casevac missions. Engines fully boosted AI-26 version, and dynamic parts essentially same as B-9. Wings of same plan and section as B-9 but with pair of bracing struts from bottom of two main-spar frames in fuselage to spar booms at 60% semi-span, and two further bracing struts from upper spar booms at same location to top of rotor masts. Fuselage entirely new: dural monocoque with glazed nose seating pilot on left and navigator on right under large observation dome; observer in tail again with large observation dome. New tail with variable-incidence tailplane mounted on fuselage carrying endplate fins(latter possibly rudders but not described as such in literature). Usual four-wheel landing gear. Central fuselage available for additional loads: three passengers, or two stretchers (room for more but weight-limited) or 200kg cargo or various radio or photographic equipment. Entrance door on left.

Single example built and flown 1947. Behaviour satisfactory, and complete performance measurements taken. Later fitted ShKAS at nose and tail. According to Shavrov 1947-48 saw general disillusionment with helicopters and especially with twin lateral rotor configuration.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey's Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000

Bratukhin B-10

This was another attempt by I.P.Bratukhin to build helicopter for some practical application above technology demonstration. It had side-by-side cockpit for pilot and navigator, and observer cockpit behind the wing. The rest of fuselage could be used to carry 2-3 passengers and/or photo.

Above the cockpit unarmed spherical turret was installed (for demonstration, I guess).

There was an option to make main gear retractable backwards.

At the time on the 'decision-making level' attention was shifted to competing schemes of helicopters (under influence of Western designs). Despite B-10 was performing well, it failed to catch any interest in the 'High Circles'.

Russian Aviation Museum

Bratukhin B-10

Technical data for B-10

Crew: 3, passengers: 2-3, engine: 2 x AI-26GRF pistone engine, rated at 575hp, rotor diameter: 10.0m, take-off weight: 3900kg, empty weight: 3019kg, max speed: 218km/h, service ceiling: 6550m, hovering ceiling: 2200m, range: 440km

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