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The CTR-22C is a 39-passenger derivative of the V-22. This aircraft uses the V-22 wing and propulsion system with a new pressurized fuselage. Engines are two 6805shp Allison T406s.


The CTR-22D was developed to evaluate higher capacity and more efficient fuselage cross-section. It expands the CTR-22C's three-abreast fuselage to four-abreast to hold 52 passengers. Engines would be two growth 7312shp Allison T406s. Fully loaded, the CTR-22D's design range is 520km. With increased gross weight and approximately 15% increased engine thrust, the 1100km requirement could be met with 52 passengers.

A.J.Pelletier "Bell Aircraft since 1935", 1992

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Technical data for Bell CTR-22C

Wing span: 13.96m, rotor diameter: 11.58m, overall span: 25.75m, overall length: 20.90m, take-off weight: 20942kg, cruising speed: 522km/h, range: 1110km

Technical data for Bell CTR-22D

Wing span: 14.63m, rotor diameter: 11.58m, overall span: 26.21m, overall length: 21.85m, take-off weight: 22315kg, maximum cruising speed: 522km/h, range: 518km

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