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Bell CTR-1900

The CTR-1900 is an all-new 19-passenger design. It is the result of a trade study comparing the V-22 high-wing and H-tail configuration and new configurations (low-wing and conventional tail or low-wing, V-tail and canard). The CTR-1900 with the V-tail and canard had the lowest drag and weight. This aircraft would use 3440shp Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca RTM-322 engines.

A.J.Pelletier "Bell Aircraft since 1935", 1992

Bell CTR-22A/B, click here to enlarge

Technical data for Bell CTR-1900

Wing span: 11.28m, rotor diameter: 8.53m, overall length: 14.20m, take-off weight: 10328kg, cruising speed: 524km/h, range: 1180km

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