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Bell TH-67 "Creek"

Selected March 1993 as US Army NTH (New Training Helicopter) choice to replace UH-1 at pilot training school, Fort Rucker, Alabama (223 Aviation Regiment at Cairns AAF and 212 Aviation Regiment at Lowe AHP). Instructor and pupil in front seats; plans abandoned for second pupil to be seated at the rear, observing flight instruments by closed-circuit TV screen mounted on back of right-hand front seat. Powered by Rolls-Royce (formerly Allison) 250- C20JN engine. First batch included nine cockpit procedures trainers outfitted by Frasca International; three configurations: VFR, IFR, and VFR with IFR provision.

TH-67 features also include dual controls, crashworthy seats, five-point seat restraints, heavy-duty battery, particle separator, bleed air heater, heavy-duty skid shoes and enlarged instrument panel. IFR version additionally possesses force trim system, auxiliary electrical system and is FAA certified for dual pilot operation. Also supplied to Taiwan Army, based at Gwe-Ren.

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Bell TH-67 "Creek"

David Hatcher, e-mail, 25.05.2013reply

The TH67 procurement was an “off-the-shelf, non-developmental, commercial procurement”. The selection of the Bell Model 206BIII was made over two versions of the American Eurocopter AS350, and the Enstrom 480. The Schweizer Model 269D had been eliminated earlier. The 206 was manufactured in Mirabel Canada and flown to Arlington Texas to be “missionized” by a Bell sub-contractor (Premier Aviation) to contract requirements. The closed-circuit “TV” was installed to meet the requirement for the second (non-flying) student to “see the primary flight instruments from the seated and restrained position”. Over the years Fort Rucker has not maintained the video system (they also suffer thefts of cameras and displays)
I was one of two Aviation Training Brigade representatives on the Source Selection Evaluation Board with CW4 Ernie Record. The “board” evaluated the proposals and provided the selection committee with the data for their ultimate selection. I flew all five proposals in the “Training User Effectiveness Evaluation” and flew the first (N67001) with CW4 Jake Kegris from Arlington to Fort Rucker.

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The fule boost pump cartrige,is it the pum itself or does it drive the pump???

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u forget to talk about crash fuel tank very hard to installed

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