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Bell 47G-3

This improved Model D was a light, multi-purpose three-seater powered by a Franklin engine which, through a two-stage planetary transmission system, drove a main rotor of laminated wooden blades with steel leading edges, a tail rotor and a cooling fan.

There were three main components: the cabin with a bubble-type Perspex (Plexiglass) canopy, the central component with the engine and transmission system, and the body, a soldered tube structure.

This helicopter had a synchronized elevator directly linked to the cyclic pitch control lever, an improvement which gave better stability and an increased margin of centre-of-gravity travel. The landing gear consisted of two skis 2.88 metres apart, and, if needed, quick-change flotation gear could be fitted. In the former case, two small wheels assisted handling on the ground.

This helicopter has been used in more than forty countries for agricultural purposes, aerial survey, police patrol, rescue work and other duties.

The service designations were H-13G in the United States Air Force, HTL-6 in the United States Navy. The designation 47G-1 is that given to the prototype of the 47J equipped with a Lycoming 250hp derated engine.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958

Technical data for Model 47G

Number of seats: 3, rotor diameter: 10.72m, overall length: 12.62m, fuselage length: 8.33m, height: 2.87m, loaded weight: 1067kg, empty weight: 651kg, maximum speed: 138km/h, cruising speed: 113km/h, initial rate of climb: 238m/min, service ceiling: 2718m, hover ceiling in ground effect: 1098m, range: 341km

John J. Kaye, e-mail, 13.05.2011reply

We USCG had one when I was stationed at CGAS Brooklyn,NY back in 1960-1962. It was equipped with flotation air bags for work over water. It was used primarily for Port Security patrols around New York harbor & Staten Island. It was a lot of fun to fly in and was landed on and flown off of a flat bed trailer that was just large enough to accomadate it. A little tricky with a strong wind.

John D. Craig, e-mail, 12.01.2009reply

I have Logged over 1200 Hrs. in OH-13S and TH-13T. I went down three times, twice in the Phan Thiet area of RVN with Big Yellow Crossed Sabers painted on the nose and once at Hunter AAF, GA. It was a fun aircraft but not as fun as the OH-6A or the AH-1G (second tour).

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