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Baumgartl Heliofly I

The Austrian engineer, Paul Baumgartl, concerned himself during the Second World War with the design of small single-seat helicopters, in the suburbs of Vienna. It is not certain whether his work was sponsored by the German Government, but his machines were in the same category as those of Nagler-Rolz. Baumgartl's first product was the Heliofly I of 1941, which was little more than a strap-on autogyro glider for sporting use.

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Baumgartl Heliofly I

Gurpreet, e-mail, 11.04.2011reply

How to make very simple helicopter in home

Wolstan Dixie, e-mail, 01.09.2008reply

Heliofly III was a powered contrarotating blade back-pack helicopter.

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Anon, 06.10.2007reply

I'd recommend looking at the book My Tank Is Fight, Its got info and a (fictional) account of how the Heliofly could have been used in combat.

Fernando, e-mail, 19.09.2007reply

do you has more pictures and material about the HelioCopter.
thank you.

sphericalone, e-mail, 01.07.2007reply

autogyro for sure.other than that the pilot would be violently spinning counter order for it to work as a vtol there would have to be two counter rotating propellers.and a small engine.As it is now it is simply a parachute without the mess of fabric and strings.It could be used to drop special forces in but it take a lot of practice to fly .It's hard enough just learning how to fight much less fly.the landing would be very hard also .

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