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Air Command Commander Elite F-30

Formed in May 1992, Air Command produces kits of autogyros. In 2003. Air Command had a 465m2 factory and seven employees.


TYPE: Two-seat autogyro kitbuilt.

Construction of tandem-seat F-30 began in late 1999; made first flight 1 March 2000; public debut at Sun 'n' Fun, April 2000. A side-by-side version of the F-30 has been introduced.


  • Elite F-30: Basic version, with Hirfh F-30 engine.
  • Elite F-30ES: As F-30, but side-by-side seating.
  • Elite Mazda: As F-30, but with more powerful engine; withdrawn 2002.

CUSTOMERS: Over 200 kits sold by end 2002.

COSTS: F-30 US$22,475; F-30ES USS21,792, both including engine (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Open cockpit autogyro with wide range of options to enable individual requirements to be met; many subassemblies preconstructed by factory. Quoted build time 100 hours.

STRUCTURE: Pre-drilled and anodised 6061-T6 tubular airframe; 5 x 5cm tubing used for mast. Optional glass fibre enclosure. F-30 has aluminium rudder and composites horizontal stabiliser and tailfins.

LANDING GEAR: Fixed tricycle type with glass fibre speed fairings. Aluminium suspension system with Hager wheels and brakes on all wheels. Nose wheel is fully castoring with leg of 4130 steel tube and 6.00x6 Azusa tyres: 7.6cm tailwheel. Mainwheel hydraulic brakes.

POWER PLANT: One 82.0kW Hirth F-30 driving a four-blade Warp Drive propeller. Fuel capacity 37.9 litres in two seat tanks; optional 68.1 litre seat lank.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and passenger in tandem on Elite F-30; side by side on Elile F-30ES.

SYSTEMS: Basic engine instrumentation is provided with each kit. Options include hydraulic pre-rorator and clutch reduction drive on F-30; and pre-rotator, C Box upgrade and electric start on F-30ES. Optional New Horizons Components gyro recovery system rocket-powered ballistic parachute.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 2004-2005

Air Command Commander Elite F-30

Technical data for F-30

Rotor diameter: 8.53m, fuselage length: 4.09m, height to top of rotor head: 2.74m, width: 1.88m, max. take-off weight: 578kg, empty weight: 222kg, max. operating speed: 177km/h, cruising speed: 121-129km/h, min flying speed: 33km/h, max rate of climb at sea level: 366m/min, service ceiling: 3050m, take-off run: 31-76m, landing run: 0-6m

Air Command Commander Elite F-30

Technical data for F-30ES

Rotor diameter: 8.84m, fuselage length: 3.25m, height to top of rotor head: 2.13m, width: 1.70m, max. take-off weight: 412kg, empty weight: 141kg, max. operating speed: 135km/h, cruising speed: 105km/h, min flying speed: 36km/h, service ceiling: 3050m, take-off run: 31-76m, landing run: 0-6m

Thomas Held, e-mail, 03.10.2016reply

Don you have compleete autogyro or kit for sale?

Thomas Held

vincent condron, e-mail, 20.08.2013reply

what is the price for the full kit and is it fully certified?

Doug Whipkey, e-mail, 31.03.2012reply

would like to know if an enclosed cabin model is available and if plans only are also available

jimbo, e-mail, 05.02.2010reply

i cant beleave there is nothing more than a few words to describe on how to build i am very interested but i would be buying blind i would really like to see some prints and drawling so i dont get in over my head

Mahdi, e-mail, 01.11.2008reply

I am aerospace student.
I want information about Air command commander Elite example how design and plans it.
Mr Mahdi Hosseinzade

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i'm for program tanks
i want information rotor head for Gyros and fly to sky
and picture rotor Gyrocopters

fakhradin contery is iran --- bookan

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