American Sportscopter Ultrasport 331
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27.01.2022 09:28

26.01.2022 21:16

Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm Bo-105

26.01.2022 03:25

Bratukhin B-10

24.01.2022 09:59

23.01.2022 21:08

23.01.2022 06:17

Sikorsky S-56 / CH-37 Mojave / HR2S

23.01.2022 04:47

Sikorsky EH-60A Quick Fix II

20.01.2022 13:57

Mil Mi-17

18.01.2022 23:34

Kaman K-16

18.01.2022 20:02

Kaman H-43 "Huskie"

18.01.2022 02:19

15.01.2022 22:57

12.01.2022 13:11

11.01.2022 09:48


07.01.2022 03:12

06.01.2022 14:07

06.01.2022 05:54

Hillberg Rotermouse EH 1-01

04.01.2022 20:14

04.01.2022 11:57

02.01.2022 17:38

31.12.2021 15:01

28.12.2021 13:11

28.12.2021 04:42

Mil Mi-6

27.12.2021 22:45

24.12.2021 02:29

Kaman SH-2 "Sea Sprite"

23.12.2021 11:18

23.12.2021 03:22

Bell Model 47 "Sioux"

23.12.2021 01:31

Revolution Helicopter Mini-500

17.12.2021 22:23

Mil Mi-24A

15.12.2021 06:47

John fields, e-mail, 02.12.2021 20:58

I have a chance to buy this aircraft, it belonged to Mr. John Whitley. I would like any info you might have on it. Mr Whitley has supposedly passed away and Noone knows much about the craft. My contact phone #910-654-4893, would like to talk to you about this. I'm in evergree north carolina, about 18 miles from Lumberton. I have the bill of sale where he purchased it from you in 2012, I would like any Info you might have. You can call me anytime as I am retired and have a lot of projects to tinker on.thank you

Mel Aparicio, e-mail, 19.09.2015 03:16

Hellow, I have an Ultrasport 496, "0" time since new, fully assembled ready for first flight. I will sale it, if you are Interested in buying can call me at 305-3051042 or
502-59579140 to make an offer, right now is in the paint shop.

BARREAU, e-mail, 18.09.2014 12:21

Je suis interressГ© pour acheter un Ultrasport 331 d'occasion;
Merci de m'indiquer les bonnes adresses !
Barreau Joel.

Jim Watson, e-mail, 21.10.2013 08:31

I would love to get pricing for both the kit and completely built 496 as well as the 331

Rick Huber, e-mail, 21.03.2013 04:17

what is the price of the 331 and where do I get one?

Sergy Bilenko, e-mail, 13.12.2012 20:39

интересно для бизнеса в Украине.
комплекты К1Т где и как могу купить ?
Желаю Вам удачи

Marthinus Snyman, e-mail, 14.08.2012 11:06

I am a Namibian and have the oportunity to buy a Ultrasport 496 from someone in Namibia. The heli is without a engine, rotorblades and instruments. Wat wil it cost me for the engine, rotorblades and instruments? Waht is the cost of a new complete Ultrasport 496?

Garry Smith, e-mail, 26.02.2012 22:21

want price and shipping to bellville ontario canada

jaswinder, e-mail, 19.01.2012 05:08

i would like to buy one of your ultralight helicopters.can you ship one to india? what are the prices and the shipping costs?please send details via returning mail.anis,delhi.

jay, e-mail, 12.12.2011 01:37

looking to buy a Ultrasport 254

Gene Wood, e-mail, 24.06.2011 23:16

I live in northwest Florida, USA. I have an ultrasport 331 complete, ready to fly for sale. Contact via email. Thanks

Stefano, e-mail, 28.04.2011 22:54

please send catalog, pricing and info about the Ultrasport 331

Luigi, e-mail, 22.01.2011 19:55

i would like to know where can i buy a spare parts of my Ultrasport 331....please let me Know i'm really interested...
Thanks in advance

BallsDeep, e-mail, 02.08.2010 06:16

I would like to buy this heli today. Please link site or email me with the site. Thanks All

Al Weiche, e-mail, 03.07.2010 16:28

Could I please receive more info on the 331H and the the 496. More tech details would be appreciated.

Evergreen, e-mail, 24.02.2010 21:46

Who has this small perfect helicoper?? Please let me know :)

Frank, e-mail, 16.12.2009 19:54

How much is this complete kit delivered to UK

Also how much if delivered to Spain?



Willie J. Bridgeforth,Jr., e-mail, 09.09.2008 04:45

To whom it concern I am requesting information and price list on the ULTRASPORT Model #254 and the 331.

Dominique Denisi, e-mail, 07.09.2008 02:54

i would to know the price of the ultrasport 496 please

anis siddiqui, e-mail, 21.04.2008 10:07

i would like to buy one of your ultralight helicopters.can you ship one to india? what are the prices and the shipping costs?please send details via returning mail.anis,delhi.

Ashtaq Arain, e-mail, 29.02.2008 22:21

I am interested in retailing your product in the UK. Can you please let me know i it is already being sold in the UK, if not then can I please let me know if you would be interested to export to the UK.

ni, 14.08.2007 22:21

how do the rotors work?

MICHAEL BARTUCH, e-mail, 11.07.2007 00:19


Jim Savoy, e-mail, 07.03.2007 21:26

I am interested in the 496 model 2 seater version of your helicopter. I am interested in building one for myself and additional units for retail. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Regards, Jim

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