RotorWay "Scorpion Too"
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04.10.2023 03:13

Kaman K-16

29.09.2023 13:16

Mil Mi-17

28.09.2023 22:10

Mil Mi-32

26.09.2023 22:02

Hiller J-5

26.09.2023 04:02

26.09.2023 03:52

Bratukhin B-10

26.09.2023 03:33

25.09.2023 03:10

24.09.2023 00:05

Kamov Ka-52 "Alligator"

17.09.2023 23:20

17.09.2023 22:39

17.09.2023 20:07

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

13.09.2023 13:36

12.09.2023 22:58

McCandless M4

11.09.2023 13:48

Aerospatiale SA.330 "Puma"

11.09.2023 11:12

Heavy transport helicopter

10.09.2023 06:52

07.09.2023 21:53

07.09.2023 20:39

04.09.2023 03:13

American Autogyro Sparrowhawk

03.09.2023 05:51

Hafner "Rotachute"

30.08.2023 15:19

Bodo Franke Frankocopter

29.08.2023 21:52

Enstrom F-28

28.08.2023 21:13

25.08.2023 22:01

Bell Model 406 / OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior"

21.08.2023 16:47

Boeing-Vertol CH-47 "Chinook"

18.08.2023 09:06

17.08.2023 23:06

16.08.2023 20:54

16.08.2023 01:04

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Anonymous, 30.10.2022 00:10

Still have the Scorpion for sale by chance?

Mark Ruff, e-mail, 18.10.2022 22:09

Would you by chance have one of these helicopters in the add still available?

Mark Ruffin, e-mail, 11.08.2022 15:08

Still have the scorpion helicopter by chance? I’m looking for one.

David Beadle, e-mail, 04.07.2022 08:37

Who is the Admin' for this site ????,
the scam msgs need removing, this site/forum whatever is all about helicopters, from the humble scorpion 1 to the 162f and beyond , NOT criminal activity !!!.

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Steven Jones, e-mail, 04.06.2022 00:13

In 1970 I sold Scorpion helicopter kits in Dallas Texas. At that time a kit cost $6,000. I have some advertising photos of the original Scorpion

Steven Jones, e-mail, 04.06.2022 00:12

In 1970 I sold Scorpion helicopter kits in Dallas Texas. At that time a kit cost $6,000. I have some advertising photos of the original Scorpion

Billy Lemm, e-mail, 26.04.2022 01:52

I am interested please call me 360 878 4227

Tom Herring, e-mail, 23.03.2022 09:21

I'm in paw paw Michigan and I was just wondering what you wanted for your helicopter and does it have the elastomeric rotor head

Tim Storer, e-mail, 10.03.2022 00:10

Still avaliable 810 240 0986

David Beadle, e-mail, 15.02.2022 08:23

Hi Michael, did you get a response from Linn Austin ?, I was very interested in the kits for sale but 51% rule put the Scorpion out of the running and the cost of the 162f put it out too, cheers Dave

michael Bright, e-mail, 04.01.2022 11:57

I know this is a long shot but do you still have the Rotorway Scorpion 2 541 815 1417

Linn Austin, e-mail, 23.12.2021 03:37

Hello have the rotorway2 with 4cyl engine for as I can tell 100% complete asking $12,500 Also have unfinished 162 kit about 25% has tail mounted and cables also body panels fitted, Skids and frame together, Engine still in crate also newer rotorhead assembly in a crate $35,000 OBO 11HORSEMAN@GMAIL.COM

David Beadle, e-mail, 01.12.2021 12:33

Hi Gary, I've heard nothing from you since your first reply on avistar, if you do have a scorpion for sale please contact me, cheers

Fred Casey, e-mail, 21.11.2021 15:58

Do you still have it? How much?

David Beadle, e-mail, 02.10.2021 19:29

Hi Joe, I've still not heard anything from you ??

David Beadle, e-mail, 30.09.2021 13:31

Hi Gary, tried to got in contact with you but to no avail' , email only so send photos and price, cheers

david.beadle, e-mail, 30.09.2021 13:10

Hi Joe, please send details, cheers

Joe gray, e-mail, 28.09.2021 18:58

I have the upgraded unit forsale in Lawton Michigan.

David Vorie, e-mail, 11.08.2021 20:44

Where is helicopter located?

David Vorie, e-mail, 11.08.2021 20:42

Where is helicopter located?
Thanks David

David Vorie, e-mail, 11.08.2021 20:39

Where are you located?

David Vorie, e-mail, 11.08.2021 20:36

You are selling for one hundred and seventy five dollars ?

gary preston sr, e-mail, 31.05.2021 04:23

hello david i have a scorpion 11 with extended frame for longer rotor blades and have new composite waitman blades rx7 13b engine with computer system to control all systems but nothing is assembled do youhave whatsap on your phone? if you do we can a call too many things to put ina email im getting a little older look forward to hearing from you GARY PRESTON 4636 kola rd new smyrna beach florida 32168 tel 3865611845 chow

David Beadle, e-mail, 02.05.2021 01:05

April 2021
Hi, does anyone have or know of a Scorpion 2 for sale, project, basket case. I'm in UK so will have to do a complete strip and rebuild to stand any chance of flight !!. Please no starship prices, if you can't do it yourself be realistic. Cheers

Jason, e-mail, 31.12.2020 02:48

Check Redding California Craigslist.

Sam, e-mail, 22.12.2020 05:03

Hi Stephanie,
Could you send me pics of everything you have? Very interested in the whole package. Where are you/the project located?

Gordon, e-mail, 29.11.2020 16:43

I have a 35mm(?) film of this helicopter. I only unspooled it far enough to get the name in the title. It looks like it's professionally made from the company and could maybe be an instructional or sales video. I can investigate further if there's some interest in the film.

Tommy Garcia, e-mail, 21.11.2020 16:08

Tom I just listed a fuselage and forward frame (already built) on my site. This can be had for $175! Email me back at and hurry it won’t last long.

Tom Sarlija, e-mail, 17.11.2020 06:25

Looking for scorpion ll frame build plans or blueprints to build this helicopter from scratch.

Terry L Hardesty, e-mail, 21.09.2020 04:34

Looking to buy a Scorpion II

Devin Wyatt, e-mail, 11.09.2020 08:54

I am really interested in getting my hands on a scorpion 2 / 133 body. If anyone knows where I can get one let me know. Much appreciated.

Luiz Henrique Bertolotto, e-mail, 11.12.2016 17:31

Anybody saw Scorpion for sale. Just advertise about money.

Charles Smith, e-mail, 18.03.2015 19:37

Is it for sale and how much?

Paul Staebler, e-mail, 06.11.2013 00:56

Hey guys I have a Scorpion 1 I might be willing to sell. Is there any interest out there? It runs but has not gone up. Let me know. Please text: 563-518-0333

IKE BERTOLOTTO, e-mail, 12.08.2012 00:54

This is not a spece for advetising for Banks or financial agents.

Thanks and get out

steve partee, e-mail, 10.08.2011 04:26

i have a 133 for sale not finished 99 percent completfor sale phone 2565460862 in ala for mor infono time to take out

W.Peede, e-mail, 14.06.2011 19:44

I have a scorpion 2 / 133 , It needs the rotor blade mounting brackets that secures the main rotors to the head , also the proper length main rotorblades...Does any one Know of an outlet these items ...

refakeloanners, e-mail, 23.05.2011 22:40

Wow this forum needs to get cleaned out more often. The number of scammers posting fake loan offers is hiding the actual scorpion sale and buy posts.

Patricia James, e-mail, 03.05.2011 23:45



Luiz Henrique, e-mail, 04.03.2011 04:01

Ryan Harris para mim
mostrar detalhes 10:59 (11 horas atrs)

It was sold a long time ago. Please tell me where you saw the ad and I'll erase it--thanks

Robert, e-mail, 19.02.2011 14:46

I have a Rotorway Scorpion that has been rolled over but most of the parts are still good. 152 engine with single delorto carb, elastomeric rotor system, Stainless steel exhaust from rotorway, gearboxes for the tail drive, electronic ignition from crane cams allison, airframe and seat panels with body. $8,000 Louisiana

Robert, e-mail, 14.02.2011 12:37

Hey Michael, I'm interested in the scorpion you have for sale. Call me on cell phone 225-413-7015

ole norge, e-mail, 08.02.2011 12:54

hello. i have a scorpion II with omc engine .i need one of the bolts where fastening the lower engine mount on the engine block it is 6 pc. total with loch wire between.i think it is 5/16 unc treads. i am living near oslo in norway,

Michael, e-mail, 17.01.2011 16:36

I have a Scorpion 133 in just about perfect condition for sale. All the sub-groups have been finished and the final assembly & testing is all that is needed. ALL PARTS AND PIECES are included. On top of this, the helo comes with the top RW152 motor (150hp). This is an estate item I am selling. All the work was done by a seasoned builder - DONE RIGHT !! Again, this helo package is complete and looks in almost new condition. Has EVERY building manual and schematics included. You won't need a thing. Taking interested offers now. Have plenty of pictures for serious interested individuals. Looking to move fast. PLEASE - NO SCAMMERS. I am a pro at sniffing out scams from overseas and domestic. Don't attempt it. This is a serious deal here.

Stephanie, e-mail, 13.09.2010 22:53

Hello. I have the frame for a Scorpion Too, blueprints and other equipment that I must move. This equipment is from an Aerospace company, licensed contractor with the government. Has been left in storage, and we must now vacate the unit. We are asking $10,000 OBO for the frame and blueprints. If interested, please respond to, and I will be happy to forward pictures of what we have and details concerning the motor, etc. Thank you.

Tyler, e-mail, 24.07.2010 21:22

Im selling a scorpion 2 for 8,000 or best offer

Ron Wall, e-mail, 14.07.2010 05:36

Hello this is my first time on the site and i have a scorpion 2 that i need to sell asap its in working order i have all the information on it I'm willing to negotiate the price give me a call if you are interested my number is 615-799-8297

Tom, e-mail, 14.07.2010 02:19

Im selling a scorpion 2 for 12,000 or best offer, I will also except trade for a jyrocopter

Ryan Harris, e-mail, 11.07.2010 21:39

Interested in the value of a scorpion too that has been wrecked, and stored in a barn for quite a few years. 509-347-6119

Chris Brown, e-mail, 08.07.2010 14:36

Scorpion II project: complete frame and body. Email me for pictures if interested.

Forrest, e-mail, 21.06.2010 02:05

I have a 1975 scorpion II, looking for a starter and flywheel. Would possibly sell as well. If interested let me know here please or email me, thanks

fRED, e-mail, 11.06.2010 01:35

Is there fan easy way to remove the starter from a
133 hp Scorpion too?

Ralph E. Robertson, e-mail, 06.06.2010 02:18

I have a Scorpion Too with the 2 cycle OMC motor. It has 11 original hours on it. It has been stored in a barn. I would like to sell. Any offers?

jimmy wood, e-mail, 19.04.2010 18:33

would like to know more about the kit that mike sublett has for sale.

George Mann, e-mail, 05.02.2010 23:16

where would you find the bolts used in mounting the main rotors. they have to be aircraft grade. they are for the scorpionII 133.

george zissis, e-mail, 26.12.2009 11:42

I am lociln for scorpion if any one has eny for 7000 dollars i by rady way qick

Bryon, e-mail, 12.12.2009 08:01

Hello all. I am also looking to buy a Scorpion II. If anyone happens across this and has any good ideas on where to look beside the standard google searches please do tell.

rejean, e-mail, 16.10.2009 19:22

je recherche un scorpion 2 a refaire ou pret a voler au quebec ou canada proche comuniquer avec moi merci

Luiz Henrique Bertolotto, e-mail, 12.10.2009 05:59

I am looking for buy a Scorpion II or kits.
If you have this one call me.

Luiz Henrique Bertolotto, e-mail, 12.10.2009 05:15

I am looking for buy a Scorpion II or kits.
If you have this one call me.

tom, e-mail, 22.09.2009 04:23

HI any one have parts for a scorpion 2 like air frame tail,

Robert Moreau, e-mail, 20.09.2009 15:25

I am rebuliding one of my scorpion II's and need the cabin and seat panel.

JOHN, e-mail, 19.07.2009 22:51

hi a need a manuals scorpion too 133 and engine manuals 133 thanks

Rick, e-mail, 30.05.2009 18:08

Hi my uncle has a scorpion too kit. It is not complete just a frame with tons of papers and diagrams even a super 8MM film that came with the plans. He never had time to get parts and work on it. He is getting old now and has no intentions to use it. anyone interested please contact me khalidrahi at please check the email address. It will only be sold within US to US residents only. Thanks

Robert Moreau, e-mail, 03.05.2009 14:39

I have a Scorpion II with 1.5 elastomeric rotor, 152 engine with single delorto carb, pro drive cog belt, 2 gear boxes that run the tail rotor. One behind the secondary and the other at the turn up on the tail. Electronic ignition and a reverse clutch. Rolled it over in high wind. It's for sale for $10,000 A little fiber glass repair and a landing gear will get it back flying.

JOHN, e-mail, 25.04.2009 06:21


stan, e-mail, 11.04.2009 05:05

Seems no ones Email works so you can call 1 360 202 9906
Tell me what ya got (my email is valid I guess you can not cut and past here ? )

stan, e-mail, 11.04.2009 02:02

I have tryed 10 e mail addresses here , None work, What is wrong ?

Stan, e-mail, 11.04.2009 01:54

I would like to purchase a scorpion too or equivalent.
I see there are a couple mentioned here no dates, are they for sale ?
Prefer a 145 or better, but will entertain what ever surfaces . 4/10 09

James Doolittle, e-mail, 17.03.2009 02:35

I have the frame and parts of a Scorpion too, never finished the kit. Will let go cheap!

chitto, e-mail, 09.03.2009 23:42

I have a completed Scorpion Too. Located on Vancouver island.A very nice finish on this machine. Must be seen, she's ready for a shake down, brand new carbon fibre blades, includes custom trailer, with all the gear. Priced for quick sale, $25,000

zzzzzzzzz, e-mail, 07.03.2009 04:36


Jean Badeau, e-mail, 05.02.2009 23:04

Just a question. Is that helicopter is easy to fly.

brian, e-mail, 09.01.2009 23:01

does everyone enjoy flying the scorpion too and also Iam considering buying one if anyone know where I can purchase one.

dwain forrest, e-mail, 06.12.2008 01:06

i own 2 scorpion too helicopters and am going to sell one if anyone is interested, they are both ready to fly, please contact me at for more details

jeff scott, e-mail, 26.10.2008 21:19

My uncle in has a scorpion 2 seater that he started in the 80's that he coulded complete due to eyesight gone bad. project is completed to the motor stage with boxes of uninstalled parts. He is moving to Ga. & needs to clean out his shop.

Dann S., e-mail, 07.10.2008 17:03

I am looking for anyone in the state of Florida with a Scorpion II, I am interested in trading a nice pro street Camaro for a Scorpion but would like to see one up close and ride in one and talk to someone who has owned one with knowledge about them.I would also like to know about upgrades that are available for them ANY info will help. THANKS Dann

alan long, e-mail, 30.09.2008 03:06


Ben Lockstein, e-mail, 26.05.2008 11:56

I have a 1992 Scorpion II with a 152 engine. 100 hrs TTAF. Dual controls, exec 90 elastomeric rotor system and blades, AP heliproducts hydraulic clutch, tail rotor slider and pitch pin mod. ICOM hand-held radio (IC-A4) and magellan 315 GPS included. Ready to fly. Located southern Ontario, Canada. $27,000 OBO

Mike Sublett, e-mail, 07.05.2008 15:51

I have a Scorpion 2 160 hp turbo helicopter kit that I will sell. $16,000. Located in Sanford, NC USA

luiz, e-mail, 06.05.2008 16:28

jim parham, where did you get your Scorpion plans? Please email me: lgcs3110 {at}


luiz, e-mail, 06.05.2008 16:00

I want to buy a Rotorway Scorpion Too or 133. Please email me: lgcs3110 {at}


Japie, e-mail, 27.04.2008 10:41

I have the Scorpion 2 and is in a running condition. I do have all the plans and sizes.

A. Benda, e-mail, 31.03.2008 07:11

I have a Scorpion II available for purchase. If you are interested, please email me for contact information.

Joseph, e-mail, 11.03.2008 03:26

Hi im Joseph and im looking for Rotorway "Scorpion Too to buy does anybody know where i could find one with a decent price please Email me at

Thank you.

jim parham, e-mail, 16.02.2008 18:27

i too have a rotorway scorpion,been working on it for 1 year,the good thing is i have the correct manuals,and prints,be very careful,who you buy the prints from,a lot of bogus ones are for sale, good luck

Jan Glock, e-mail, 29.08.2007 11:51

The single best resource for these interesting aircraft can be found at Vortech. their website is:

Granville E. Lovell, e-mail, 08.03.2007 22:09

I saw the scorpion 1 and from what I saw it looked like a womans high heal and it is around two feet wide and the two is somewhere around four feet wide I think. Did you just get one? does it have the old two cycle engine in it? They had a big problem with them so they started building their own engine. So that means you could only get parts from them so they may cost alot? Look into if you could put another engine on it.

Timmy Lee, e-mail, 10.02.2007 03:00

Is there any place to obtain info & pic on the Scorpion 1. The cabin style of the Scorpion 1 is the same as the Scorpion 2. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Timmy Lee

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