Platt-LePage XR-1, XR-1A
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07.12.2022 10:59

Revolution Helicopter Voyager-500

07.12.2022 02:22

Kaman K-16

06.12.2022 23:12

Bratukhin B-10

04.12.2022 20:29

Mil Mi-17

02.12.2022 17:37


02.12.2022 08:27

Breguet-Richet Gyroplane No.1

02.12.2022 04:02

Lockheed AH-56 "Cheyenne"

01.12.2022 05:04

Kellett-Hughes XH-17 "Flying Crane"

01.12.2022 05:04

Hughes Model 269/300

01.12.2022 05:03

Kamov Ka-52 "Alligator"

01.12.2022 05:03

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

01.12.2022 05:02

Bell Model 406 / OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior"

01.12.2022 05:01

Air & Space 18A "Flymobil"

01.12.2022 05:00

Aerospatiale SA.330 "Puma"

01.12.2022 04:59

Aerospatiale SA.316/319 "Alouette III"

01.12.2022 04:59

Revolution Helicopter Mini-500

01.12.2022 04:57

Lomonosov "Aerodynamic"

23.11.2022 16:54

21.11.2022 02:43

16.11.2022 05:32

13.11.2022 22:06

06.11.2022 10:36

31.10.2022 01:38

30.10.2022 00:10

23.10.2022 21:31

14.10.2022 20:44

14.10.2022 20:40

Hiller NC-5 / UH-5

14.10.2022 17:51

12.10.2022 08:04

11.10.2022 17:20

Kamov Ka-25

Mary Alice Beatty Carmichael, e-mail, 16.11.2022 05:32

Dear Mr. Hendrickson, I am the daughter of Donald Croom Beatty who was working with Platt LePage in the 1940's until they lost the military contract.
About 10 or 15 or so years ago, you contacted me and shared a thumb drive of the last days of Platt LePage. I remember how delighted you were to find out that I was immediately able to pronounce "Platt LePage" correctly!
I have unfortunately lost the thumb drive and with that loss, I have lost the photos you also included, including the entire staff at Platt LePage standing against one of the buildings a very short tie after they learned that they had not won the Navy? contract. And there were several of those photos with Daddy in them ...He had been gone now about 50 years.
If you are still living, and I hope you are, I would really like to hear from you and see what the chances are of getting a duplicate of the information you sent me might be, ... invaluable to our family.
As an aside, Daddy had saved the "joy stick" from the XR-1, and at Daddy's death, Mother had given it to me. I have put it on loan at our Southern Museum of Flight here in Birmingham, and I was hoping to relocate the thumb drive so I could share the photos with the museum, since they are "borrowing" the joy stick.
Sincerely, Mary Alice Beatty Carmichael cell 205-903-6898

Art Deco, 29.07.2009 06:54

A non-tilt-rotor fixeed wing craft. The first test pilot took off vertically but was too afraid to go forward. Control problems took a while. Tilt- rotor research was to follow and Frank Piasecki left the company to start his own successful company.

Alex thomson, e-mail, 27.07.2009 17:42

xr-1 was a fixeed wing craft

Jay Hendrickson, e-mail, 11.12.2007 09:31

Rene Francillon's profile of the Platt-LePage XR-1 and XR-1A coantains a number factual errors, and is woefully out of date as far as correct information on Dr. Wynn Laurence LePage, Platt-LePage Aircraft, and the XR-1 and XR-1A.

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