Hughes OH-6 "Cayuse" / MD 500 / MD 530
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28.02.2024 22:29

Bell "Eagle Eye"

28.02.2024 21:53

28.02.2024 19:37

Hiller X-18

28.02.2024 07:32

Mil Mi-17

27.02.2024 23:18

Kaman K-16

26.02.2024 23:57

Heavy transport helicopter

25.02.2024 07:12

Hughes XH-28

24.02.2024 00:26

23.02.2024 18:58

Bratukhin B-10

22.02.2024 21:37

Aerospatiale SA.330 "Puma"

21.02.2024 17:16

Bell "Eagle Eye") AND 3263=3263 AND (1396 BETWEEN 1396 AND 1396

21.02.2024 17:15

Bell "Eagle Eye"

21.02.2024 16:57


21.02.2024 15:09

Hiller X-18

20.02.2024 03:13

19.02.2024 17:32

McCandless M4

19.02.2024 02:26

Lomonosov "Aerodynamic"

18.02.2024 21:23

17.02.2024 23:54

17.02.2024 15:28

Kaman H-43 "Huskie"

16.02.2024 21:05

16.02.2024 06:51

Bell "Eagle Eye"

15.02.2024 22:14

(SELECT (CASE WHEN (1630=2877) THEN 0x48696c6c657220582d3138 ELSE

15.02.2024 22:14

Hiller X-18

15.02.2024 04:56

Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142A "Tri Service"

11.02.2024 14:00

Isacco I-4 Helicogyr

08.02.2024 13:15

Bodo Franke Frankocopter

04.02.2024 18:08

04.02.2024 08:34

Del Mar DH-20

03.02.2024 23:03

Aerospatiale SA.316/319 "Alouette III"

Reouven, e-mail, 04.01.2024 22:03

Hi everyone

As an IDF veteran from the Operation Peace of Galilee (1982), I remember the "Egg Shaped," helicopter with a V-tail. It's, according to many sources, the OH-6 Cayuse. However, those same sources, claim that only the MD-500 ( T-tail) aka Lahatut was in use with IDF.

I remember the genuine fear of attack helicopters those days. The french Gazelle helicopter from far "looked like" a Cayuse.... hence the warnings of our CO : look at the tail !!!
no tail = Gazelle = shoot it out of the skies
( what I actually did !! )
V-tail = friendly helicopter !!!

I hope someone can enlight me, I would like to build a Cayuse and/or MD500 in 1/35....

Thanks in beforehand

John Anderson, e-mail, 11.07.2023 01:21

Is there a technical drawing with dimensions for an OH-6 tail rotor blade circa 1969?

John Anderson, e-mail, 10.07.2023 23:01

Is there a technical drawing with dimensions for an OH-6 tail rotor blade circa 1969?

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Jack Einstein, e-mail, 07.07.2017 00:57

I thought the {email} switch was hot, however: I an unable to make it function. My email is

Jack Einstein, e-mail, 03.07.2017 17:10

I started work for the Army Aviation program in 1954. After the H16 program was cancelled 1n 1956 I was assigned to the Light Observation Helicopters ( H13 & H23]. The Army took over the Engineering, Procurement and total operation for Army aircraft in about 1960. I was with the LOH Project Manager from the beginning. We were with the development of the OH4-OH5 and OH6, testing, Source Selection Board, contracting, and production of the Oh6A. A modification line was run at Sharp- Army Depot to add armor protection along with other additions in order not to delay the Hughes production line. Once off the Sharp line they were flown to Vietnam in C141 aircraft. I was also on the Source Selection Board where the OH58 was the winner based on a price competition. A large portion of my life went into these programs. You folks that maintained and operated these helicopters are the real heroes. I still have a lot of facts and info. in my head about events like Paris Airshow twice,23 worlds records, and Congressional Investigation. I will be 93 this week [July 2917], so don't delay too long to contact me.

Gian, e-mail, 06.11.2015 11:29

Dear All, there is a new facility to train pilots saving money and performing all the high risk procedures. The new 500 Flight Training Device developed by Selex-ES-Finmeccanica already in use at the ITAF in Rome. If someone wants to have more info, pls send an email.Thanks

Jetcopters Inc., e-mail, 11.06.2014 02:02

At least we own N58428. It's not for sale though, since it's one of the last choppers from Airwolf left in the world, besides the JetRanger.

Jetcopters Inc., e-mail, 11.06.2014 01:59

Wait, we own the Hughes 369D's that were in Airwolf, unless I'm mistaken, I think something's wrong here.

Helicopters Minit Men Inc., e-mail, 16.02.2014 22:41

We own the Hughes 369D's that you saw on Airwolf. Pretty cool, right? If you you want to buy one then you're more than welcome to contact us by email with the one listed above. Or, our phone number is 614-486-930 and our fax is 614-486-7531. Thank you.

Doug Tillett, e-mail, 19.09.2013 04:24

I am searching for flight training for the md500 series. I flew as a scout observer for the air cav in Viet-Nam and logged over 700 combat flight hours. I now want to fly and purchase this helicopter. Any recommendations for schooling?

Lee, e-mail, 31.01.2013 05:19

Hi Sir / Madame

My name is Gunansyah live in Jakarta, Indonesia
I'm to work at Supplier spare parts Aviation in Jakarta
Hi sir
I needs information about Emergency Float of Helicopter Hughes 500MD.
Can you advise that Company Homepage of Float.
Thanks you

Lee, e-mail, 31.01.2013 05:16

Hi Sir / Madame

My name is Gunansyah live in Jakarta, Indonesia
I'm to work at Supplier spare parts Aviation in Jakarta
Hi sir
I needs information about Emergency Float of Helicopter Hughes 500MD.
Can you advise that Company Homepage of Float.
Thanks you

rob, e-mail, 14.09.2011 22:58

81-23635 is now an MH-6M with 6 rotor blades. Nice to see this and see it was built on a secret budget. haha

Wayne Moose, e-mail, 21.07.2011 06:46

Notice to general public, club Vietnam vetrans etc. My newley formed non-profit cause has latley acquired a 1967 oh6a loach with intentions of restoring to flying condition and base it out the Carolina.s Avation musuem in Charlotte N.C. Anyone wishing to donate parts or funds to help bring this HONORABLE Tash to bare fruite should contact Wayne Moose at All knowledge of parts ,knowledge, etc will greatley appericated. We are in needs of skids, engine ,tranmission,rotorhead,and tailboom and tail rotor. All donations are totally tax deducable. Please help!!! this aircraft can be traced back to the 1o1st in 67 and back again in1970. This bird deserves to fly again. THank ou

jose inacio ruby, e-mail, 01.07.2011 19:29

tenho interece de compra de um helicoptero mini 500 em bom estado usado.

a.casais, e-mail, 23.12.2010 21:20

to me this is my favorite multifunction clipper from the americans, easy to use, to maintain, chip, and also cute, nice to go a one day beach party and come back without a parking lot, just in your backyard,nice.good scout copter.

Spence, e-mail, 13.09.2010 00:49

Hello, I am trying to find the direct wet operating cost of the 0H 6A with the T63 A 700, minus the cost of inscuance, please feel free to email me with any help or info that you might have.

White 11, e-mail, 10.07.2010 23:01

flew the OH-6 as a Cavalry scout pilot in Vietnam. It had sports car like handling, but was unpredictable at the limits. Surprisingly, the flight characteristics differed a bit from ship to ship. The OH-6 I flew most often, "The Idaho Spud" was very like a Porsche while others were a bit smoother. About half of all Army Oh-6s crashed for one reason or another. Nevertheless, it was the most crash survivable aircraft in the inventory. Scout aircraft rarely carried troops, but the OH-6 was underpowered for that role. With the mini-gun mounted, it was good for both reconnaissance by fire and ground attack until bigger support was on target.

L H Chapman, e-mail, 06.07.2010 01:43

Look at Triceracopter on the web. Friend made this sculpture with damaged OH6A Cayuse donated by Army for 1976 Bicentenniel project. Artist died three years ago. Need to know the exact specs on the metal alloy used in the rotor blades. Artist subtitle for the sculpture was "Hope for the Obsolescence of War.".

Willy B., e-mail, 19.03.2010 07:34

Is that photo taken above Malibu? Does anyone know? Photo at top of Page.

John Bradley, e-mail, 09.02.2010 18:15

If there is anyone having problems finding a good Component overhaul shop for 500/600 series. Please contact us at 313-806-9437. We have many years experience and have learned a few thing about them that have been overlooked. Have any questions call the number.

Fuchs Susanne, e-mail, 06.12.2009 05:56

I am on a list over all helicopters hughes 500 all models, is there someone how can give to me the follow information

since beginning serial numbers the buyer name: the salers name (normal not direct from md helicopters) over this company

thanks for information at my mail

scott harris, e-mail, 29.10.2009 17:44

For a matter of record, I possess, here in Kansas City (USA) an ex-army OH-6 dual-core unit (Transmission & rotor head) intact, undamaged, and serviceable. I will be in the near future, selling this unit. Pictures are available on request. Will need to get it out of my building, plus five other kit helicopters. Thank you. Scott Harris in Olathe, Kansas

APHENGINES, e-mail, 02.09.2009 17:42



G Veno, e-mail, 28.08.2009 06:28

I am trying to locate a military version of this fine aircraft, that I could use as a flyable or static display to establish a living history of the role it played in Vietnam (when I flew them0. If anyone knows of any available OH-6s, having served in vietnam...regardless of condition, please contact me. Any donations to this non-profit organization would be greatly appreciated. Michigan.

YOSI, e-mail, 23.08.2009 09:05

Dear A/C / Helicopter Operator,

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I don't charge commission from A/C owners and operators.
Please don't hesitate to contact me.

YOSI, e-mail, 23.08.2009 08:37


I'm looking for a list of all the private owners of the MD500.


Tommy, e-mail, 31.07.2009 22:07

I'm looking for one of these birds, any of the series. Have tradable items from my company.

W.Y.SUM, e-mail, 03.07.2009 21:12

YA! Just love she so much....

MOROCO, e-mail, 17.06.2009 21:04

one love

Carlos A. Batista, e-mail, 04.06.2009 00:11

This is my favorit helicopter, if you know where I can find an airframe for this helicopter let me know. thank you.

DG, e-mail, 21.11.2008 23:43

Does anybody know if Israeli operated the 500MD Defender in Olive Drab instead of Sand Brown?

Jorge, e-mail, 02.11.2008 18:25

dear Mrs.
I would like to know further information of the company that they makes a Nose modification from "D" model to "E" model please contact me at

GILLOT, e-mail, 10.10.2008 12:54

Hello, the " Hughes OH-6 Cayuse" T it has presented to the aeronautical living room of Le Bourget (France) in 1965? When the first specimen it arrived to France?

GILLOT, e-mail, 10.10.2008 12:53

Hello, the " Hughes OH-6 Cayuse" T it has presented to the aeronautical living room of Le Bourget (France) in 1965? When the first specimen it arrived to France?

shri, e-mail, 30.07.2008 16:25

i want to bulid on mini how can i make it.pls guid me.and mail it pls...................

William Bolton, e-mail, 16.07.2008 06:31

The mechanical design of this helicopter is from the genius Howard Hughes. There is no other like it in all the world of rotor flight. The proximity of genius to insanity sometimes gives a false view of the person. Mr. Hughes should be remembered for this masterpiece and not the personal problems.
A great many people would have lost their lives in lesser machines were this one not designed by him.

cara erickson, e-mail, 07.04.2008 18:22

i own this helicopter and am looking for insurance. please give me the name and phone number of insurance companies that insure this MD 500 minie. thank u.

francisco, e-mail, 26.06.2007 00:54

hola soy de chile trabajo como tripulante de md 530 y me gustaria saber mas sobre mi helicoptero si alguien lee este mail por fa dirijase a escribirme a mi mail y asi compartir mas informacion del md.

joão plácido, e-mail, 10.06.2007 21:36

I´m 49 years old and when Hughes 300 and 500 apeared in the commercial adds (even in Portugal wich was not a very developed market) I was a litle boy but I´ve imediatly fall in love with those marvelous heli´s. The 500 was the model in wich I could fly the first time on an helicopter(litle kid´s dream came true), and I couln´t believe how smooth it was. THE BEST COPTER EVER! (It´s a shame that Hugues was so "craisy"...). Fly in one and you´ll see what I mean... (and yes: I´ve already flown Jet Ranger, 300MD, R22, R44, AllouetteIII).

Andrew, e-mail, 04.06.2007 17:57

The Hughes / MD 500 series of helicopters, from the little 369 Cayuse to the 530, is such a little, nimble machine. It weighs hardly anything and has as many as five blades!

It has a cramped rear seating compartment but a large area of visibility and is a structurally strong aircraft.

You cannot mistake the sound of one of these approaching from far away.

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