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04.10.2023 03:13

Kaman K-16

29.09.2023 13:16

Mil Mi-17

28.09.2023 22:10

Mil Mi-32

26.09.2023 22:02

Hiller J-5

26.09.2023 04:02

26.09.2023 03:52

Bratukhin B-10

26.09.2023 03:33

25.09.2023 03:10

24.09.2023 00:05

Kamov Ka-52 "Alligator"

17.09.2023 23:20

17.09.2023 22:39

17.09.2023 20:07

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

13.09.2023 13:36

12.09.2023 22:58

McCandless M4

11.09.2023 13:48

Aerospatiale SA.330 "Puma"

11.09.2023 11:12

Heavy transport helicopter

10.09.2023 06:52

07.09.2023 21:53

07.09.2023 20:39

04.09.2023 03:13

American Autogyro Sparrowhawk

03.09.2023 05:51

Hafner "Rotachute"

30.08.2023 15:19

Bodo Franke Frankocopter

29.08.2023 21:52

Enstrom F-28

28.08.2023 21:13

25.08.2023 22:01

Bell Model 406 / OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior"

21.08.2023 16:47

Boeing-Vertol CH-47 "Chinook"

18.08.2023 09:06

17.08.2023 23:06

16.08.2023 20:54

16.08.2023 01:04

Justin, e-mail, 26.01.2022 21:16

Hello Everyone,
I have two inner sleeves and a roto head that I believe goes to a messerschmitt bölkow-blohm BO 105
Inner Sleeve P/N: 105-14181.01
Head P/N: 105-14101 “S”
Any help or guidance would be great. Thank you!

Adrian N Rosenberg, e-mail, 28.08.2021 22:14

looking for bo 105 engine instruments 105 p/m mainn rptpr transmision oil pressure gauge 6685-12-304-2433 and 6685-12-304-2331 ? Thank you

Stefan, e-mail, 21.05.2021 17:32

Hey, are you still looking for Snow Skids Assy for the BO105?

Best wishes

piasini bruno, e-mail, 27.11.2020 00:24

ciao mi servirebbe il manuale tecnico e il man, divolo del bo105 cbs5 e lsa3
grazie .

nick c brennan, e-mail, 29.08.2020 05:20

looking for high skid uprights for the bo105 and a wire strike kit

Stefan, e-mail, 15.08.2020 14:42

Have a part of , snow shoes, snow skids assy for BO105 for sale. Contact me for more. stefanhiltens@googlemail.com

Stefan, e-mail, 15.08.2020 14:39

Have a part of snow kids, snow shoes, snow skids for BO105 for sale. Contact me for more.

Alfredo Toapanta, e-mail, 22.05.2020 18:48

Hello there
I am looking for the MMEL for a BO-105M/VBH ex-german military. if you can offer me any information or giving me any guide for getting it. I would appreciate it.

hagai, e-mail, 04.05.2020 05:43

Dear Sir,
do you have some infromation about BO 105 spareparts for Supply ?

dwi margono, e-mail, 26.03.2020 09:50

I want to know more detail about the emergency float for BO-105. A specially technical specification.
Thank you for your kindness.
Best regard

Adam, e-mail, 27.02.2018 23:07

Hello, I need of part number of the kit harness security belt for pilots and pax.
You have this kit for sale?

Robert, e-mail, 05.09.2017 11:02

We have some BO-105 spares and blades for sale please drop me an email for further information.
Kind Regards

Adalbert, e-mail, 21.07.2017 08:17

my e-mail is: bo-105@gmx.net

Adalbert, e-mail, 16.07.2017 11:18

BO 105 High Gear for sale. Please contact us.

syfa, e-mail, 30.05.2017 04:40

The mean time between failure emergency busbar switch is unacceptably low. It took 30 man hours to replace the item. What can be done to modification toreduce the man hour

Mihail, e-mail, 21.03.2017 13:08

looking for BO-105 parts
P/N 105-98334 BLEED AIR HEATING (used)

Gonzalo Ciganda, e-mail, 15.03.2017 04:11

I am looking for spares parts of bolkow 105M PAH the military version.So if some body have engines and OEM spares parts we can be interested.Thanks

Mirco, e-mail, 10.02.2017 15:42

i'm looking for following digital Manuals.
BO105 CB4 - CBS4 & BO105 CB5 - CBS5.

Sylvia, e-mail, 07.03.2016 23:20

Looking for the following Manuals.
BO105 E-4, OR BO105 C, Standard Practice Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Illustrated Parts Catalog
Rolls Royce C20B, Operations & Maintenance Manual, Illustrated Parts Catalog, Commercial Engine Service

Keith Watts, e-mail, 25.02.2016 19:47

Does anybody know how many of the BO 105 helicopters are still flying?

Jared Sisk, e-mail, 30.01.2016 19:26

Im interested in the knowing the differences between the M and P models .. I've also heard leading edge debonding issues on them .. what blades are most susceptible to issues ?

Ofonime Essien, e-mail, 18.01.2016 18:35

I am looking for where to do initial type rating course on this helicopter? Who will you recommend? Thank you.

JL, e-mail, 09.01.2016 23:25

I bought a BO 105 and looking for spares and tooling... wicker84 at Hotmail if you have anything for the BO 105 available...

Kim, e-mail, 06.05.2015 06:32

We have a set of high gear for sale

FRED KEYA, e-mail, 24.03.2015 12:37

The Kenya Government has advertised a tender for the supply of Helicopters Please whom should I send the advert to? Please email me so that I can send him the Tender advert
Many thanks

Dieter Lohmann, e-mail, 28.01.2015 18:04

To all who are interested !We have a large stock of BO105 parts.Please make an inquire via E-mail.

Sandy Jones, e-mail, 25.10.2014 19:54

I need an engineer drawing showing the dimensions of just the High Clearance Landing Gear part #105-51501 (FMS 10-42 FAA approved April 14, 1994). I just the height, length, width of that particular landing gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Muthalif, e-mail, 22.07.2014 10:14

I'm looking for the BO-105 Fuel Booster Pump component maintenance manual?

Sherif, e-mail, 16.06.2014 19:25

Pls, I would love to purchase the maintenance and overhaul manual for the Bo 105 C.
It a 1978 one.


Jose Pinto, e-mail, 20.03.2014 19:31

Hi all

I need a MM for a Bo 105 from 69.

Jose Pinto

JOSE VELASCO, e-mail, 15.03.2014 18:17



We are looking for (EDP) ENGINE DRIVEN PUMP OF BO105 HELICOPTER, If you have available, please send me the details and its price.

JOSE VELASCO, e-mail, 15.03.2014 18:14



We are looking for (EDP) ENGINE DRIVEN PUMP OF BO105 HELICOPTER, If you have available, please send me the details and its price.

Stefan, e-mail, 08.03.2014 14:23

BO-105 complete front windows set for sale.Very good condition. Pictures on demand.Please e-mail me.

Olya, e-mail, 04.09.2013 16:48

How many will stand one blade and blade bolts!

alvaro vergara, e-mail, 14.05.2013 19:07

There is a new technical possibility to biuld planes that are lighter and much quicker.
In case your company is interested in more information just drop us a note.
Yours faithfully


sabahat khan, e-mail, 03.02.2013 13:48

We urgently require cargo swing of BO 105 with all acessories like mirrors etc.

sabahat khan, e-mail, 10.12.2012 19:58

Assemblies of BO 105 helicopter like MGB, TGB and Unsvc RR Engines available for sale. I can also provide maintenance manual of BO105. Cell +923459226943

sabahat khan, e-mail, 10.12.2012 19:38

Assemblies of BO 105 helicopter like MGB, TGB and Unsvc RR Engines available for sale.

rafael, e-mail, 07.11.2012 08:17

I'm loocking for SNOW SKID ASSY P/N 10581911 for BO 105, Please send me details if you have any sales offer.

Dieter Lohmann, e-mail, 04.10.2012 18:52

Spare Parts for the BO 105 available!Please ask per E-mail!

Stefan, e-mail, 15.07.2012 13:27

BO-105 Simulator (original shell) as a trainig device for sale.
All instruments digital simulated, all original controls are installed.

please send e-mail

Stefan, e-mail, 14.07.2012 17:58

We have BO-105 PAH parts to sell:
-RPM-Warning System - Type: K-DW-03/108 Manufacturer: MK-Elektronik
- Radar Receiver R 1838/APR-39(V)
-optical visor gyrostabilized APX F5308 Zeiss / SFIM

please send an e-mail

Perry Rehatta, e-mail, 14.06.2012 13:01

Please assist with information on BO105 Simulator Training provider.
Thank you

agom, e-mail, 09.06.2012 06:40


Andrew, e-mail, 30.05.2012 04:24

URGENTLY after the following Main transmission 4638-001-001 Parts.

2 x 0634313058
1 x 4619301060
2 x 4619301058

Aaron, e-mail, 07.05.2012 06:08

I am looking to buy a Bo-105M with low TT & good times remaining if anyone know of one for sale good price. I would love to here from you thanks.

Jesus Rivera, e-mail, 03.05.2012 08:04

Yes I would like to buy maintenance manual of helicopter bo105
My cell 626 235 8585

Stefan, e-mail, 18.04.2012 10:21

Hi all,

i have many electrical components of a retired BO 105 P (PAH-1)to offer.If someone is interested in please send me an email..

DIDI Supriadi, e-mail, 21.02.2012 02:32

Thanks & Best Regards

Please send to me, the list price of spare parts of all types Bolkow helicopter, and we also want to work with you later.

DIDI Supriadi
Technical Directors

PT Dwi Manunggal Jaya
Halim PK, East Jakarta, Indonesia.

Paata, e-mail, 20.01.2012 10:08

Hi,we want to buy or to lease a helicopter with a good balance flight hours, we can also offer co-operation.

Sabahat Khan, e-mail, 01.11.2011 13:30

Require ground handling wheels for BO105 helicopter part no. 117-84421B10 in new condition.

Sabahat Khan, e-mail, 28.10.2011 17:02

We have a slightly damaged tailboom of BO105 DBS4 for sale. If anybody is interested, please contact.

Olusola Bankole, e-mail, 13.09.2011 13:56

Hi All,i am in search for a REFRESHER TRAINING COURSE ON BO105 HELICOPTER equiped with Allison 250C20B Engine. PLease include details of appropriate school of course title with point of enquiries preferably in the UK or USA.

Colin Peters, e-mail, 16.07.2011 19:25

do they still build the B0-105

Francis Nichols, e-mail, 11.07.2011 22:44

We have a very large stock of parts for the 105 (over 2000 PN) plus 20 105s which are for sale

Jose, e-mail, 22.06.2011 13:26

Hi, I need information about BO105M type certificate.


Denny, e-mail, 19.05.2011 17:25

we need information about main gear box and engine allison C250B for BO105.
Thank you


Denny, e-mail, 19.05.2011 17:25

we need information about main gear box and engine allison C250B for BO105.
Thank you


Andy Pranoto, e-mail, 14.03.2011 03:49

Hi, can you send me a soft copy of the flight manual for CB/CB-4/and CBS...thanks a lot.


aditya, e-mail, 10.03.2011 14:52

Need some parts for BO-105

Freddie Rick, e-mail, 26.01.2011 03:01

I am looking for a Wire Strike Protection System for a BO-105 CBS. Can anyone point me in a direction of someone that might have something that is being parted out. I called Eurocopter and they were no help. Said they did not have them any more.

bill riley, e-mail, 06.12.2010 21:57

Is there a manufacturer for snow baffles for the 105? If yes how do I get in touch?

Michalos, e-mail, 02.12.2010 18:36

Hi I am looking for a copy of the BO105 acrobatic flight. And need the curent operation and pilot manual. Can someone mail me a copy.

CircuitBurner, e-mail, 01.12.2010 02:45

First helicopter I ever flew, believe it or not! , and it was a night flight. Compared to everything else since then, the best control and response of any non combat light helicopter. Impressive. In my opinion, one of the best helicopters ever.
A few notes about the Bolkow 105 to new comers, and of safety concern...these can and will kill you.

Vibrates oddly when transitioning into hover from altitude...for a few seconds... due to rigid rotor obviously. Expect this.
*Make certain that the "pendulum absorbers" at the root of each main blade operates freely, and dont lock up during freezing weather...or big trouble awaits.
*When removing dual controls, make sure the cyclic-interconnect-tube is secured in place. AND make sure the pedal cover is installed in the correct direction!
*make sure ALL 4 fuel pumps engaged before flight!
*Never allow obstruction or mis-use of hydraulic test switch during flight operation...thats disaster.
*Dont Ignore your chip-detectors!!!
*During power out auto rotation, shut down engines with throttle back, or severe (catastophic) roll to right can occur. long story...read up on this!
*During snow or blizzard condition, leave ignition system engaged for constant ignitor, avoids flame outs.

A few items I could think of for the Bo-105 new comers... Im sure I missed many other good points...but many are still unaware of these...based on study of accident reports and subsequent operator safety updates.


robert, e-mail, 24.11.2010 18:22

hi does anny one know howmuch the sliding window from the leftside aft door cost ?

Robert Kemp, e-mail, 23.11.2010 11:31


BO-105 helicopters :
Serial No. : S-355 (Final price 210.000 USD).
Serial No. : S-356 (Final price 225.000 USD).
Serial No. : S-250 (Final price 210.000 USD).

(Final price 110.000 USD).


PN : A90B (SERIAL # : 1433)
PN: FT-AO-17521E (SERIAL # : DA09)

BO-105 MAIN ROTOR TRANSMISSIONS (PN 4638-001-001) 05 EA.

TT Hrs. 3941 (SERV) TSO 785 Hrs.
TT Hrs. 4586 (SERV) TSO 430 Hrs.
TT Hrs. 3654 (SERV) TSO 0 Hrs.
TT Hrs. 3896 (UNSERV) TSO NA Hrs.
TT Hrs. 3859 (UNSERV) TSO NA Hrs.


SN 1263.
SN 1274.
SN 1270.
CONVERTIBLE TO 105-45021 WITH SB 40-41
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information on the Tooling.
Kind Regards
Robert Kemp
Kemp Aero Enterprises cc

Voelz, e-mail, 19.11.2010 23:23

zu verkaufen 8 sehr gut erhaltene und voll Flugfähige,
M.B.B BO-105M light twin Transport Helicopter
Bj 79-83 Flugstunden 2900-4000h sehr guter zustand
Bitte melden unter angegebener Emailadresse.
Nur noch Exclusiv verfügbar bis 22.11.2010 Neulackiert.
Info auf Anfrage

Ronnie Fahy, e-mail, 18.11.2010 07:31

I am currently looking to purchase a BO105LS. Does anybody have any currently for sale or to come for sale in the forseeable future?

John W, e-mail, 20.09.2010 13:37

i'm looking for Seater beanch MBB105-82660.

CEDURSUN, e-mail, 12.09.2010 21:38

We have 2 BO-105 CBS5 on sale.
Helicopters are currently located in Germany.
C of A is received from LBA.
If interested, please e-mail me.

Tony, e-mail, 06.08.2010 02:30

Am looking to buy 2x BO 105s with cargo hooks, preferably US registered and from one vendor. Can anyone help?

Rade, e-mail, 26.04.2010 11:37

We buy every Bo-105 model,also damaged, incomplete or military. Please offer everything. We have EMS equipment, high skids, rotorblades, complete fuselage (CB), MTU-250 engine, FLIR-system for sale. Tel.: +49 172 3404110

Khan, e-mail, 07.04.2010 00:06

Hi all, I am a BO-105 pilot and need the curent operation and pilot manual. Can someone mail me a copy.

pedro chavez, e-mail, 20.03.2010 18:29

Quisiera saber si los bo-105 que poseen turbina MTU poseen certificado tipo y si pueden ser utilizados para uso civil, como transporte de personal o que condiciones espciales tienen, me informan que no tienen certificacion de la FAA que consecuencias me puede generar. gracias

S Govender, e-mail, 17.03.2010 17:30


I require the following for the BO 105 CBS-5:
- Main Rotor Gearbox with good hours
- High Skids
- Sand Filters
- EMS Kits
If you able to supply, please email me.

jtbd556, e-mail, 09.03.2010 07:26

Currently have a Qnty of 6 ,BO105's for Sale Good Flying Condition., Need Valid EUC.

parsa, e-mail, 27.02.2010 19:52

please give me information from TIT , SHP , PERFORMANCE , about 250-c18

JT, e-mail, 05.02.2010 18:56

Hello All,

I currently have the following for Sale please Serious Inquires Only !

All helos were well maintained.

Qnty 16 AH-1 Cobras
Qnty 27 Mirage F1 aircraft with spare parts, Engines, Simulators and ground support.
Qnty 12 BO105 Helicopters.

If your interested I need a Valid EUC (End User Certificate)


Best and Fast Results for Serious client(s) regarding a RFQ (Request for Quote) Regarding Class V Cargo
**End User Must be Disclosed/Valid EUC
*LOi (Letter of Intent) it doesn't bound you/your company in anyway just helps out.

Aulia, e-mail, 04.02.2010 16:26

I need some parts for BO-105 and rescue Equipment

such as:
-Protective resistor (105-98741)
-Winch control grip (105-81200)
-Wiring Harness 47VB (105-98727)
-Relay Box Assy 23 VE (105-98729)

Would you please to reply us, if you have those kind of parts??

Should you have further question, do not hesitate to contact me.


best regards,

Istvn Gyarmati, e-mail, 25.01.2010 15:31

I have 1 civil BO-105 Airframe for sales.Ned repair.

Rheza, e-mail, 01.01.2010 15:16

Anyone have new assy rescue hoist "Waddel " P/N 105-81110/D134-1034D, Please quote!! Urgent !!

genghis Cohen, e-mail, 18.12.2009 19:04

Could anyone assist me in locating a couple of rescue hoists for the bo 105 ?

ken, e-mail, 05.12.2009 19:33

two for sale

Cassondra, e-mail, 28.11.2009 10:25

I have 4 Tail Blades for sale I think they are for :
Messerschmitt-Blkow-Blohm BO-105. The blade Part # is
105 31742

veeyes, e-mail, 04.11.2009 12:09

I need to know whether BO105 has ever encountered cyclic saturation issues in manuevring fights? If yes, what has been done to gt over it, both in terms of design changes and also in terms of pilot training?

If anyone is in the know kindly pass the information on.

Fadly A. Widhantra, e-mail, 03.11.2009 14:53


Please can anybody inform me, where can i get Illustrated Parts Catalog BO-105. Thx for your info..

dedi s, e-mail, 30.09.2009 11:42

w ould you please inform us wif you have oh manual book rpm warning limit det kdw 03

Rose(Ms.), e-mail, 29.09.2009 08:32

We are URGENTLY seeking to buy 5 units of New BO 105 Helicopters. (Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm Bo-105)
Please send me details if you have any sales offer.

Aaron, e-mail, 21.09.2009 21:00

Hi Juan, I'm located in the colorado USA and I,m finishing a BO 105 right now for an air ambulance company that crashed down in puerto rico, were about one week from finishing the project and would like to start another one, also have a ton of spare parts left over from this project if needed. if anyone else has any problems with there 105 please e-mail me and i'm sure i can get you takin care of as We specialize in extensive damage repair and rebuilding or STC alterations for many rotary wing aircraft as well recovery from some pretty crazy places and have done are share of the 105s

Brian, e-mail, 10.09.2009 11:38

Anyone know where I can get a set of high skid gear for BO-105 asap?

Serik Zhilkamanov, e-mail, 10.09.2009 10:46

Dear Sales,

Hope you are doing well.
Could you please be so kind to provide us with the details of the following engine spare parts you are showing to have in your stock on your website for BO-105 helicopter?

1) Compressor P/N: 6890550 X 1EA
2) Turbine P/N: 23038241 X 1EA

We need for following documents and information:

1) Asking Price ( Exchange and Outright sale )
2) Condition
3) Date and place of last shop visit
4) Copy of the Release to cervice certificate ( or any other appropriate certificate )
5) Tracibility
6) Copy of log book
7) copy of the tag

Looking forward for your soonest response.

Thanks and regards,

Serik Zhilkamanov
JSC "Aircompany Samal Air"
Marat Ospanova str. 58/91, 030000
Aktobe The Republic of Kazakhstan

Ph: +7 7132 755749
Fax: +7 7132 755750
Cell: +7 701 2033904

Nicolas, e-mail, 05.08.2009 16:55


Im looking for two half time MGB for BO-105CB, need 8130 or similar. Can somebody help me?

Juan Ratto, e-mail, 03.08.2009 23:00

We have a Main Gear Box svc. with 0 hours from OH (done in 2001). Send your request if interested.

TITUS, e-mail, 26.06.2009 23:50

BOLKOW 105CB's Parts for Clearance Sale :
Some body need these parts ?

JC, e-mail, 12.06.2009 16:28

Looking for a permanent floating device for the BO 105...can anyone provide me with a company that has this product.

Thanks a million.

Nasrum, SS, e-mail, 24.05.2009 03:00

I really admired the performance and shape of MBB production especially the aeroplanes transportation (public and military) as its quality and reliability. The best Indonesian engineer had ever worked and dedicated in this company, Prof. Dr. Ing. BJ. Habibie.
From Nasrum, in Indonesia, south-sulawesi, Pinrang regency

Jaco, e-mail, 23.05.2009 23:12

Would love to become Bo-105 pilot. All time faverate helicopter. Need sponser. Can any body help?

Norman Dixie, e-mail, 09.03.2009 06:42

Two BO 105 LSA - 3 Super lifter Helicopters operate in Lesotho and I need a replacement cost in USD for insurance purposes for the replacement cost painted in camaflauge colours, IFR version delivered and ready to fly - please could you help as soon as possible please?

Nicole Wooldridge, e-mail, 19.02.2009 11:44

I am URGENTLY seeking a BO 105 LS. Please send me details if anyone has one available for immediate sale. Many Thanks

Arya Wijaya, e-mail, 18.02.2009 06:15

I need to know all about Aviation Life Raft of Helicopter Type BO-05.
Please give me more information About that.

Thanks & Best Regards

Arya Wijaya
Marketing Negotiator

PT Surya Segara Safety Marine
Surabaya, East Java Indonesia.

charmagine at MetroStar Helicopter Servi, e-mail, 28.01.2009 22:08

I am looking for a Heavy Lift Blade Kit, Part Number: 105-800331. Do you know where I can locate one.

Selvaratnam.M, e-mail, 01.01.2009 11:59

We have three BO-105 in our possession for
immediate sale. One helicopter is in flying
condition with very good hours remaining on
the engine and airframe components. Please
e-mail for details and specs.

The other two units can be made serviceable
in a matter of weeks. These two units are
also eligible for tear down parts.

erie, e-mail, 20.07.2008 19:34

hi... would u please inform us, im looking for primary bolt bushing of main rotor blade .tks

Carl, e-mail, 19.06.2008 17:46

If you get a chance look up "Red Bull" they sponsor two BO-105's for flight demonstrations throughout the US.

shaswat Sud, e-mail, 29.03.2008 10:22

I need to buy Ten BO-105 Helicopters,could anyone help me with this.Thanks.Shaswat Sud

Mark Mahoney, e-mail, 03.12.2007 16:41

hi there i bought a bo-105m and I am looking for a copy of the maintenance manuals could anyone please help me thanks Mark 1-843-458-1867 Work Cell

Archil, e-mail, 13.11.2007 18:16

Hello , I'm Archil Chighunadze From GEORGIA REP. Pls. Could Smbdy Send Me Electronic Copy Of Allison 250C28 Manual...
I'm Working On Project To improve Combustion Chamber Caracteristics Of That Kind Chamber Thenks....

rose, e-mail, 12.09.2007 14:08

i hope you are doing well.
would you please inform us if you can suply us with TT STRAP 206 Helicopter.
we would be happy to receive your kind reply.

dfitzpatrick, e-mail, 31.08.2007 21:24

Looking for a copy of the BO105 acrobatic flight.

Bernard, e-mail, 02.07.2007 18:32

Sir, We are actively looking for 2sets of 4 place Back-to-Back seats for the Bo105CBS-5. If in case nothing is available, can you pls point me where i can find the factory drawing of such back to back passenger seats? thanks.... Bernard

Jovanie O Abubo, e-mail, 29.06.2007 06:30


Sir can i possibly get a pilot's checlist for this type of aircraft?


Agustin, e-mail, 18.06.2007 14:58

The Uruguayan navy bought 6 bo105p-1a to the german army but we need the helmets. Do you have??

Nurdin, e-mail, 28.05.2007 05:00

Yes, i have many spare for bo 105 include tt strap and others,send your rfq needed,asap i will respon. Thanks. Nurdin

Imanuel Zega, e-mail, 23.02.2007 02:57

All your data is full understanding, how about the spare part. Are you selling as well or another company. Next time we will to buy the Helicopter Bolkow 105 but our urgent thing is the spare part TENSION TORSION STRAP P/N:J17322-1 (4unit). Can you please supply?

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