Westland "Lynx"
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13.07.2024 02:50

Ben Showers Aero "Skytwister"

12.07.2024 12:17

Lomonosov "Aerodynamic"

11.07.2024 01:55

Heavy transport helicopter

10.07.2024 18:10

Isacco I-4 Helicogyr

10.07.2024 03:41

Sikorsky R-4

09.07.2024 15:43

Mil Mi-17

09.07.2024 09:27

Bodo Franke Frankocopter

06.07.2024 15:31

Kaman K-16

06.07.2024 13:58

Hiller VZ-1 "Pawnee"

04.07.2024 13:56

Bratukhin B-10

22.06.2024 20:52

22.06.2024 05:16

Bensen B-8 Gyro-Boat

19.06.2024 14:38

Vortech "Skylark"

18.06.2024 22:54

Mil Mi-2

18.06.2024 22:50

18.06.2024 21:58

Hiller YH-32A ULV

17.06.2024 21:25

09.06.2024 17:42

Cierva C.1

08.06.2024 21:06

07.06.2024 22:07

05.06.2024 22:33

SNCAC NC.2001 "Abeille"

05.06.2024 18:07

Aerospatiale SE-313B/SA-318C "Alouette II"

02.06.2024 22:24

01.06.2024 17:43

31.05.2024 12:27

McCandless M4

29.05.2024 14:51

Zafar 300

29.05.2024 12:33

Bell "Eagle Eye"

29.05.2024 12:33

Bell "Eagle Eye" AND 1997 BETWEEN 1997 AND 1997

29.05.2024 12:33

Bell "Eagle Eye"

28.05.2024 13:51

Martin Forster, e-mail, 16.08.2023 01:04

Hello James, I came across your comment about having a Lynx procedures trainer on Aviastar.org and wondered where the trainer had ended up? Would appreciate any information you might have about its whereabouts?

Regards, Martin

No, 21.04.2021 20:52


Clarice, e-mail, 08.03.2021 04:50

Sud-Aviation in France had developed its SA300 design as a medium transport helicopter in 1965 and this formed the basis of the SA330 Puma, to be built on production lines in France (by Sud-Aviation, and Aerospatiale from 1970) and the UK (by Westland). The other types involved were the Aerospatiale Gazelle and Westland Lynx.

james Hebner, e-mail, 01.06.2016 15:14

Anyone out there interested in buying a lynx Mk7/Mk9 cockpit trainer complete working system. Please e-mail me.

Phil Brookes RN, e-mail, 05.07.2012 01:35

Hi Wayne, tohowells=nf.sympatico.ca,.
The deck harpoon extends out of the lower fuselage and locates into a specially designed circular grid (bit like an egg box) and locks the helo to the flight deck. It is spiked with a locking spline that opens out when the harpoon is fully extended into the deck grid. Hope the info helps

Wayne, e-mail, 28.10.2011 03:27

How and what does the deck-lok harpoon system work. does it "shoot " a harpoon into the deck of the ship ? REGARDS

PJB, e-mail, 09.08.2011 20:54

Hi All.
Does anyone have a tech drawing of the main Lynx gearbox they'd be prepared to share with me please. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how the gearing works from the engine i/p shafts through to the main mast. The tail rotor shaft I've figured out. Thanks.

Deniz, e-mail, 04.08.2010 18:14

what is the main rotor rpm? Damn !

eagle, e-mail, 14.05.2010 05:57

who knows what is the cost for one superlynks300 or lynks ACH

hamood, e-mail, 24.08.2009 20:12

what is the speed of the main and the tail rotor in the superlynx300??

Devaughn, e-mail, 10.09.2007 12:51

What is the fuel capacity of the Lynx westland and the time of refueling in 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

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