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04.10.2023 03:13

Kaman K-16

29.09.2023 13:16

Mil Mi-17

28.09.2023 22:10

Mil Mi-32

26.09.2023 22:02

Hiller J-5

26.09.2023 04:02

26.09.2023 03:52

Bratukhin B-10

26.09.2023 03:33

25.09.2023 03:10

24.09.2023 00:05

Kamov Ka-52 "Alligator"

17.09.2023 23:20

17.09.2023 22:39

17.09.2023 20:07

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

13.09.2023 13:36

12.09.2023 22:58

McCandless M4

11.09.2023 13:48

Aerospatiale SA.330 "Puma"

11.09.2023 11:12

Heavy transport helicopter

10.09.2023 06:52

07.09.2023 21:53

07.09.2023 20:39

04.09.2023 03:13

American Autogyro Sparrowhawk

03.09.2023 05:51

Hafner "Rotachute"

30.08.2023 15:19

Bodo Franke Frankocopter

29.08.2023 21:52

Enstrom F-28

28.08.2023 21:13

25.08.2023 22:01

Bell Model 406 / OH-58D "Kiowa Warrior"

21.08.2023 16:47

Boeing-Vertol CH-47 "Chinook"

18.08.2023 09:06

17.08.2023 23:06

16.08.2023 20:54

16.08.2023 01:04

Roger Maertens, e-mail, 31.10.2021 20:59

Who is the manufacturer of the rotor-blades of the JAG 285 ?
Who has more information of the these rotor-blades ?

Richard C Johnsoncall, e-mail, 16.10.2021 16:29

call me 608 317 8599

Anonymous, 07.04.2021 23:54

RotorMouse is at Oxnard air port in Oxnard Ca
Awaiting a new clutch & fuel cell.

Skyshark & Mini Cobra in the wings being finished

Last heard Joe & Co kicked out of Oshkosh for causing a ruckus

Still waiting to see the Jag fly.....

See the Rotormouse fly.... on You Tube.

Jet Execs everywhere

West Schimmel, e-mail, 18.10.2016 03:20

Regarding the E-Mail from Phil 06/5/2013. Thanks for your Validation of the work on the Jag HeliCoptor.I have an opportunity to purchase the remnants of one of the kits that has been destroyed by a party that was not able to fulfill his financial obligation. At a glance I thought it was one of the old Scorpian kits so I asked the owner about it.Seemed like the man had some great ideas but financing was an issue.I would only be using it for a prop and realize that it is in no way going to ever be put in the air but it was educational information you shared with us. Thank you!

Werner Wiedon, e-mail, 29.03.2015 08:02

At 1987 Okt. I did the very first hour on Bell 47 at Springfield,Mo. USA - at this time I watch`ed very close and visited Dennis Feder at Exelsior Springs,Ka. for the Mini 500 and today the time is gone to bay a Mini 500 - buy the latest Turbine I would bay immediately with that Technik at Turbine !

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 09.07.2013 23:54

Where's the video of it flying!!!! Rotormouse.mov on youtube (You won't see the JAG),Rinke was Last seen being kicked off Oshkosh grounds, They were madmen escorted off the show, 1995 times to remember !

Phil, e-mail, 06.05.2013 04:14

Back in the 90's I spent some time at Joes facility in Roseville. I was going to be the test pilot for the new bird he was developing. There was a lot going on back then. He had developed rotor blades that were being validated on an electrically powered 200HP rotor head in the shop. It was a test rig used to pot time and stress on the blades and rotor heads with full collective control for heavy cycling.. The blades were extremely tough made from Kevlar and other layered materials. He would shoot them with 9mm rounds and apply full deflection at Flight RPM and they would not let go. I remember seeing the fixture he made them on and how he was doing it. Very impressive! He was also testing a 5 bladed rotor head for the Mini 500 turbine powered conversion. That head design I believe was going to be the JAG Helicopter rotor head. They were making all the molds for the JAG fuselage at that time also. In addition he was machining transmissions on CNC machines that would adapt the small GPU turbine to the Mini 500 helicopter and eventually use them in the JAG Bird. The Mini was his test bed for many different variations of parts and powerplant items to include transmissions ,rotor heads and blades.

The Unique thing I remember about the JAG helicopter structure was he used a 3" inch 1/8th inch wall tube as the main structure to mount the gear to and cargo hook assembly that was planned. The structure was rock solid and the design was also very robust with large glass panels and steel frame construction to reduce the builders work load and time. I could tell he was a dreamer back then but he did have some great designs that worked and he was manufacturing many components to help out the mini 500 guys with the underpowered engines they were sold in the birds. His turbine conversion was a success and his components all worked. I believe he ran out of money with the JAG helicopter. I didnt really get to know him that well as I only spent about 16 hours in his facility with him. But he was a very dedicated individual with lots of ideas and proven designs. At that time he was paying for everything, all the cad designers the machinists, office personnel, fabricators and tool makers. I dont believe the market was able to support his massive investment into the rotary wing business. He was moving way to fast on to many things. I think It just consumed him and his funds. However, he was as serious as any man with a vision and goals.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 02.01.2013 05:44

Happy New Year ! Shit still havn't seen the damn video of it flying ! From 1995 to 2013 and still nothing !

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 15.07.2012 05:59

Still no video of this thing. . .Damn it !

Barry Dost, e-mail, 26.05.2012 05:20

This was a nice dream but with enough cash you could do a rotorway jet exec & try to adapt a custom bell 222 landing gear setup. Hoplyfully someday I could aford to take on the project....

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 31.01.2012 07:50

Well another year & Still no video,damn it,How about a youtube link or something? Or is This POS just bad wind.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 01.08.2011 23:53

Good question,No kits ,No price, No video of it in flight,No power plant,No one cares, Still waiting to see the video of it in the air.

stoppel, e-mail, 01.08.2011 19:41

What is a Jag kit worth partially completed, kit only no power plant.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 14.06.2011 08:07

Show the video-"Military my butt" last time it saw the light of day was at Oshkosh just before the bunch of you got ejected for not playing nice with each other. SHOW THE VIDEO>

JSSandon, e-mail, 02.01.2011 20:32

Don, fair enough. Plan on receiving a call from me in reference to the Tandem Mouse. I like the idea of more fuel capacity and the once in a while passenger. I, like most I know, usually fly alone. If the Tandem Mouse looks as good as I assume it will no doubt be fun to fly around to different airports. We will communicate about all the little details on the phone. Thanks.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 29.12.2010 05:57

JS Sandon, Hello. The mouse was used in a movie in 2010,and a kit in New Zealand being built,The Exec with the turbine is one of my designs with some changes by Dave at Kiss Aviation about 100 delivered,Several single & twin engines being built but none flying out side of the prototypes, Engines are the T-62-T32, and depending on the type, RotorMouse (single seat-single engine), SkyShark (Single seat-single engine,Areobatic),TandemMouse (Two seat-Cobra looking single /twin engine), & KillerWhale (Two place single engine shark) Call 805-658-8245 Still looking for the video of the Jag in the air.....& the helicycle is a good buy,or a turbine exec.

JSSandon, e-mail, 28.12.2010 01:19

OK Don, I'll bite. I searched high and low for a Rotormouse since I saw one in the Aero Crafter book in the late 90's. I spoke to Joe Rinke about 2004. I have seen nothing come to fruition as of yet other than the turbine converted Mini 500's and the one video of the Rotormouse, made long ago , on Youtube. So, I want a turbine helicopter and am receiving formal helicopter training soon. Once I add a helicopter checkride to my list of certifications I will purchase a Helicycle unles I see something worthwhile elsewhere. I want something unusual and fun (but not a Rotorway.) My money will go to whomever has the proverbial "proof in the pudding." So I ask, do you have a kit readily availible for customers to purchase? What is your website? What engine does the kit use? Are there other engine options? How many others are flying? What is your "fleet" safety record? What are some of the most important maintenance reqirements of your design? Has a builders group designed a website or have any means to exchange information? How many kits have been sold to date? (plans excluded) Which major components are exclusive to your manufacture? A quick public comment on half of these will suffice. Thank you.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 28.11.2010 05:44

Mr V.B. can't read, This JAG helicopter is a work of fiction, I've never ever hear,seen,or viewed this piece fly.I'm still waiting to see proof...WHERE IS IT?

vishal Bhatia, e-mail, 16.11.2010 09:17

am interested in this machine. please contact me on +919848030650

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 31.10.2010 04:20

November 2010, Well ? I'M WAITING. Not a wiff of jet exhaust. No Sight , No sound , No movement . NOTHING.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 01.10.2010 04:15

October 2010, Mr Roberts I have not seen this work of fiction on video yet,Have the men in the white coats taken you away? The deal still stands,and I'm waiting, See Rotormouse.mov and see the first turbine kit helicopter/ The EH 1-01 Rotormouse was designed from the start as a turbine machine in 1992,and not an engine concersion...

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 30.08.2010 23:39

I'll put up $25 for a video of this thing flying,As of sept 2010, This work of fiction has never flown,Joe was kicked out of Oshkosh AirVenture late 1995+ and the Compeny folded-No Military deals-No civil deals-No kit deals. and any fool can see whats flying and whats getting wadded up by "pilots" on YOU TUBE. Ask all you want, all you get is static.....Even Mr Fetters has the proof of his machines flying.....Well Mr. Roberts? What did you realy fly? SEE ROTERMOUSE.MOV on You tube..Or any one of meny Jet Execs flying.....The JAG has never been seen in the sky...mayby its in the local dumpster .Proof is needed,Others need not waste your time asking for whats not available to anyone. (Could someone peal off the "Hillberg Helicopter" sticker from the gearbox? for proof that it still exists?)I'll bet not! DON"T ASK FOR JAG-ITS GONE-LONG GONE.

Chris McNichol, e-mail, 28.07.2010 19:04

is there any way we could make a deal about the price? is there anywhere else i could buy it if we couldn't?

Brian, e-mail, 16.05.2010 06:50

Back in 2001 i had looked into JAG,from my research at the time JAG never made it to the civilian market,the military became interested in it and the word on the street at the time was the military were going to try and manufacture it as a DRONE helicopter.
If that is where JAG ended up we will probably never see it on civilian market,must say it was good looking chopper and great idea if it ever really existed.

J. T., e-mail, 07.05.2010 22:02

This helicopter NEVER came to be my friends. All of you looking to buy one, THERE ARE NONE to be purchased! I remember seeing this in 2000/2001 but nothing came from it except a good looking mach-up.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 07.05.2010 03:53

Saw this helicopter,It was a work of fiction and I have yet to see anywhere a video of it in flight,Saw a doctored photo of a hover?,You can do anything with photo-shop as for a video see Oshkosh 1995 on you tube The Rotormouse was flying from 1993 and crashed twice and rebuilt and flown some more before this machine claimed to be the first kit turbine helicopter I also designed the Turbine Exec for Dave Domanski (Kiss Aviation)

gaetan, e-mail, 01.04.2010 03:45

hélico jag. je voudrais savoir combien coute un kit de cette hélicoptére. merci argent us

Anders Nordkvist, e-mail, 10.11.2009 12:31

PLEASE, give all your future costumers a chance to plan their helicopter future by telling us when you will open your homepage and your time schedule for the presentation of the JAG to the civil market. Otherwise we have to plan for your competitors on this growing market!

David Hsu, e-mail, 17.10.2009 11:11

Dear Sir
Can you give me the price and more information of the JAG 235,and where to buy it?

Best regards

James B. Morrell, e-mail, 22.09.2009 02:02

I want to say more about the jag 255. this ai a real machine and I hope to see and hear mor about this and people who own and operate these macines. Do your best to keep intuch my adress is 2256 N.W. Overton St. #2 Portland, Oregon 97210 tel # is [503] 228=0586. let us hear from all

James B. Morrell, e-mail, 22.09.2009 01:57

What a great machine! I am interested in a purcase. my adress is 2256 N.W. Overton St. #2 Portland, Oregon 97210 tel # is 503 228-0586 I have a solid economic profile and want a turbine, jet power plant. way to go.

tom Hand, e-mail, 17.09.2009 03:06

what the cost of this kit

Ramon Marquino, e-mail, 14.08.2009 10:23

I am finding a job iam a allison 250 c18 helicopter mechanic,im working for almost 15 in this job iam willing to work at your company pleas give me a chance thank you very much....

Ramon Marquino, e-mail, 14.08.2009 10:20

I am finding a job iam a allison 250 c18 helicopter mechanic,im working for almost 15 in this job iam willing to work at your company leas give me a chance thank you very much....

CCH, e-mail, 27.07.2009 19:58

There was only one registered with the FAA...but my father did find one partially complete in the Midwest and the owner is looking to sell! He has recent photos and the chopper has almost everything but the transmission, rotorhead, and engine (although there is a turbine engine with it, but not sure if it goes with that chopper).

w beling, e-mail, 21.07.2009 15:59

hi. are they still in production and if so where can a person purchase 1 ?

Primoz, e-mail, 25.06.2009 01:07


I would like to get some more information about company and those helicopters. Maybe official internet site, because i could not find it.

Thank you in advance, Primoz

David Chen, e-mail, 18.05.2009 21:28

I would like to have your contact information, thanks !

David Chen

David Chen, e-mail, 13.05.2009 09:37

I am interested in finding out if we can structure a deal to assemble 100 units a year together in our facility in China. I look forward to receive your prompt response at your very earliest convenience. We are a public-traded company.

LOKESH, e-mail, 27.04.2009 09:37

this is lokesh from india can we use this type of kit built heli and if i want to buy it how it will happen please help me out

Dustin Roberts, e-mail, 01.10.2008 17:51

Oh, and the helicopter has a really cool paint job that makes the one on this page look like crap.

Dustin Roberts, e-mail, 01.10.2008 17:47

All I can is WOW!! I really think that you guys know as much as I do about helicopters, which is NOT MUCH. I know very little practically nothing about helicopters except what I can see. I love flying in them and asking questions to learn more about them and I have to tell you that I know for a fact that I saw and have FLOWN in this helicopter just last week. The pilots name was Joe Rinke. A very cool guy that when I asked him for a ride he said yeah sure, hop in! So I did and WOW, it was awesome!!! He was teaching some people on how to do an autorotation and some other things. Ive only been in a situation once where the pilot had to do this and he was out there just doing it left and right like it was so easy. A truly amazing thing to experience, especially if you ever had to do it in an emergency. I would definitely want to be in that bird because it always landed really smooth. Now the helicopter is apparently a government bird from what he was telling me but he said they will be making a commercial model soon due to high demand. I cant wait until it becomes available publically. So if I were you guys I would get my facts straight before you start bashing a truly amazing helicopter. I took a picture with my cell phone if any of you have a hard time believing it. Email me and I will take time out of my day to send it and clear up all this nonsense.

Aleksei Urbesov, e-mail, 21.08.2008 19:01

Хочу купить такой вертолет

don hillberg, e-mail, 30.05.2008 01:48

The Jag I saw has a hillberg helicopter sticker on the txsm(i put it there)
Joe didnt take to the business .he was thrown out of oshkosh some time back,as for turbine power,the rotermouse was first,the jet exec was second and im the one who started kit turbine helicopters...

ceri, e-mail, 08.05.2008 07:48

Well as they never sold a kit, plans or completely built chopper that was ever registered on any registry on Earth. Turbine, piston or pedal powered, it most certainly is NOT the first turbine helicopter sold and built. At very best, it was just a one off model. The biggest reason is the RR/Allison c250 turbine is worth over $200,000.00U$ with extremely high upkeep cost (2500 hour overhaul cost is 79,000.00+/-). The claimed cost of kit on top of that, would make it the price a a fully certified used turbine chopper (bell206, McDonnell/Hughes 500D) that a person can use for hire, with four seats. An R22 is 230,000U$ brand new today!!! The reality that never set in when they came to market it. If they wern't so poorly financed. They could of certified it fully and sold it commercially. They could of given the R22 one hell of a run.

eric totherow, e-mail, 22.04.2008 10:54

Yeah, i suppose you are right. I was having a bad day and read a few frustrating posts. However, it does say at the top of this page that it is the first turbine powered kit helicopter. I asumed that if this statement was still up on a functioning web site, that they would've been more easily reached and not so stand-offish. So, they never offered the worlds first turbine kit helicopter?

Ceri, e-mail, 19.04.2008 20:06

Eric, I'm not sure were you your heavily misinformed facts from but they are dead wrong!! First off the company that made the JAG was called Renke Aerospace Ltd. Jag Helicopter Group was never a company ever. Renke Aerospace is dead and defunked years ago with only 1 chopper ever registerd anywhere on Earth to date, that one hasn't flow in 6 1/2 years. The UAV chopper currently used by US Amry and USN is called a Fire Scout and it's built by Northrop Grumman/Gulfstream Aerospace, not some crackpot that only built one helicopter ever. There is no buying this or any other JAG model as Renke Aerospace has been gone since 2002, a long time now.

Luiz Gustavo Santos, e-mail, 17.04.2008 19:07

I need more information on the Jag Helicpter.
Webmail, contact person...
Do you have agent in Brasil?

eric totherow, e-mail, 09.04.2008 10:20

Sorry for the post; It's advertised as a kit helicopter, yet when anyone tries to contact them, they give a stiffled, 'we only produce for the military, but thanks for playin', response. If any. I don't know, i just have a soft spot for defending the general aviator seeking something a little more extreme. We need a few more heavy hitting engineers from MIT and Northwestern on our side, who won't sell out. There is nothing 'cutting edge' yet in kit rotorcraft!

eric totherow, e-mail, 07.04.2008 14:02

Well, i have been watching this company for quite some time, and i think there is a reason it wasn't successful. It seems like they had marketing issues, among many others. A team of way too many engineers got together and designed the 'ferrari' of homebuilt helicopters, probably thinking they would tap into a nitch market. Not finding success in the consumer market, they snobishly try and hide behind the prestige of claiming a 'military' market. The US government is the only outfit selfish enough to spend millions of our tax dollars in the production of this thing. It's a UAV type design now because no one is brave enough to get in it on a regular basis. It is my opinion, but the military can keep this clunker. It seems like there are way to many moving parts for practical use. It would probably be extremely expensive to maintain. It is a great looking copter though, and I bet it sounds really cool with eight blades screaming above your head! However, there are a few other great looking multi-blade kits out there now. The Cabri G 2 helicopter is a very sharp three blade design, with a real fenestron tail rotor! It is engineered by a more reputable designer too.

Marcelo, e-mail, 03.04.2008 20:20

Gostaria de mais imformaes deste aparelho, o helicopitero Jag JAG

MALITH, e-mail, 07.01.2008 03:24


Barry John Kerr, e-mail, 06.01.2008 20:57

Do you have an agent in South Africa? If not would it be possible to set up an agency. Please forward contact details.

avia.russian.ee, 15.10.2007 02:00

Both web-addresses of the JAG company mentioned in Jane's are not functioning now. I think the JAG company went out of business so it's impossible to get any info or helicopters from them.

ROMY, e-mail, 13.10.2007 12:21

I really want to know more information about this helicopter do you mind to give me a answer? thanks in advance.

romy, e-mail, 12.10.2007 17:24

I would like to find your Company address o web site, e telefone number to ask some information and see more picture abour this helicopter

Dave bharwani, e-mail, 22.09.2007 11:36

i need more information on the jag helicopter

Petr, e-mail, 16.09.2007 19:25

I need more information on the JAG helicopte including contact person,internet site... thanks

ajesh, e-mail, 05.09.2007 14:03

i would like to know more about its working and its concerned website if any....

Beccherle Franco, e-mail, 05.09.2007 09:56

Request more information about your jaghelicopter and website .Regards Franco

marino sagripanti, e-mail, 23.08.2007 00:01

siamo molto interessati a promuovere la vendita in europa
possiamo organizzare dei laboratori dove i clienti possono
montare . l'elicottero sotto il nostro controllo prevvia istruzione di nostri tecnoci.dove possiamo provarlo ???esiste qualche JAG che vola in europa ????
avete filmati per vederlo iin volo ???
in attesa di avere maggiori informazioni ringrazio .mobile
+393356006947 tel+39 0733 881277 fax +39 0733 880057

Paulo Pimentel, e-mail, 21.08.2007 00:16

I am interested to discuss terms to build the JAG JAG in Brazil, I am an aeronautic engineering test pilot , aswell as engineer , ATP pilot as well as \\commercial Helicopter Pilot . I would appreciate some more details regarding the projects. Thank you, +55 11 8968 5321 or +55 11 5081 6544

TOLMAY, e-mail, 19.07.2007 14:16

I would like to get more info on the helicopter & costs to all.South Africa.

Kris, e-mail, 01.06.2007 12:41

I am from Poland.
Is there a kit available or plans, how much?
Best regards.

Simone, e-mail, 28.05.2007 15:08

I receive info aboat this helicopter and say:

Thank you for your interest in our product. The JAG helicopter is for military use only, it is no longer available to the general public.
Thanks again for your interest.
JAG helicopter group LLC."

Margueron Patrice, e-mail, 10.05.2007 17:32

I need more information on the JAG helicopte including contact person,internet site... Regards

Simone, e-mail, 08.05.2007 17:45

How sale this helicopter JAG JAG?

Jiro, e-mail, 02.05.2007 18:10

Requesting more information

Randy Pesce, e-mail, 28.04.2007 03:46

Requesting more information....manufacturer, specifications, building information.....etc.

Brett Lang, e-mail, 23.04.2007 22:57

Could I get the name of the company building this helicopter. Also do they have a internet site for additional information. I would like to know the specs on this helicopter.

Myung kil Baek, e-mail, 02.04.2007 09:08

I need more information includ initial contact

Gary Guyette, e-mail, 11.02.2007 05:59

i know owner and biulder some what i could ask him if he,s interested in talking about this aircraft

the Bruce, e-mail, 28.01.2007 16:58

$175,000 are you out your god damn mind?

Henrikus Roesch, e-mail, 28.01.2007 10:52

I need more information on the JAG helicopter.
Where can I make contact to the manufacturer?
Henrikus Roesch

ystein larssen, e-mail, 09.01.2007 11:57

Requesting more information.

ralph wilson, e-mail, 03.12.2006 21:45

Requesting more information.

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