Hillberg Rotermouse EH 1-01
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11.06.2024 06:28

11.06.2024 00:30

Isacco I-4 Helicogyr

10.06.2024 14:51

Bodo Franke Frankocopter

09.06.2024 17:42

Cierva C.1

08.06.2024 21:06

08.06.2024 05:41

Heavy transport helicopter

07.06.2024 22:07

06.06.2024 10:28

Kaman K-16

05.06.2024 22:33

SNCAC NC.2001 "Abeille"

05.06.2024 18:09

Mil Mi-17

05.06.2024 18:07

Aerospatiale SE-313B/SA-318C "Alouette II"

03.06.2024 00:57

Sikorsky R-4

02.06.2024 22:24

01.06.2024 17:43

01.06.2024 13:02

Bratukhin B-10

31.05.2024 12:27

McCandless M4

29.05.2024 14:51

Zafar 300

29.05.2024 12:33

Bell "Eagle Eye"

29.05.2024 12:33

Bell "Eagle Eye" AND 1997 BETWEEN 1997 AND 1997

29.05.2024 12:33

Bell "Eagle Eye"

28.05.2024 13:51

16.05.2024 22:40

16.05.2024 22:22

13.05.2024 00:27

Kamov Ka-22 "Vintokryl"

13.05.2024 00:27

Kamov Ka-22 "Vintokryl" UNION ALL SELECT NULL-- -

13.05.2024 00:27

Kamov Ka-22 "Vintokryl" ORDER BY 1-- -

11.05.2024 23:09

Focke-Achgelis Fa.336

11.05.2024 06:37

05.05.2024 19:42


05.05.2024 19:42

Kamov Ka-22 "Vintokryl"

Kelvin, e-mail, 11.05.2024 06:37

Hi Dave did you buy the rotor mouse in New Zealand or do you know if it still available I am also in New Zealand and amlooking for a Experimental Helicopter project i would like to know how you got on with it if you did Buy it

Dave, e-mail, 22.01.2023 10:03

Hi Don in process of buying Rotormouse in N Z just wanting to ask you a few questions could I get a contact phone number
Kind regards Dave

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 16.09.2022 06:31

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Don Hillberg, e-mail, 12.04.2013 21:46

The proto 1-02 is in storage, I don't have a FW certificate , Thanks for the offer. Just had another 1-01 finished in the south pacific, my # is on the Youtube "RotorMouse.mov Will be getting special procedures for the back, Hope it works,My Back will never be better, Just less screwed up.

Bearman, e-mail, 12.02.2013 19:02

Don....that trade that I'm thinkin about for the Smith Super Cub would be for an EH1-02 KIT! Not a completed EH1-02! Thanx again! Bearman (Barry)

Bearman, e-mail, 12.02.2013 18:58

Hi Don....hope you're feeling better with that back, I know what you're going thru. Anyway....what's going on with the EH1-02? I may be retiring to my Missouri farm soon and need a project.
I have a completed and flown Smith Super Cub with too much to list that I may be intrested in a trade with somebody with an EH1-02 that he/she may wanna trade. Just a thought.
Thanx....Bearman (Barry)

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 15.08.2012 04:01

Every things on hold, I suffered a major Back injury some time ago & It was at work (Ventura County Sheriff Department Air Unit) Doing my job on the ground & not in the air,Had my Certificates from 1979 & be damned I got screwed up removing a Simplex water tank from a Huey. & not drilling a hole through mother earth in the RotorMouse.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 31.08.2011 03:03

Transfering to digital format,Plans sold with revisisons as required.See rotormouse.mov for contact information.

Jerry Salisbury, e-mail, 18.08.2011 19:19

What is the cost of plans for this helicopter Eh1-01?
What is the cost for the kit? Can you buy different kits as you build?


Don Hillberg, e-mail, 14.06.2011 08:04

Go to YOU TUBE-Rotormouse.mov phone # is listed on video.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 16.02.2011 05:35

I'm workin on it....Prices to come,Have to get off my butt.

W. J. Derrick, e-mail, 11.02.2011 21:57

I am of the understanding that you have plans available for most if not all of our models. What do you actually have and what is your price scheme. Other than the prototype... how many have actually flown? What is the availability of components and their average costs?


W. J. Derrick, USAF (RET)

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 29.06.2010 03:23

Use this e mail address for contact & see you tube "rotormouse.mov and Oshkosh 1995" to see it.also see hangarrats the movie for mouse action and no plot line.

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 07.05.2010 03:31

Rotorway owners group has pix of my latest design and You Tube has the Rotormouse, look for Rotormouse.mov or Oskosh 1995.mov prices change helicopters are never cheap,

Jeremy, e-mail, 01.05.2010 09:08

Don why don't you have a Web Site made with more Pictures Kit prices Blueprint prices more information I have a friend who could build a site for you and he is currently trying to set up his own server I could talk to him on your behalf just say the word

don hillberg, e-mail, 27.04.2010 03:08

If your Intersted in my designs or any questions call 805-658-8245 Im still burnin and turnin Don Hillberg

George, e-mail, 16.04.2010 06:42

Has anyone successfully contacted the company lately?
Also what's the status of its 4-seat helicopter? will it be a kit helicopter? with RR 250 C20B engine? please kindly reply to my email address. Thanks & God bless

rishiraj singh, e-mail, 01.03.2010 16:56

wanna use it for personal use wanted to know the cost in india, or any other craft available 2 or 4 seater

Arnum, e-mail, 02.06.2009 23:26

How do i contact and find info on the Eh1-02. the phone no. for Hillberg Helicopters in CA. does not work.

Barry M, e-mail, 31.05.2009 02:03

How many EH 1-02's are flying and what's the safety record of the aircraft? Is the chopper still in production and what's the cost of a complete kit? What helicopter would you suggest for me to take flight training in that's closest to the flight characteristics to the tandem mouse? Is it low maintainence for a helicopter? Thanx!

Jake, e-mail, 05.02.2009 07:46

Dude this is a hectic helicopter its a mini army one lol i was thinkin of designin one just like it. This tops all mini copters if it had all the best equipment like spent lots of money on it.

Stevem, e-mail, 08.10.2008 18:37

Don,I would like more info on the mouse with a sky shark.I am interested in a single or two seater mouse.Thanks for the info.

Roger Nolan, e-mail, 04.10.2008 07:39

I am interested in your EH1-02 can this be built with on seat behind the other not side by side and how much would the kit cost

myles jessop, e-mail, 21.08.2008 08:36

i am very interested in small helicopters and i would like more information how to get a kit or if it comes whole. also i would like to know what the average cost of a small helcopter would cost... not just one but a wide veriety of small choppers. THANK YOU!

andrew, e-mail, 21.01.2008 05:19

I am interested in the 2 seater. Are you still producing this helicopter and its plans. I cant find much info on them and would like to know if you are still in the business. Thank you

Don Hillberg, e-mail, 31.10.2007 01:28

Flood, Mud, Moving, and more.The mouse is back with a sky skark. For information E-Mail me .

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