Bell Model 47 "Sioux"
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27.01.2022 09:28

26.01.2022 21:16

Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm Bo-105

26.01.2022 03:25

Bratukhin B-10

24.01.2022 09:59

23.01.2022 21:08

23.01.2022 06:17

Sikorsky S-56 / CH-37 Mojave / HR2S

23.01.2022 04:47

Sikorsky EH-60A Quick Fix II

20.01.2022 13:57

Mil Mi-17

18.01.2022 23:34

Kaman K-16

18.01.2022 20:02

Kaman H-43 "Huskie"

18.01.2022 02:19

15.01.2022 22:57

12.01.2022 13:11

11.01.2022 09:48


07.01.2022 03:12

06.01.2022 14:07

06.01.2022 05:54

Hillberg Rotermouse EH 1-01

04.01.2022 20:14

04.01.2022 11:57

02.01.2022 17:38

31.12.2021 15:01

28.12.2021 13:11

28.12.2021 04:42

Mil Mi-6

27.12.2021 22:45

24.12.2021 02:29

Kaman SH-2 "Sea Sprite"

23.12.2021 11:18

23.12.2021 03:22

Bell Model 47 "Sioux"

23.12.2021 01:31

Revolution Helicopter Mini-500

17.12.2021 22:23

Mil Mi-24A

15.12.2021 06:47

JIM BAGGETT, 23.12.2021 03:22

Got a lot of time in Panma CZ in H-13. Did many emonstrtions withtwin M<-60s. Grease pencil on the bubble for siting in on targets. Mid 60'e

Ken F, e-mail, 24.07.2020 18:04

I am looking for information on the Bell 47B-3 on your web page. Is it the same one at the Anchorage Alaska International Airport, or if not where is this one now and can I get more info? Is it for sale or going into a museum? I am also looking for blueprints for the same type, model 47B-3. Any help would be appreciated.

Daniel Carlson, e-mail, 23.09.2016 23:43

Best machine ever made!!!!!! Seeing & hearing one of these in flight sends shivers up & down my spine.

Reed Carr, e-mail, 21.01.2015 04:24

Flew the HTL-7 at Ellyson Field in 1957, my first Helo trainer.Loved flying it and always remember the first lift off and hover. I marvelled at the machine. Came back in 1962 to instruct in it. Could really make it perform.

kanishka, e-mail, 13.06.2014 13:05

can any body let me know the availability of moulded canopy for model bell 47 g,,thanks

John varghese, e-mail, 06.06.2013 13:55

Hai , am John. I want the full detail of mosquito Xe .

John Camp, e-mail, 06.03.2013 06:21

I seek permission to use the image of the Bell Model 47 "Sioux" at your website as an illustration of late-40s technology in my novel about the Roswell Incident. I expect to self-publish a run of 500 copies and see if the demand exists for more.
Thanks for considering my request,
John C.

Roger D. Huffaker, e-mail, 02.08.2011 08:41

After initial helicopter training in the Hiller OH-23D at Fort Wolters - I then checked out in the OH-13E - we fired 30 cal. MGs from them in training at Ft. Sill, OK After graduating from flight training at Wolters - I flew the OH-13H Model in Germany - they were also armed with 30 cal. MGs and served as scout helicopters in an Air Cav Troop.

Jim, e-mail, 23.04.2011 06:36

My friend Jack flew in a Helicopter in Alaska in 1949. Says blades were laminate with Balsa Wood. Says landing above about seven thousand was called a controlled Crash.

SR71ALPHA, e-mail, 02.08.2010 00:53

I need the blueprints of this helicopter, if anyone got them.

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