Ponnier racer
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03.12.2023 23:51

03.12.2023 23:07

Ilyushin IL-114

03.12.2023 23:07

Ilyushin IL-96

03.12.2023 23:06

Ilyushin IL-112

03.12.2023 23:06

Ilyushin DB-3

03.12.2023 22:48

Ilyushin IL-76

03.12.2023 22:47

02.12.2023 03:55

Boeing B-1

02.12.2023 03:54

Boeing Model 40

02.12.2023 03:54

Boeing Model 21 / NB

02.12.2023 03:54

Boeing Model 15 / PW-9 / FB

02.12.2023 03:53

Boeing F2B / Model 69

02.12.2023 03:52

Boeing XP-4

02.12.2023 03:51

Boeing XP-8 / Model 66

02.12.2023 03:51

Boeing Model 74 / XF3B-1

02.12.2023 03:51

Boeing Model 80

02.12.2023 03:50

Boeing XP-7 / Model 93

02.12.2023 03:50

Boeing F3B / Model 77

02.12.2023 03:49

Boeing Model 1

02.12.2023 02:11

Canadair CL-41 "Tutor"

01.12.2023 09:50

01.12.2023 07:23

01.12.2023 06:38

01.12.2023 05:34

01.12.2023 03:28

Kawasaki C-2

30.11.2023 01:20

Junkers Ju 390

29.11.2023 21:23

Curtiss Eagle

29.11.2023 17:07

Fairchild C-123 Provider

29.11.2023 00:58

28.11.2023 22:08

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John Rossetti, e-mail, 19.10.2009 04:37

I am building the Ponnier from Peter Rake plans . The lower wing bracing wires are not clear on the drawing. If you are not warping the wings are the lower wires affixed, one to the front landing gear area and the other to the grommet show on the plans on the fuselage under the wing ? Your comments will be appreciated. Happy landings. John Rossetti

Kevin Hamilton, e-mail, 13.10.2009 00:46

I built a 50 inch wingspan Ponnier from modified Peter Rake plans. I added ailerons, removeable one-piece wing (it has to fit inside a MGB GT), and used a O.S. 52 four stroke, instead of electric motor(I like the sound!). I also made the tail a little longer, because I thought it looked better. It can fly quite fast or remarkably slow. The ponnier is not a plane you see every day....well worth the build!

d mollinet, e-mail, 07.05.2008 02:23

I need scale documentaion for the 1913 PONNIER racer, I am building one in quarter scale.

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