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Junkers Ju 390

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Rutan Quickie

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Curtiss Model 82 / SO3C Seamew

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Grumman OV-1 Mohawk

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Hawker Hector

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Boeing Model 1

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Lockheed L-188 Electra

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Curtiss Eagle

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Handley Page H.P.81 Hermes

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Learavia LearFan 2100

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Kaiser-Fleetwings XBTK

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Kawanishi E7K Alf

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Mitsubishi MU-300 / Diamond

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Canadair CL-41 "Tutor"

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Tipsy Trainer I

Gil Nyland, e-mail, 18.01.2022 01:55

This week marks owning my '65 M20E for 20 years. Fast, fuel efficient and goes and goes. Brittian autopilot still works. One thing I do worry about is locating parts for the 56 year old bird! Not long ago, I was parking at KGED when 8 other Mooneys all landed and parked, I immediately wanted to set up a race from Coastal Delaware to Cape May, NJ, one at a time, time measured, 500-1000 ft along the beach... Any takers?

Jonathan Paul, e-mail, 17.01.2022 19:56

Gill, the Monroy extended tank STC is suitable for all mooney aircraft. It adds 36 gallons fuel capacity to the wing tanks. No pumps. Any mechanic can install the necessary fittings, fuel cap, pipes, sealant.

Best upgrade for any Mooney that I can think of, especially the early models that, in my opinion, are short on range.

Gil Nyland, e-mail, 17.01.2022 18:19

I am interested in extended range tanks and would be interested in any information and/or pictures you have of your install. If able feel free to reply. Thanks!

Gil Nyland, e-mail, 17.01.2022 18:17

Hi Paul, I read your story on the rounders web site and was very impressed by your story. Would you happen to have any pictures of the tank install and your ingress/egress processes?

Walter Carter, e-mail, 06.07.2020 20:04

Looking for Mooney N1072C last located in Ft. Lauterdale, FL. Used to fly her in 1958 when she was owned by Liberty Aviation at Tamiami Airport in Miami.

Dempsey Blanton, e-mail, 12.05.2016 15:54

Would love to know what ever happened to 1960 Mooney M20A.

Glenn Watts, e-mail, 22.07.2014 07:14

My 1968 Mooney Exec is my second Mooney... It's highly modified... In many ways a 201. Set US & World speed records with it. Painted it with the Mooney Eagle design, red, white, & blue. Has the modified fuel tanks so we flew nonstop from Albuquerque to Oshkosh & had 20 gallons left over! Would recommend this low maintenance plane to everyone!

David Sullins, e-mail, 22.05.2014 06:08

Bought a 1966 M20E in 2000. Still own it today. I flew from Dallas to Baltimore in 6.5 hours at 17.5k FT with an O-2 bottle. Had to start down over eastern KY and was gettign ground speed of 190 kts in level flight and over 200kts on the down slope. Plane needs new paint an dinterior but has been a great cross country plane. Simple, reliable, efficient. I fly by myself most of the time so this was the right plane for me though I would have liked to have gotten an F model which has 8 more inches between the front and back seats but is 3-5 kts slower. Since I fly alone most of the time, this was the best plane for me. It has been great but I am not flying so much any more so may sell it.

Don Fischer, e-mail, 10.02.2014 19:53

If anyone out there owns N9726M 1967 Exec. sure would like to know what happened to it. Thanks

Bob Doernberg, e-mail, 01.02.2014 22:32

I have always loved Mooney aircraft, especially for their ability to cruise at or above one MPH/HP. One name that should be associated with the later variants of the plane is Roy LoPresti. I met him in 1976 when he was chief engineer for Grumman American at their Cuyahoga County Airport facility. He moved on to Mooney and did a great job refining an already fast and efficient airplane. The 201 was the class of the field for some time.

Bob Schneider, e-mail, 30.01.2014 22:58

I bought a 1951 Mite (N6033V) in 1988 for $5,000 and sold it in 1998 for $11,000. The buyer was in his late 70's and I'm sure he has passed on but the FAA still lists him as the owner. If anyone knows where this Mite is please contact Bob
While flying the Mite I was also current on the Boeing 747-400. The smallest and largest U.S. airplanes. The Mite was a lot more fun to fly!

Ward Testerman, e-mail, 24.05.2013 23:04

I bought my first 1968 Mooney Statesman after my partner wrecked our 1967 Cessna 182. Paid $11,000 and never looked back. I flew that Statesman for 1200 hours, switched to a 1967 non-injected Executive for another 1400 hours and ended up with an injected '70 Executive for another 1000 hours. Loved all aircraft and always loved the Johnson Bar! I have flown from California as far north as Victoria, Canada and as far east as the east coast of Florida. Never a problem in flight until my engine quit on takeoff in California, Still, solid A/C that got me and my wife down with minor injuries! As safe an A/C as you will ever fly and stable, economical, relatively high speed (155kts) with 6+ hours in the tanks. The Mooney community is the greatest of all time!

Dick Haynes,, e-mail, 19.02.2013 00:11

I was part owner of a Super 21 back in the 60's & 70's.
Love that airplane. Chicago to Florida on a cold winters day with a tailwind, in less then 5 hours.

Bill Beardsley, e-mail, 11.02.2013 15:55

I flew my first Mooney Mite from Fresno, CA in about 1951. My joy ride was, with canopy aft, to put my arms out horizontally and rotate my palms up and down. Of course the plane changed pitch. I would do this from FNO to BFL on weekends to visit the family in BFL. Later I was allowed by my boss to fly the big Mooney. What a great plane.

Gordon, e-mail, 09.04.2012 22:12

I have owned my1981 M20K "231" for 30 years and 5,000 flight hours.
We have been to Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas.
170 knots at 10.5 GPH and 6.5 hours endurance was very good when I bought her, but in these days of $6 gas and $450 fill ups, it's fantastic!

Sam T, e-mail, 14.02.2012 16:59

Would love to know what happened to my old Mooney N5970Q. An M20 w/ a RayJay turbo. Great economy and reliability.

Richard Calarco, e-mail, 13.02.2012 04:25

That Mooney Mite was fun to fly. I flew one when I was 19 years old and being tall, 6'3" at the tme it was a little tight. I also skined my hand a few time operating the landing gear. I use to get lots of attention when landing at the airports I flew into at the time. Many folks had not seen the Mite before during that time period.

Scott Boyd, e-mail, 25.09.2011 03:11

I flew an M-20F with a Rayjay turbocharger in the 70's and was a real hot rod. It had electric gear but I also flew a wood wing Mooney and others with the Johnson bar. It was really pretty simple and never gave me a problem.

A lady I was instructed wanted to check out in her sons M-20 and would get so flustered trying to put the gear up and down she eventually gave up. I would show her how I could do it with two fingers but she would get a death grip n the handle and couldn't pull down that little bit to lock it into place.

Bob Huston, e-mail, 24.09.2011 23:57

Al Mooney was a self taught designer. His first design (as a teenager) was an Eaglerock. His brother Art knew how to build anything. Together, they designed and built several thousand remote control Culver anti-aircraft targets for the Army and Navy during WW II. Art hired me (@ age 17, an "experienced line boy") to help build the original 90% wood production Mite (M-18, Crosley 25 hp powered). Later I was permitted to fly the prototype (after it was converted to a 65 HP Continental). That Prototype Mite now hangs in the National A&S Museum at Dulles Airport. Al designed the original wood M-20 in Wichita in late 1949, early 1950. After loosing control of Mooney Aircraft, Al (& Art) worked for Lockheed-Georgia until they retired. Al was the PM for the LASA 60 and the Lockheed Hummingbird (XV-4A & B). Al, Art & Bill Taylor (test pilot) were great people to work for. Al inspired me to get my BS and MS in aeronautical engineering.

Albert Dyer, e-mail, 13.04.2011 18:30

I flew a 1956 M20 with 150hp. Fast airplane, and yes, I learned about the Mooney "bite" when retracting the gear. N5261B

Don P. Simons, e-mail, 30.01.2011 06:24

I bought a 1964 M-20-E, Super 21 and reworked it and flew it for 5 years. Living in Ohio with a son in Oklahoma City I made nine trips back and forth, one of which was extended to Carlsbad, CA in 1991. It's a great instrument ship and the last trip from Wiley Post Airport in Bethany, OK to Salem Ohio was hazy then Cloudy so solid instruments. I logged 6 1/2 hours of IFR that day and didn't have an autopilot. I wrote a piece of satire about Mooneys and it was printed in the MAPA log in 1992:
Mooney oh mooney what makes you so great
your beautiful wing or your tail so straight
Fast though you are, you're easy to fly
detractors are dummies if they dare to decry
We believers all know the beautiful fact
That Al was a genious, his plane a class act
We wash and we wax and polish your skin
and wipe off your belly and under your chin
No matter what feature you choose to endear
on my 64 it's that Johnson bar gear
Don P. Simons N1946Y MAPA 8529

Richard Zephro, e-mail, 09.12.2010 19:43

I have been a Mooney enthusiast since I flew my first one in 1974. Piper was all over with after that! Due to the Mooney's unique "does everything right and economically", the extra padding for safety, I have specialized in the resale of Mooney airplanes since 1989 and still going stong. Of the many Mooney's I have sold, I have yet to lose a single customer in a Mooney mishap! Want to learn a lot more about Mooney's? check out

JAKE JACOBS, e-mail, 09.12.2010 19:11

Am second owner of N57033 84 J 201 Mooney and its the only plane have or will ever own. 150kts/8.8GPH-great long range cruiser-have done 1100 miles non-stop. We have been to 49 states & Canada & Bahamas and landed on turf, ice, gravel etc. Strong, reliable and most economical of 4 place planes. Eleven years, 2300 hours and a lot of neat adventures and friends along the way. Love camping out at LAL & OSH next to 57033/Cheers/Jake & Kat

Jonathan Paul, e-mail, 09.12.2010 18:01

In April 2010 I flew my 1966 M20E non-stop from coast to coast, San Diego to Savannah. I have extended tanks (88+ gallons). It took 12:55 hours and used 72 gallons. I flew at 13,000 feet burning 5.2 gph. The TAS was 115 knots at that fuel burn. There was a good tail wind in the west. The message is that the efficiency of the Mooney design can also yeild exceptional range. One can trade speed for range.

Mike Elliott, e-mail, 09.12.2010 15:12

My 1970 M20F will haul 1100# of lard and fuel at 145 KTS TAS on 9.0 GPH, and it will do this for 7 hours. What other production plane can match this?

Harley Myler, e-mail, 07.12.2010 05:03

I have a bizarre, disturbed love affair going on with my '66 M20E Super 21. I just love that plane! Once you fly a Mooney, you become a Mooniac and nothing ever comes close.

R.J. RODGERS, e-mail, 23.11.2010 07:22


Paul Straub, e-mail, 23.11.2010 00:06

I bought a 1965 200 hp Super-21 with manual gear for $12,700 in 1970. I repainted it, re-upholstered it, added a turbercharger and some new avionics and took her to the Reading Air Show in 1975 where she won first place in single engine class. She wss competing against dozens of other highly equiped and newer Bonazas and other aircraft. These were called National Awards so it represented the best single engine airplane in America at that time.
I then flew her seven times over the Atlantic Ocean and made the 17th solo trip (in 43 years) around the world. I flew her to every continent except Antartica. AOPA PILOT magazine featured her in a five page article called Manual Mooney in 1986.
I have just published a book about this plane and the flights called "MY ODYSSEY" by Paul Straub which is available at

David Sullins, e-mail, 06.11.2010 03:47

i have had a M20E Super 21 for about 10 years. Manual gear is never a problem and I never bang my knuckles with it. I love it and don't ever have to worry about gear not working. I had Alt failure one time and gear was not the concern. Only if the battery would last long enough to get home into BWI. I have Monroy (34 gal long range tanks) total of 88 gal usable and fly mostly alone. have about 8 hours of fuel that way and at 150 Knots (10 gph) 1200 nm range. This is the 200 HP fuel injected engine. Back seat is small though and any distance would be cramped with 2 adults back there. F model has about 8 more inches of leg room between front and back and I would recommend that one for any one who plans to take 4 adults in it. E model is the fastest one that is not turbo or normalized though.
Great airplane. It is tight fit (sportscar) but fast and least cost per hour at 10 gph or less if you slow down. If just poking holes in sky you can pull power back and get 6-7 gph fuel burn at 120 mph (105 kts). Plenty fast for sight seeing or just looking at things.

Buz Allen, e-mail, 10.10.2010 02:36

The M20 is Hands down the Best civilian aircraft for less than six people ever built!! I have owned an M-20C for 20yrs and flown 7 different models from the B to the M. The fuel efficency of the K model 252 can't be beat@ FL 250 22"MP 2200RPM 214KTAS on 12 Gals./HR. Thanks AL&Art!!!

Sid McClue, e-mail, 01.10.2010 20:00

I owned a M-20F w/rayjay turbo & full IFR avionics, flew out of Scottsdale. Put a third seatbelt in back benchseat so I could take three sons on trips. Great fun, fast and econo. Once lost alternator and had to hand crank electric gear down, but no other problem. Loved it.

Barrie Davis, e-mail, 27.09.2010 06:01

The only Mooney I have flown is the Moony Mite, a truly tiny little bird that handled nicely and carried only the pilot. I can not compare it with other Mooneys, but the spring loaded lever that contolled the retractable gear and flaps (simultareously) did leave my knuckles ripped and bloody. Great fun!

Roy M. Jones, e-mail, 24.09.2010 19:35

Please contact me and I will give you more information about other Mooney's

Roy M. Jones, e-mail, 24.09.2010 19:32

If you go back and check, they built the first Mooney Mite, which a 65horsepower, single place aircraft which would fly about 130 mph at 3.5 gallons per hour. Then they built the 4 place woodwing,woodtail, metal fuselage with an 150hp Lycoming, then changed it to 180hp. My father worked there when they made the metal wing,

Ross, 12.09.2010 04:15

I have owned my 1969 Mooney M20E for 30 years and flown it all over the US and to Alaska. Its a great traveling plane, good performance and wonderful to fly. I get 162 mph on 7.5 gph at altitude.I dread the day I have to sell it.

Glenn S, e-mail, 01.09.2010 09:59

I owned a 1971 Executive 180hp Lycombing with manual gear and full King IFR. Paid $12,500 in 1973 with 300 hrs on it. Put 1,500 hours on it flying out of Tamiami and Homestead airports all over the US and western carribean. Used to hop over to Freeport, Bahamas to an Italian restarant called Marcella's and Marco Island Hotel (Daytime Only) on a regular basis.
Got my private (after solo in a C-150 at 10 hrs) and instrument tickets on it.
Hung up my goggles in the 80's. Wish I could afford one similarly equipped today
Have since hung

tony martinez, e-mail, 04.03.2010 07:23

I owned a 1967 Mk 20 for 5 years. Had a TSIO 360 Lycoming with a Ray Jay turbo. Flew it all over the country with no problems. It was a solid flyer and real dependable performance especially at altitudes of 12K plus.

A. F. France, e-mail, 04.03.2010 04:46

The sports car of single engine aircraft. I had a Model M20E then moved up to a 201 before I had to hang up my goggles. Loved them both, explored the USA from corner to corner in both of them.

Verne Lietz, e-mail, 28.01.2010 06:48

I had an M-20E (200 h.p, N5743Q) for about 10 years. Couldn't be beat for cross country if the back seat passengers weren't too big. Economy cruise at 2300 RPM was 145 mph, 9 gph. It had electric gear that never gave any trouble, though I got distracted,thought the warning horn was the stall warner and forgot to lower it once.

Bob Gay, e-mail, 07.01.2010 14:28

I had a 1/3 interest in a M20B, my first airplane, and the one I got my instrument rating in. The mechanical gear handle was indeed the hardest part of learning to fly this plane. I had a tennis wristband I put over my knuckles to try to protect them when raising the gear. What an airplane-- cruising around 125-130 knots on less than 10 gph. I later had a share of a 201 with all the bells and whistles. A fine airplane also, but not as much fun to fly as the old M20B.

Carl Staib, e-mail, 06.01.2010 17:45

Being a "Pipe-Dreamer" as I am, if I had the money to buy two aircraft, the first would be a C-185 and the second would be a Mooney. Of course they're two completely different aircraft and they both serve they're purpose well. And I love them both.

Hal Anway, e-mail, 05.01.2010 22:42

I flew an earlier 150 hp model. Great airplane. Mooney pilots could usually be identified by the scrapes on the back of their right hand. The mechanical gear handle was unforgiving. I rented one at KC,Kansas and at Peachtree-Dekalb in Atlanta.The later FBO also had a Super 21 that was supercharged and could really scoot.

Pete Dooley, e-mail, 29.12.2009 20:41

I own one........I love it!

Jim Hughes, e-mail, 25.05.2008 05:05

Best plane I ever flew.

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