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Rod McNeil, e-mail, 03.03.2024 13:26

2399P was my first airplane back in the early 70’s. Many fond memories. I bought it from a man in SE MI that I believe was named Crowe. $3,900.00 at the time. Would you have any pictures of it you could email me? My ex wife lost all early photos when her basement flooded.

Thank you,

616 299 0281

richard c harold, e-mail, 23.12.2021 13:42

yes loved the tri-pacers dad had a 57.

richard c harold, e-mail, 23.12.2021 13:37

yas that was fun loved that just sorry i did not buy the air coup 1947.

John Hughes, e-mail, 07.01.2021 09:29

gRAEME THIS IS AN OLD POST BUT THOUGHT i WOULD reply anyway. My Dad owned this plane in the 1980's based in Ruatoria on the East Coast it was later owned by Jay Scammell who was the Publican of the Hotel at Te Ararroa - there was an airstrip outside the pub - pretty hairy landings in the small 108. Dad had to emergency land on the beach at Waipiro Bay (with my Mother on board - not sure she ever flew with him again) - had to get a local top dressing pilot to take her off. She was nick named Baby Doll! I had a couple of cushions in the back that I used to reach the rudders. John Hughes

Perkins, e-mail, 22.02.2016 21:14

Aircraft Registration (N5717D)

Aircraft Summary




Serial Number

1956 PIPER PA-22-150
Fixed wing single engine
(4 seats / 1 engine) CLAXON WILLIAM R
(Individual) Standard/Unknown 22-4415




Mode S Code

LYCOMING 0-320 SERIES (Reciprocating)
Horsepower: 180 Less than 12,500lbs 94mph 051652561 / A75571

Registration Details


Certificate Issue Date

Airworthiness Date

Last Action Date


Unknown 1991-01-19 1956-09-07 2009-01-20 2013-09-30

Registration History





STEVE SEVITS, e-mail, 28.07.2015 23:52

Tri-Pacer N7643D (PA 22-150) built in 1957 is alive, well and still flying as of 2015. After many great years and over a 1000 hours it was time to part company and pass her along to a younger pilot in the spring of 2015. Metallized in the early 1960s it had been taken down to bare metal and painted with DuPont Imron. The name Character was put back on the cowl in gold leaf.

The 0-320 150 hp Lycoming engine has been majored a second time. Even after prolonged inactivity the engine usually starts on the first try. Equipped with an 8 gal belly tank, at 2450 RPM it will do 130 mph in a no wind situation. When I bought the plane it was just a used airplane, in 2015 it is now a 58 year old classic, older than most of the admirers who see it at the airports it visits

The original owner was Character Foundations, causing the airplane to be named Character. The gold leaf paint of the name has long since worn off so I had gold-metal-flake decals made to put the name back on the cowl. Character is named after a company which fabricates industrial strength corsets for extremely stout women. With a history like that the name had to stay and expense was no object.

curtis rider, e-mail, 11.04.2015 18:32

I owned pa-22-150,2803p during the 80s.sold it to a Mr.woods
at E.Moline,IL.In 2014 I located it.she's still flying,in the Benson,Il.area.I bought it learned to fly it.LOVED IT.Would
buy another one,but eye sight won't pass medical.
My opinion the pa 22 was the best every day air plane,ever.
keith unzicker owns it now,and he won't sell it.i don't blame him.

Len Musgrave, e-mail, 28.01.2015 08:04

I owned a one third share of a 1956 Tri Pacer N2652P in 1965-1967 In Sault Saint Marie, Michigan when I was in the Air Force. I have over 400 hours logged in it and my wife and I had a great time with it over the 2 years. I made my first tower controlled landing at the 1966 EAA Fly in at Rockford, Illinois. That day over 2500 airplanes landed that day. I think the airplane is in England now. I was painted white with blue stripes. I got my commercial license in the TriPacer.

Doran Jaffas, e-mail, 27.12.2014 18:45

I am the happy and proud 3rd ownerof N5828D.
I would like to hear from Tri Pacer and Colt Owners in the state of Mich. to arrange a flyin meet Howfor lunch. Anyone interested? How about in the Tri State area?

bnada, e-mail, 06.10.2014 05:23

To Robert Haight;
According to FAA certification records, the owner of N5717D, a PA-22-150, is a W. R. Claxon and has a Gufford, IL address.

steve sevits, e-mail, 10.11.2013 23:42

The Tri-Pacer (PA-22)came in four progressively different power plant versions; 125 hp, 135 hp, 150 and 160 hp. Originally with 3/8 valves the engine was changed to valves with a consequently longer 2000 hour TBO.

My Tri-Pacer is 150 hp and will burn between 8.5 and 9.5 gph depending on cruise speed. At 2450 RPM it will cruise in a no wind situation at 130 MPH.

The most popular STC is the 8 gallon additional fuel tank raising overall capacity to 40 gal usable.

When buying a used Tri-Pacer it is important to make sure it has sealed wing struts, the originals are prone to rusting out from the inside and require periodic inspection.

The Tri-Pacer is a comfortable plane to fly and very precise in landing, an experienced pilot can put it down on the numbers every time. The only drawback with a Tri-Pacer is the loud background noise, at cruise it can be 110 db. The best cure for this is active electronic noise canceling headsets which nearly eliminate background noise. Those sold by Headsets, Inc. are so effective that it is recommended that the electronic noise canceling feature be turned off during takeoff so the pilot can hear any possible engine irregularity.

The Tri-Pacer is a great deal of airplane for nominal money and low maintenance costs.

David Dahlke, e-mail, 13.06.2013 19:36

I learned to fly at age 16 in a Colt. 9.00 hour solo, 12.00 dual in the sixties. This was at Wagonwheel airport in Temperance Michigan. You learned to be near the runway when you pulled power.

Robert Haight, e-mail, 07.03.2013 18:47

Sorry see correct email address.

Robert Haight, e-mail, 07.03.2013 18:46

I bought Piper Tri-pacer about 1963 in Hudsonville, MI. the call letters were N5717D and the color was red and white. What a great airplane I bought it for $3600. flew it for over 150 hours in the Flint, MI area and sold it a year two later for about what I paid. I sure would lkie to know if anyone knows anything about this plane Thanks. Many great memoreies

Graeme Alexander, e-mail, 24.11.2012 09:54

I purchased a piper colt in Auckland in 1967 ZK -CEG don!t know what happened to her,, doe!s any one know

Jeff Eckel, e-mail, 20.10.2012 13:35

I bought my 1957 Tripacer 150 4 years ago and learnt to fly in it. Once you learn to fly to the strip because of the sink rate you will love this bird. 8536D located in Ottawa Oh.

Bob, e-mail, 09.05.2012 15:00

I belonged to a glider club in 1964 in Saginaw,MI. Got the bug to fly and started lessons in a Piper Cub in Owosso, MI. Then bought a Tri-Pacer, Reg. N5717D,150HP the same year, in Hudsonville, MI for 3500.00. In a little over a year I flew more than 150 hours and sold it for the same amount. I loved that plane. Then joined a club that had a MOooney Executive, WOW! Wondering does anyone know if my old Tri-pacer (great memories) is still flying or anything about it's history.

Ralph DeGroodt, e-mail, 15.03.2012 00:23

I own N6043D Which I helped tp convertback to a Tail dragger in the late 1990's. The conversion is now 12 years old and still flys like a dream. The plane won two awards at Oshkosh in 2000 and 2001 as best custom conversion. Called the Purple Pacer, quite a striking plane any place she goes.

Bruce Bair, e-mail, 14.02.2012 02:25

I enjoy flying PA22-160 N9410D out of western PA. Empty weight with the full Skycraft STC is 1220 lbs, leaving 556lbs with full tanks. 160hp and Crosswind wingtips, she's no stranger to unimproved fields. Contrary to legend, slips are normal due the tendency to float. Cross-countries are planned at 8.5gph and 120mph for 3:40hr. Relaxed & comfy. Love it!

Nicholas Mackintosh, e-mail, 07.01.2012 19:01

I am very interested in purchasing a PA22. I fly out of Elstree at the moment. If anyone is interested in selling please contact me by email.



Eric Marsh, e-mail, 17.12.2011 04:44

I own a 1958 Tripacer 160. She's a nice bird and is enjoyable to fly.

chris gosling, e-mail, 19.10.2011 23:32

I owned a 1957 milk stool for much of the seventies over three hundred very pleasurable hours , and a couple of white knuckle ones -- charlie golf golf zulu oscar - If any one comes accross her , I 'd love to hear where she is .

Ted Savard, e-mail, 07.10.2011 05:00

Back in the early 1960's I owned a Piper TriPacer N2399P (1955 or 1956)that was a mighty fine little airplane. I was flying the Boe
ing B-47 at Pease AFB when I got it and we were soon transfered to Columbus, Ohio (Lockbourne AFB) and kept the TriPacer at a small airport south of Columbus (South Columbus Airport)on Williams Road. I sold it soon after arriving at my new assignment since I had little time to fly it being busy at my assignment with the 317 th Tactical Airlift Wing flying the C-130-A. Just wanted to know if it is still flying, or any other information concerning the airplane. Thanks, Ted Savard, Abilene, Texas

LIDERMAN ALMEIDA, e-mail, 28.07.2011 03:06


LIDERMAN ALMEIDA, e-mail, 28.07.2011 03:05


Bob Thomas, e-mail, 05.07.2011 07:22

I am looking for a STC or other basis to install a lyc o-320 in my PA22- 125 TRIPACER. hELP APPRECIATED.

Ted Fields, e-mail, 09.06.2011 07:40

Hi Ron, I have abrand new 1962 PA22 108 Colt with 35 hrs Since total rebuild. I will give the specifications for the Colt.
PA 22 108 Engine 0 235-CIB 108 HP. Cruise at 108 MPH.
Take Off Weight 1650
Empty Weight 1096
Wing Span 29' 3 1/2"
Length 20' 1 7/8"
Height 7' 4 1/4"
Wing aera 147' 47"

Max Speed 120 MPH
Celing 14,000 FT

Robert C Harold, e-mail, 06.06.2011 21:26

I owned 5788D a 1957 Tri-Pacer ftom 1963 to 1983. Paid $4900 and sold it for 4250 because of hail da It was metalized in 1967 by Skycraft Design in East Trenton, NJ, adding 18lbs to the empty weight. For less than $1600 including paint. Those wer the days, $.38 for 80 octane most those years. I was lucky.

Bob Freidt, e-mail, 17.05.2011 22:22

I owned a 1956 PA22 Piper Tripacer N4547A from 1988 to 1990 i was based at Hazen, North Dakota. it was a great little bird! does anyone know if its still flying? and might it be for sale? My Son was 8 yrs old and has fond memories about it he would like to own it if possible. I would like to hear anything you know about it.
Bob 661 978 0722

Don Bates, e-mail, 11.03.2011 02:41

Wondering where PA-22 8449 Delta is and if she is still flying? I had her for a few months, then traded for another.

flyguy, e-mail, 07.03.2011 18:38

My '56 22/20, 6956B flies out of SW Oregon, prefer to go to the Idaho backcountry or SE Oregon dry lakes for camping. It has been into (and out of) Mile-Hi near Big Creek and Middle Fork Salmon River in central Idaho, a short, steep natural surface strip. See Galen Hanselman's "Fly Idaho", a must-have for those backcountry strips. This Pacer was frame-up restored in the 90's and flies great with 150 HP. Probably be selling it soon, due to gas prices...

Charles McGehee, e-mail, 01.03.2011 04:11

I am the proud owner of N2416A which is a PA22/20 150. Tom the flaps are 2 position manual Johnson bar located on the floor in front of the seats. Performance is as good or better than most 172's but does have a quick sink rate. With 10 deg flaps it sinks about like a 150 at full flap and unlike Cessna's you not only fly it to the ground but also till you stop. :-) As far as i'm concerned Piper Pacers and Tri-Pacers are the very best ride for the buck of any time period.

Jim Lipsner, e-mail, 13.12.2010 21:56

I actually learned to fly in a PA 22....loved the airplane and would love to find out what happened to her. N6848B....I would love to get my hands on her again...after breaking the interconnected control syndrom..I went on to fly everything up to 414's. It was a great beginning. Thanks for the memories

LARRY WHEAT, e-mail, 06.12.2010 20:40


Butch Roush, e-mail, 08.11.2010 15:09

Proud owner of Pacer 2929p from about 72-78. Great aircraft. Tricky in cross-wind landings over 10k. Great adventures and sure seemed to outperform all the 172s I ever flew. Good memories. Might want to go one more time with right chance?

Ron Hulse, e-mail, 25.10.2010 08:15

I noticed in your coveage of Piper aircraft, there is no Piper Colt? Any reason for this, I would like to see the specifications for it. I've owened a PA12 and still own a PA 18

Jeff Eckel, e-mail, 25.10.2010 04:04

Aerial Photographer.Learnt to fly the pacer in 2009. Fly regualarly. Take many pictures. Have it up for sale presently to purchase a real nice 175 Cessna with a much bigger window. Tri pacer only has 1024 TT airframe and engine as of 10/2010. Most flights are 1-2 hours in length, 3 times weekly. Simple aircraft to fly. Addition of GPS 396 was a big plus. Allows me to find those towers since I fly at 1000' AGL most the time in NW Ohio. Just wish the window was alittle bigger.

Ronald E. Demmler, e-mail, 14.10.2010 02:52

I bought my 1958 Tripacer with the 160 HP engine in Sept. 1968. When it was time for engine overhaul, I bought a 150 HP engine. Still have the 160 sitting in my garage. I fly regularly ( average four times a week ).
PA 22's are very versatile. Fly from rough grass strips or paved runways. Have all log books from day it left Lock Haven, Pa.

Roger Mole, e-mail, 07.10.2010 12:31

When I was training for my PPL at Swanton Morley near Norwich, UK on Cessna 150s as a young man back in 1977, I noticed a beautiful 1961 Tri-Pacer Caribbean with only 1100 hours on it standing at the side of the airfield. I bought it and spent that summer making it airworthy again under the watchful eye of the engineer who used to maintain it. I got its C of A back and made my first flight in G-ARIK in September 1977 to get approved on type, with the club CFI. I loved that little aircraft and before I sold it in July 1978, did just over 50 hours in her. Only sold it because I didn't know anything about groups and all that. I'll never forget the handling - climbing like crazy with even just a light headwind when one up. Later in life I've now done the same again with an elderly two-seater microlight and the handling (high drag, low inertia) is so similar to that of my old Tri-Pacer, it's like going back in time. I'm glad to say that G-ARIK is still flying and is back in the area of the country where I bought it (East Anglia) having been 'modernised' unfortunately with an all-white paint job. When I had her she still had the original brown and cream Piper livery and underneath you could still see the original US registration - N3701Z. Thanks for the memories.

Ron Collver, e-mail, 01.10.2010 08:18

I owned a "Fly-Chaser" in the early 80's same color scheme as the one pictured, only she had sexy skirts which really dolled her up. She had 160 horses and I just loved to show her off on cold days when there were ten knots or so head wind coming down runway 23 in Bay City, Mich. I would line her up on 23 with full flaps and usually less than 1/4 tank, balls to the wall and after a short roll haul her back and she would practically hang on the prop at about 60 degrees and climb straight up to pattern altitude where I levelled her off...still less than half way down the runway. Then she forced me out to Saginaw Bay to buzz fish shanties.........I sure miss her.

JAY HEIL, e-mail, 10.09.2010 04:32

hi I just saw this site just wanted to correct a comment on the "carribean" a carribean is indeed a tripacer not a colt it is a 150 hp and it was bare bones you might indeed say it is a trim package but it was always a 150 the 160's were super customs but everything was optional so you could technically get a decked out carribean that was the same as a super custom but it would still have been a 150 but..... not all 150;s had to be carribeans there were starting in 1955 pa 22 150 and the carribean package didnt come out untill later i know it was around in 59 but maybe also 58

Anthony Smith, e-mail, 10.09.2010 02:29

I did quite parachute jumps out of Tripacer aircraft with the Scottish Parachute Club at Strathallan Airfield,Perthshire.It could take 3 parachutists to 7000ft.Took a while to get up and it was rather cramped.

Ed Hutchinson, e-mail, 08.09.2010 23:07

I owned a PA22 Piper Tripacer (1959) N9582D from 1970 to 1976 and based at Sky Park, Wadsworth Ohio. I'm just wondering is anyone knows if its still flying??

Bruce, e-mail, 06.09.2010 20:38

I learned to fly a 1956 Tri-Pacer (flying milk stool) shortly after earning my private certificate. As I remember it, the Tri-Pacer had about the same performance characteristics as the Cessna Sky Hawk, but dropped like a rock with power off/idle! This aircraft remains among my most cherished aviation experiences. The last I heard of this plane it was located in southern Arizona.......N9322D

David Samter, e-mail, 06.09.2010 08:14

We had a Tripacer in the SAC Aero Club at Mildenhall England in the late 1950's/early 1960's....My English wife, Pauline, was the Treasurer until Uncle Sam dictated no foreigners could hold office...I took over, but to be honest, she still did most of the work..lol....Can't find my log book so don't know the registration number etc..Fond memories though as it was the first plane I flew...

Neal Hammon, e-mail, 31.08.2010 22:36

My first plane, circa 1955, was a Piper TriPacer, the one with the smaller engine. It had seats of four, but the fourth passenger overloaded the plane. Nevertheless, I used it almost weekly between Louisville and Knoxville, and it saved me a lot of time. I even flew it to Florida once or twice, I finally sold it and purchased a Cenna 182.

Ernie Morris, e-mail, 20.08.2010 00:47

In the '60's our Air Force aero club at Kingsley Field,Klamath Falls,Oregon owned N9413D.I've great memories and a couple hundred hours in that aircraft

Hugh Ragg, e-mail, 10.05.2010 13:16

I currently own a Piper Colt PA-22 108 VH-PIN here is Australia it has 1400 hours genuine and is my pride and joy. These little planes do keep you sharp as rudder is a major part of the attention span. Interestingly we have 6 within 30 miles.

Tom Ingle, e-mail, 17.04.2010 21:54

Being a Brit I learned to fly in a British Auster. These were Taylorcraft derivatives built in the UK under licence. After that I flew the deHavilland Chipmunk. Then the club bought a PA-28 (108hp) Colt. Very quiet engine compared to the Gypsey Majors that powered the first two.
Question: Where were the flaps inside the Tri-Pacer, and were they manual or electric. There were non on the Colt.

Don Ham, e-mail, 02.03.2010 02:02

The tri-pacer is a nice 2 place airplane. When you have full tanks, luggage and 2 normal size people, thats all you want to carry. The hand brake on the one we had was barely adequate. But it was a hot little plane and if you are careful and watch your gross weight and air density, it's safe.

Bruce, e-mail, 26.02.2010 05:17

I am currently enjoying ownership of a 1958 PA22-160, N9410D. It was metalized in 1970 by Skycraft Design in Trenton, NJ, adding 70lbs to the empty weight. The Crosswind wingtips have also been incorporated, and have improved the sink-rate. A joy to fly, and burning 8.5 gal/hr, it is a stable, rugged, economical, and a fun to own aircraft that I can safely recommend. A flying restoration should be realized by anyone interested in any aircraft of this vintage. Assisting with some the maintenance will go a long way toward pride of ownership, and help to earn your respect towards this fine aircraft. In this day of plastic and glass, it is amazing the compliments I receive! See you in Lockhaven...

Johnny Harris, e-mail, 10.02.2010 01:38

I co-owned two of these in the 60's. The first one was a (N680A) was a 1951 model with the 0290 Lyc. The last one (N6020D) was a 1957 with the 0320. This one had the extended range fuel option. I thought they were a good airplane for the day. You had to really be careful turning downwind on the ground in windy conditions to avoid getting them on their back.

Jim Jenkins, e-mail, 29.01.2010 20:06

I owned a Colt back in the 70's. Piper 5096Z; paid $2500 for it and at the end of 8 years and 350 hours sold it for $2500. Took a friend up one evening for a ride; he'd been a radio operator in a B17 during WWII flying out of England. On final I sensed he was tight; so I tried extra hard and made a beautiful landing. As we pulled off the runway, he let out a sigh of relief saying: "I never thought you would get it down. This thing has got a greater sink rate than a fully loaded B-17." With those stubby, short little wings, when you chopped the throttle, she came down -- NOW! It was a great little plane; I had a lot of fun with her.

STEVE SEVITS, e-mail, 28.01.2010 07:19

In 1971 I learned on a Colt, PA 22-108 - 108 hp. Underpowered with no flaps, a great trainer, it made you pay attention to staying ahead of the power curve. It was a good experience for stepping up to the Tri-Pacer, PA 22-150 - 150 hp which was nearly 40% more horsepower and only 25% more gross wt. Once you learn to fly a PA-22 your transition time to something like a C-172 is just an hour or two, but transitioning the other way is a many more hours. Guess this makes the PA-22 aircraft a good learning platform. Large number of PA-22s, and other Pipers gather each year for Sentimental Journey which takes place in June at Lock Haven,PA where the Tri-Pacers and Colts were built.

Dick van Nierop, e-mail, 04.01.2010 00:12

My first solo flight was in a PA22-108 Colt N5111Z at the Williamson-Sodus (NY) airport in August 1972. Our Williamson Flying Club had three of those beauties; we paid $7.50/hr "wet" for the Colts and $7.00/hr for the instructor. One of the Colts had over 8000 hrs TTAE and still flew great. I still have an owner's manual(courtesy of Xerox)somewhere.

JIM DIGNIN, e-mail, 30.12.2009 17:35


Jeff, e-mail, 19.12.2009 15:07

To answer Schaper, "interconnected aileron and rudder pedal control system" was merely a spring to coax the rudders in the coordinated direction. To cross-control you only had to overpower the spring by pushing harder on the rudder. Disclaimer: If memory serves correctly, has been 25 yrs since I flew the 1953 model.

Paul Irwin, e-mail, 03.10.2009 03:08

The first tri-pacer PA-22-1 is still flying in canada and this summer did a cross canada flight and back to the west
Peter Irwin is the owner

tineke schaper, e-mail, 08.06.2009 22:34

Not a comment but a question
Does anyone of you know if i may uncoordinate the coordinated wings? i just bought a tripacer from Belgium, the oo-dlh, she will be registerd as D-EDCH

Rod Monson, e-mail, 12.07.2008 00:22

I agree with Van Tries.
My first solo, March 27 1965, was in the "Colt" as discribed by Van Tries.
N4696Z PA-22-108.

I also flew another "Colt" N5806Z.

Gary, e-mail, 05.06.2008 02:33

A nice snappy airplane; I enjoyed the short time I flew one. An interesting characteristic was that the nose tire was the same as the two main tires.

richard van tries, e-mail, 08.04.2008 03:41

I believe the caribbean you mention is really the piper colt. A tri pacer with the back seat taken out, one wing tank and a 108 lycoming. This was not a sales success !!! The caribbean is a trim package, one level below a super custom trim. More sales fluff that did not work. About 1960 cessna made many improvments to already good planes. We did not !

Rick Shelor, e-mail, 30.06.2007 14:00

the 1951 tripacer started with a 0-290d, 125 hp and not the 0320 as mentioned.

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