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30.09.2022 20:33

Heinkel He 118

26.09.2022 17:40

26.09.2022 12:42

25.09.2022 23:56

Grumman TBF Avenger

25.09.2022 00:49

Blackburn B-24 Skua

24.09.2022 07:52

23.09.2022 14:03

Sud-Est SE 530 Mistral

23.09.2022 03:48

Hughes H-4 / HFB-1 "Hercules"

23.09.2022 01:38

Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

22.09.2022 05:05

Loire 130

21.09.2022 07:47

Republic F-105 Thunderchief

21.09.2022 04:37

21.09.2022 02:28

20.09.2022 22:24

TAI Anka-S

20.09.2022 22:24

Scaled Composites Model 348 White Knight Two

20.09.2022 22:20

Hindustan HJT-16 Kiran

20.09.2022 22:20

Hindustan HF-24 Marut

20.09.2022 22:19

Aero Boero 115

20.09.2022 07:47

18.09.2022 06:49

North American T-28 Trojan

17.09.2022 21:24

Short S.26 Golden Hind

17.09.2022 16:25

17.09.2022 13:38

Praga E.41

17.09.2022 03:53

16.09.2022 16:36

Harbin Y-12

16.09.2022 11:43

16.09.2022 11:24

Martin RB-57F

16.09.2022 09:47

15.09.2022 23:38

15.09.2022 22:46

Granville Gee Bee

Mike hanna, e-mail, 01.08.2022 17:44

Hi, Charlie,

Do you still have the PA-17 you mentioned in a search several years ago? Would you sell it? Do you know anyone with an LSA for sale? Looking!

- Mike Hanna
Wayland, NY

Ezequiel Mesquita, e-mail, 17.04.2022 14:20

Hola Javier! Han pasado 12 años desde tu comentario, ojalá te encuentres bien y el Vagabond también! Debe ser el único en estas latitudes, me gustaría conocerlo ya que es un modelo que siempre me atrajo. Soy argentino viviendo en Paraguay. Saludos!!

Larry W Grooms, e-mail, 01.06.2021 23:49

I soloed in that same aircraft at Quartz Hill, and had a very similar experience. I'll always remember having to circle the field waiting for the dogs or kids on horses to get off the runway so I could land. And then there was the first time I landed on the cross-wind runway, flared-out a little late and discovered the big dip in the middle. Ouch!

Ed Granger, e-mail, 06.09.2017 09:30

If anyone has a PA-15 or PA-17 for sale please send me an email to:
..... scootersairpark@gmail.conm ....

Joseph, e-mail, 23.12.2015 22:52

Did you sell the 3/4 restoration Vagabond?

Corey McChesney, e-mail, 10.06.2015 23:58

Bill if you still have the PA17 for sale please contact me

Bill, e-mail, 31.03.2015 04:55

have pa-17 for sale in VA 3/4 restored

john lund, e-mail, 10.02.2014 17:11

Can I install a radio /non cert in my pa-17

Larry King, e-mail, 27.02.2013 05:12

Looking for a set of wheel pants and hardware for a 1948 PA 15 Vagabond Call Me: 260-676-2409

Larry King

Charlie Brower, e-mail, 07.03.2012 02:36

Bought my PA-17 ( N4686H) six months ago. It replaced an Aeronca Chief 11AC; which was destroyed in landing mishap. This Vagabond is a blast to fly. 85MPH at 2150 rpm from the Continental 65. Starts on first pull. Wouldn't trade it for another Chief or Champ. Hope to keep it until done flying. If you have a chance to fly one: better do it.

Angelo M. Rizzo, e-mail, 06.06.2011 13:46

Looking for info on putting a wing tank in my pa-17. Great airplane.

Riichard Bauer, e-mail, 18.04.2011 18:17

A great, safe and joy to fly aircraft, N4376H. It had been modified to have dual controls and a Continental 65.

P. Rasmussen, e-mail, 01.04.2011 00:47

I have owned a PA-15 since 1987. Wonderful little airplane if you imagine it as the Volkswagen of airplanes. It's only comfortable for average sized pilots, underpowered and the heater hardly works. Just what is necessary to fly and nothing else. What can, at best, be called twitchy ground handling turns into sensitive control in the air due to short coupling, spring balancing in the elevator and huge ailerons. I've flown a Champ and a Cub and wouldn't think of trading.

David E. Tyre, e-mail, 06.03.2011 04:49

I had just gotten my commercial pilot's license in May, 1968 and flew a fare to Rural Retreat airport, near Wytheville, VA in a Cessna 150-A model from Jesup, GA.
After we landed and were waiting for our ride to Wytheville, I walked into the hanger and saw two mint Vagabonds sitting on the deck! Hard to believe! They looked brand new.

Bill C., e-mail, 21.12.2010 18:14

I have a set of Piper factory blueprints for the PA-15. I don't know if this is the only set in existence after the fire at the Loch Haven factory, but I have never heard of another set.

mel, e-mail, 17.10.2010 22:18

My vaqabond was a joy to fly. i the covered the wings with

Ceconite and added a six gallon wing tank. It did beautiful falling leafs to a landing,dead stick landings, and careful loops. slowing it to stop the prop from windmilling, it would not go faster than 50 mph in a dive and flared but bounced 20 or 30 ft in the air,twice. sold it for $1700 and bought a house

JJ, e-mail, 22.09.2010 00:24

I soloed in a PA-17 at the Quartz Hill, California airport. I managed get the solo instruction done, but after I had paid for a ten hour block of time, the Caveat Emptor Flying School folded and the airplane and personnel disappeared. The one that I flew had a wood prop, no wheel fairings, and I don't remember a right side door. The instructor had to get in first, then the student. The one that I flew had no electrical system, so there was no radio for controlled fields nor lights for night flights. It had to be propped for every start.


Tom Calovini, e-mail, 10.09.2010 22:05

4438H was a Vagabond bought in 1953 after working a summertime
construction job between my junior and senior year of high
school. What a great plane...sold it when I went off to
college. Fond memories of the Vagabond and the times we
shared...wish I still owned her.

Brian Whitmore, e-mail, 21.08.2010 18:09

I have a 1949 piper pa-17 for sale.

javier, e-mail, 29.07.2010 03:57

soy el propietario de uno de estos modelos de piper Vagabond, me gustaria intercambiar fotos y toda informacion de interes acerca de tu avion.Esta hangarado en Canelones-Uruguay.

Kent Stapleton, e-mail, 20.03.2010 04:26

I believe the information on the number of P-15/PA-17's built is incorrect. I think there were 517 of them built. I fly the last PA-17 that came off the Piper assembly line. The aircraft was originally purchased by Marshal Jones, Westtown, PA in 1948. He flew it for years and then sold it to his daughter (Helen Jones Stapleton) for $1.00 when he could no longer pass the FAA Flight Physical. Helen gave me the opportunity to fly the Vag whenever I wanted, so that's what I do. The "N" number designation is "5056H". The Vag is kept at Smoketown Airport in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Chris, e-mail, 15.02.2010 21:27

Wag Aero sells plans for replicas of the J-3, PA-11/17/14


Gelmino Righetti, e-mail, 06.01.2010 13:28

Where could I could find building plans of the PA 17?

javier Rodriguez, e-mail, 19.07.2009 03:32

Yo soy propietario de un PA 17 vagabon,es el unico que hay en Uruguay, y tengo el honor de haber ganado el primer premio Campeon Clasico de la EAA argentina 2009.- Si alguien desea ver foto,puedo enviar.

Martin R Goldfarb, e-mail, 03.02.2009 21:46

Try the Short Wing Piper Club www.ShortWingPipers.Org for copies of the original PA15/17 plans

Fred, e-mail, 14.11.2008 04:51

Had a Pa-17 it was a nice little plane. I am sorry I sold it. The closest thing to the PA-17 is the Wagaero classic plans built. I had one of those that was partially finished and never should have let it go either. Wish I had them both back again.To soon old and to late smart.Have fun.

Daniel, e-mail, 11.06.2008 07:42

The PA-16 Clipper should be listed as a completely different aircraft from the PA-15/17 models. All 724 units were produced in 1949. Following a complaint and suit threat by PanAm over the use of the Clipper name, the production was stopped in October of 1949, the design was modified for the O-290 engine, control wheels replaced the stick and slight mods to the landing gear was made and the production continued under the Pacer name in February of 1950. It was therefore the forerunner to the popular tri-pacer.

richard van tries, e-mail, 08.04.2008 03:19

Your facts as i remember are a little off. Mr piper and our design team were ordered to produce this plane to use up supplies. The company was broke, nothing was selling, A new york banker was running the company, he said build it. PA15 had single controls also a horrible rigid gear. The 65hp lycoming would regularly blow head gaskets, it was awful ! PA17 was a little better with dual controls and a shock cord gear. As i remember we begged shriver to allow us to add a extra bay for a rear seat, no money for that. Times were bad,the vagabond was not a good plane but we did work down alot of debt so it did help.

Jacques Maurel, e-mail, 18.02.2008 22:40

where could I could find building plans of the pa 17 ?

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