Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-152(P)
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21.05.2024 16:06

Aichi S1A "Denko"

20.05.2024 21:57

Avro 683 Lancaster

20.05.2024 15:04

Curtiss Eagle

20.05.2024 12:17

20.05.2024 08:54

19.05.2024 03:21

17.05.2024 17:33

McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

16.05.2024 10:54

Junkers Ju 390

15.05.2024 20:29

North American B-45 Tornado

15.05.2024 18:41

15.05.2024 04:13

14.05.2024 21:25

14.05.2024 12:54

Boeing Model 294 / XB-15 / XC-105

14.05.2024 00:09

11.05.2024 18:36

AAA Vision

11.05.2024 11:39

Bleriot 125

11.05.2024 02:51

Martin RB-57F

09.05.2024 01:50

08.05.2024 01:40

06.05.2024 15:50

Douglas C-21/26/29 Dolphin

05.05.2024 05:34

Budd RB / C-93 Conestoga

05.05.2024 04:54

Parnall Pipit

05.05.2024 04:43

Shavrov Sh-5

05.05.2024 04:36

Tupolev ANT-22 / MK-1

05.05.2024 02:59

Vought F6U Pirate

04.05.2024 00:01

03.05.2024 23:33

03.05.2024 11:03

Harbin Y-12

03.05.2024 10:19

Avro 652 Anson

30.04.2024 13:46

Armando, e-mail, 01.04.2024 17:07

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Anonymous, 23.05.2020 21:41


BobTheDog, e-mail, 09.07.2017 17:21

Need (MUCH!!!) more explanatory commentary on how something as hot, and exemplary of the Boeing saying "if it looks good, it will fly good (eg. 787), could "stink", unless simply being a creation of those "bestial, godless, commies" must be, by definition, bereft of any technical or aesthetic merit? Toss in "fly-by-wire" controls, offering synthetic stability at even the highest mach numbers, and the now, unfortunately, defunct AL-41 engine, intended for the now also defunct, MiG-144, and its "look out everybody, Daddy's got a new set of wings"!! Too bad ALL(!!!) such thrilling performance has been rendered moot by Moore's Law, with computer chips so fast that, in the eyes of modern fire control and missile guidance systems, anything that actually has to move through space from "point-A" to "point-B", is relatively crawling in "sloowwwww motion". Can we all say "ASAT". Not even a Blackbird is as fast, or flies as high, as something in LEO. Fini the utility of further improvements in aircraft speed or height. Nowhere to run, and no way to hide!

boi23, 24.06.2017 06:53

this shit is the bomb how can you say it stinks?

BobTheDog, e-mail, 09.08.2014 23:23

IMHO, its the enlarged spine, like the MiG-21Bis, that aesthetically, makes the difference in aerodynamic lines. Would like to see what one equipped with the definitive version of the otherwise trouble-ridden and thrust-deficient, R-15, the R-15BF-2-300, might have done. Might even have been a "Blackbird-catcher"!!

bombardier, e-mail, 12.10.2011 16:16

I wish i could see this plane fighting an F-4 Phantom.

Soeren, 27.04.2009 11:00

A very big MiG and my favourite one!
I agree, that would be fine, to build a scale model of this or other prototypes.

bartdebhunt@comcast.net, 09.12.2006 21:44

Very cool aircraft! Too bad that nobody offers a 1/48 scale model of it and the other
Mig prototypes of that time.

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