Douglas C-21/26/29 Dolphin
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27.03.2023 15:52

North American XB-70 Valkyrie

27.03.2023 00:06

Kawasaki Ki-100

26.03.2023 20:09

26.03.2023 05:27

25.03.2023 01:37

Junkers Ju 390

24.03.2023 22:40

24.03.2023 11:07

23.03.2023 16:50

23.03.2023 08:37

Curtiss Eagle

23.03.2023 05:36

Short S.23 Empire

23.03.2023 05:27

Bloch M.B.157

22.03.2023 17:05

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

21.03.2023 17:29

21.03.2023 16:29


21.03.2023 16:28


21.03.2023 16:28


20.03.2023 05:54

20.03.2023 00:25

19.03.2023 20:54

Mikoyan/Gurevich Ye-2

18.03.2023 22:36

Canadair CL-41 "Tutor"

18.03.2023 19:04

16.03.2023 23:55

16.03.2023 21:57

16.03.2023 20:27

15.03.2023 20:45

14.03.2023 23:45

IAI-101, 102, 201 "Arava"

14.03.2023 02:18

Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

13.03.2023 16:19

Douglas B-23 Dragon

13.03.2023 16:13

Douglas TBD Devastator

13.03.2023 15:43

John martin, e-mail, 01.02.2023 06:54

Yes. I think it was a short clip in the movie “The Gay Divorcee”

John M, e-mail, 24.01.2022 03:44

Short footage of what seems a model of a Dolphin in one of the Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers musical movies as well

Andy Andrus, e-mail, 01.11.2020 07:14

Mr. Harrison, I hope this email finds you well & safe in these times.

Your description of Donald Douglas Sr.'s 1st flight in the Sinbad (later Dolphin) has me curious about your source, and whether or not that document identifies the date of that 1st flight.

Surprisingly, there is nothing written anywhere, even in older Douglas Aircraft "biographies", that identify the date of that 1st flight of the Sinbad/Dolphin series.

George Haloulakos, e-mail, 09.06.2020 22:00

The murder mystery movie "Murder on a Honeymoon" (1935) starts out on a seaplane flying from Los Angeles / Long Beach to Catalina Island. Turns out according to the IMD web site, the seaplane is a Douglas Dolphin, and was part of the Wilmington-Catalina Airlines fleet.

Ken, e-mail, 20.04.2014 08:11

I am also a Radio Control Scale airplane builder. I have a set of plans for this plane but can find very little technical information, ie. how did the landing gear function? I hope to build the plane with operating gear for use both off the water and on land. Any help in the right direction to finding this information would be greatly appreciated.


Edward Power, e-mail, 07.01.2013 02:25

In 1963, I spent about 40 hrs riding in 1934 Dolphin N-26K over parta of 29 Palms Marine base, Flew out of Yucca Valley Airport. It has wooden wings, The A/c was first owned by Bill Boeing, was then owned by Command Sae Planes of Sausolito, CA. It was white with green trim, It now has Coast Guard paint in Naval Air Museum, Pensicola, FL

will harrison, e-mail, 26.03.2011 02:17

The Dolphin was the last aircraft designed exclusively by Donald Douglas, Sr. After the first test flight, he noted that on landing, water was getting into the engine housings. He immediately sat down, sketched a redesign for the nose fairing, and solved the problem.

dave king, e-mail, 23.03.2011 16:55

I'm evaluating.For building an R/C model for an up comming float fly. THANKS for posting such a pert-e gal!

Sid Gally, e-mail, 08.10.2010 21:27

I once took a sightseeing flight over Santa Catalina Island in a Dolphin. The cost was a penny a pound and I paid $1.10. It left from the ramp at Hamilton Beach and took off and landed in the water.

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