McDonnell XP-67
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22.09.2023 00:26

Curtiss Eagle

21.09.2023 15:18

Yokosuka E14Y Glenn

19.09.2023 20:09

19.09.2023 20:06

18.09.2023 11:17

Antonov An-12

17.09.2023 10:14

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

17.09.2023 10:12

Antonov An-225 Mria

16.09.2023 17:17

Potez 840

16.09.2023 15:25

12.09.2023 19:54

12.09.2023 19:05

Canadair CL-44 "Forty Four"

12.09.2023 15:00

AAA Vision

11.09.2023 23:16

Curtiss Model 71 / SOC Seagull

11.09.2023 02:34

10.09.2023 19:33

09.09.2023 02:32

Convair 240

08.09.2023 22:19

07.09.2023 22:52

Rawdon T-1

07.09.2023 22:01

07.09.2023 05:49

05.09.2023 23:55

05.09.2023 18:41

Ponnier racer

03.09.2023 01:58

Curtiss-Wright CW-20 / C-46 Commando

02.09.2023 20:42

01.09.2023 22:58

Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

01.09.2023 18:57

29.08.2023 21:01

Vickers Valetta

27.08.2023 21:17

25.08.2023 11:24

25.08.2023 11:12

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Klaatu83, e-mail, 27.04.2013 00:31

This airplane had one other insurmountable problem: a poor choice of engines. The Continental IX-1430 engine delivered a lower power-to-weight ratio than either the contemporary Allison V-1710 or the Rolls-Royce Merlin. That was the main reason why the engine was never placed into mass production. McDonnell claimed that this plane would exceed 470 mph, while it actually barely exceeded 400. They might have completely re-designed the plane to take different engines, but by that time the Army Air Force nobody no longer really cared.

Sven, 19.02.2012 19:09

Its quite possible that all that blending contributed to overall drag.It certainly caused disturbed airflow over the tail surfaces to the extent that test pilots refused to spin it.Just looking at the 3 view is enough to tell you that its short of fin area.all that side area in front of the c/g and c/p needs a large emphenage.
Design of the nacelles was a problem for the prototype mossie.
As for stealth no. Same as the Horten concept, designers were seeking goals other than radar invisibility.

Terrence I. Murphy, e-mail, 19.02.2012 16:18

That top picture of the "Moonbat" may very well be the most beautiful black and white picture of an airplane I've ever seen.It captures all the spiritual essence of flight.

gary bailey, e-mail, 13.02.2012 06:08


Fog, e-mail, 07.01.2012 03:49

This was an intriguing looking aircraft. Resembles an even faster american-built Mosquito. Too bad it was never developed

Scott Williams, e-mail, 02.01.2011 20:40

If anyone could direct me to a good, accurate source of information on this aircraft, including dimensions, cross-sections, etc, it would be much appreciated. I am trying to develop plans for an electric powered R/C model.

TR6-Driver, e-mail, 26.12.2010 02:47

I agree with Speedy. There is no need for vulgarity on this site. Go to the porno sites for that!!! The XP-67 was in reality the first aircraft that employed Stealth Technology with its design. This plane is an important part of our Aviation History. I hope to do an R/C Model of this plan one day soon. Long Live Aviation!!!!

Paul Vincent, e-mail, 15.03.2010 18:07

A comment like that is obviously an Obozo voter!
And a Reid and Pelosi bootlicker.

John C Bontempo, e-mail, 31.12.2009 21:35

I think that you would be est advised to periodically check you comments like the one above Aero-Fox!

Speedy, e-mail, 24.04.2009 11:56

Why do vulgar fools have to show up every where these days?

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Aero-Fox, 11.03.2008 23:28

This aircraft had a unique exhaust-angling system designed to channel the exhaust at high speed, using it to increase thrust. The system did not work as planned, and the airframe was unstable to begin with...

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