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Dassault Rafale

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Piper PA-36 Pawnee Brave

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Junkers Ju 390

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Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

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Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

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Douglas AD (A-1) Skyraider

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PZL P.50 Jastrzab

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Ahrens AR-404

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North American AJ Savage

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Junkers Ju 290

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Convair B-36

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Bee Aviation Wee Bee

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Curtiss Eagle

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Frank Staglaino, e-mail, 24.05.2021 09:03

Stu hi.
do u still have N24A spares for sale .
send me a list .

jason, e-mail, 04.05.2021 00:40

Looking for a set of props please?

Jason, e-mail, 04.05.2021 00:38

Do you have a set of props?
What part numbers do you have for them?

JDC, e-mail, 13.10.2020 16:51

Hi, do you have these parts available?
3 ea Shimmy Damper 1/N-41-416
3 ea Damper Attachment Lever Assembly 1/N-41-403

db, e-mail, 08.03.2018 07:38

Flew both N22 and N24 in the Marshal Islands, maintenance nightmare, The Allison engines always making metal never made it to overhaul. No trim tabs, hands on flying all the time, no auto pilot, on long ocean trips. Very tiring. Nice view from the cockpit, oh and when loading make sure tail stand is in place, saw a couple in Guam on their butt...great idea, originally supposed to have PT6 but they got Allison's not a good engine for this airplane at all.

John A Garrison Jr, e-mail, 04.12.2017 16:05

Hi Gents,
I flew these aircraft for Air New Orleans, operating as Continental Commuter for a bit, in the late '80s. We had one N22 and 5 N24s...I liked the aircraft, especially the 22. It seemed like you could land it on a postage stamp. It was somewhat slow, however, and that little Allison had a tendency to want to make ice in the inlet on climb out, even in clear air, and it was slow. But the viz from the cockpit was great, and I felt that it would have been more at home in the outback. I liked to fly them, though...they were fun.

Stu Witt, e-mail, 17.10.2017 16:38

Hi,I have a N24a nomad, have a few part to sell, if anyone is interested. Thanks

TORBJÖRN KAMPE, e-mail, 06.05.2017 17:38

It's no fun that such a good aircraft is not left.
If you see how Australia looks, you're wondering
Why put down such a good aircraft that is adapted to
Australian Foreground. Big mistake of the Ausral state.

Stuart Lee, e-mail, 24.07.2016 17:01

Tom there's a N24 in the Australian Aviation Trader

Tom Bush, e-mail, 16.04.2016 06:53

does anyone know of any Nomads for sale anywhere. If so would appreciate any details please

Oby., 13.04.2016 12:39

Regarding the following comment by Ron, 07.02.2014- "There was a known problem involving fatigue cracking in the rear of the fuselage. The Australian Army stopped doing the regular crack checks required and when one inevitably crashed because of a large unseen crack they looked to blame the designers.", the Australian Army did not stop doing the required inspection!! The Nomad that crashed because of the fatigue crack was never operated by the Army and was operated by the RAAF.

TORBJÖRN KAMPE, e-mail, 18.10.2015 22:37

it's not fun to such a good aircraft does not remain in office long.
a good aircraft for the RAAF and RFDs.
not fun for Australia.

Stu Witt, e-mail, 22.08.2015 17:47

Hi, I have just purchased a nomad n22, I have many parts available that are for sale, 3-sets of wings, plus a whole tail section, and the whole landing gear, and nose gear, you may cantact me at my email if interested, Thanks

Sandy McLeod, e-mail, 05.11.2014 20:43

Looking for parts regarding Nomad N-22
please contact with available parts list.Pricing
My thanks

Ron, e-mail, 07.02.2014 13:18

The crash at Avalon occurred when investigating the edges of the flight envelope. There was concern over a potential flutter problem under some flight conditions. The aircraft was put through maneuvers to see when flutter occurred. In this case it was initiated but the pilot was unable to regain control before impact. I don't know at what altitude the tests were done at - there is an official report somewhere.

Ron, e-mail, 07.02.2014 13:11

There was a known problem involving fatigue cracking in the rear of the fuselage. The Australian Army stopped doing the regular crack checks required and when one inevitably crashed because of a large unseen crack they looked to blame the designers. Fatigue cracks occur in most aircraft, particularly military ones. Inspection and repair/replacement processes keep them flying for decades.
Carelessness, cost cutting and ignorance kills.

Irwin, e-mail, 04.09.2013 04:40

Hi My company operates 2 Nomads here in looking for spares and anyone of you out there who might have any spares/seals or knows where I could obtain these spares from, please let me know, thanks guys....

Dave Whiteman, e-mail, 16.07.2013 15:28

I flew Nomad VH-ELN as co-pilot, with Vic Walton as PIC, back in 1977 when we took it to New Zealand on a demo tour for 2 weeks. I have some images of the aircraft on my Flickr site if anyone is interested. Vic operated an N22 at Aquatic Airways at Palm Beach for a while. A great aircraft for what it was designed for.

Ismael E. Tan, e-mail, 22.02.2013 15:23

I am dealing with the Philippine Air Force which operates the N-22 Nomad aircraft. I am being asked to supply them needed parts for this aircraft. Where could I buy these parts? Thank you.

Roger Hart, e-mail, 25.10.2012 08:03

I saw a few down near Tucson being scrapped near the Davis Monthan Boneyard about 6 years ago, had to shed a tear seeing our beloved Aussie Nomad in bits so far from home, at least it was sharing space with a Viscount nose and cockpit

Robert Leavitt, e-mail, 15.10.2012 07:02

A number of these were broken up at the Henderson Executive Airport, near Las Vegas, Nevada, some years back.

Steve Bensen, e-mail, 26.04.2012 15:09

The test pilot's name was Glen Donovan - a great bloke - I think the elevator detached and he went in inverted. Bloody tragedy, one of the nicest blokes you would ever meet and a good operator.

Barry, e-mail, 24.04.2012 06:44

In the early 70s I was a photographer in the RAAF and had to fly to adelaide to photograph a camera installation in an army queenair.I flew in a RAAF Nomad and the pilot let me take the controls I actually flew all the way there and back except for the T/O and landing.
I had never flown before but knew the basics.
I was with the research and development unit in the RAAF at Laverton.
We did a lot of work with the Nomad trials and I think that a senior test pilot sadly was killed when the one crashed.
I enjoyed the flight to and from Adelaide it enabled the pilot sitting beside me to write his report It was tiring as there was no auto pilot but a memorable event

Bevin, e-mail, 09.01.2012 02:23

I am surprised that no one has mentioned that the Nomad was used by the Australian Army for a while but in late 70's suffered a fatal crash, on landing approach I think. The investigation found that the tail plane/elevators were fluttering (then separated I think).
The investigation report stated the designers had analysed the structure for flutter but had used a mathematical approximation (Runge Cutter method) and a full mathematical analysis.

I don't know what mods were carried out to correct the fault. Shortly afterwards, the Army Nomads were given to Indonesia I think.

Rick Bennett, e-mail, 22.12.2011 12:27

I had the very great pleasure of being the pilot on the very first commercial aircraft to actually carry PAYING PASSENGERS in the Nomad. We started a Company in Wewak PNG flying into the interior of PNG and across the boarder into Irian Jaya.
Lots of fun and games....could land anywhere with a full load...and takeoff with half a load !! We did earthquake relief in Irian Jaya for the UN and MAF for 6 months in 1976. MAF liked the aircraft so much they bought one !!

Sumpy, e-mail, 19.12.2011 10:45

The "experts" in Canberra put the thumbs down for the RAAF because of a simple thing which was easily fixed. I forget what it was as it was a long time ago. Does anyone know what??

cap.josé arcos, e-mail, 01.10.2011 23:03

hello i need information over this airplane the price and status.

Anton in RSA, e-mail, 07.07.2011 13:19

From different site's comments, I gather that the Twotter was great. Now how the blazes can it be that the Twotter is highly regarded, the Nomad got into tighter situations with destinction, loved by those that has lots of experience piloting it and refered to as junk from other?

Nomad would be very nice with a fixed wheel config for roughrer strips seeing Africa is opening up for feeders.

GA8 is very well regarded in SA with lots of idoling.

Indications are GA10 will be suitably priced and is awaited with great market anticipation.

Keep well All.

Barry, 02.06.2011 14:42

As noted the Australian goverment announced in 2001 that they were giving up support of the Nomad, but fortunately GippAir took over design authority and are about to launch the GA18 Airvan. This is a very much revised Nomad with new engines and a glass cockpit.

NOEL SELETTO, e-mail, 19.05.2011 01:39


Tom, e-mail, 18.05.2011 01:59

I fly with Air Safaris in NZ on the N24 Nomad, they are a fantastic aircraft and do the job extremely well! Quite exciting having confirmation of the new GA18 Airvan. It will be an exciting future. Would have loved it if they kept the name Nomad tho.

Greg Bland, e-mail, 15.05.2011 12:59

Very Interesting. Was a DCA Aviation Firefighter various places around AUSTRALIA. Saw a number of them flying in various places. One type that is not mentioned is the Search Master derivative. I know of one company that flew one out of Archerfield in the early 80's. Will agree with the comment above about the line drawing being probably of the N24.

Paul, e-mail, 24.04.2011 18:39

The Nomad is FAA cert. they have been flown buy US customs and other people there. there are still some flying in Asia and New zealand. They are about to be put back into production in Australia they are going to make a N24 model again it will be called the GA18.

Marcelo Alomía, e-mail, 02.04.2011 21:54

Dear Sir,
I've seen the versatility of N22C and a friend has one in Paraguay and is very happy with the performance of the plane, I wonder if this is certified FAA, I am interested to buy two for Ecuador SA, knows who has aircraft for sale.

John Kermond, e-mail, 25.03.2011 03:17

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority contracted a NOMAD for reef surveillance. I flew a number of times (1982-4) in the plane and was on board when we intercepted a Taiwanese vessel inside the reef. After hours of covert surveillance, we guided the Navy into the reef to make the arrest. A great aircraft!

David, e-mail, 27.02.2011 00:00

I owned & operated Nomad N60PA - s/n N24a-96 back in the 1980's. I have several small airframe spare parts left. Most are new, but because of no existing purchase history, they are NOT certified for US use. Will sell cheap providing purchaser signs a Notarized hold harmless.

Frank Smith, e-mail, 08.02.2011 13:11

I was part of the experimental team that buit the first 2 Nomads.I also modified PNGDF Nomads with Omega Navigation , multi mode Radar and long range tanks Whilst I was T Civil in Moorabin. If anyone has any questions about the construction etc, I am sure I could assist you.

John Quigley, e-mail, 20.12.2010 10:03

Odd there's no mention about the Nomad floatplane. I flew in one about 1985
from Rose Bay Sydney to the Berowa Waters Restuarant one Saturday for a lunch
about a twenty minute flight north and a very hairt take off climbing steeply
up and over a hill top out of the narrow valley that contained the inlet that we
had landed in. A fantastic experience and a great lunch. Regards, great site!

cap.jose arcos, e-mail, 02.12.2010 17:38


Peter, e-mail, 28.10.2010 00:35

There is no way an N 22 can carry 17 pax. 10 at most unless they are midgets. N24 could carry up to 16 over short stages.

Hornlanda, e-mail, 17.07.2009 22:43

Nomad N22B takeoff 600 ft landing 250 ft

Gregg Munday, e-mail, 16.01.2009 22:40

Hi I'm interested in the tak off and landing disstance of the GAF Nomad N22B

Mike Clayton, e-mail, 06.12.2008 02:14

How many examples of the NGA Gippsland Nomdad N24 airplanes, by way of 'intended orders'from both Curry-Kenny Aviation & Airfreight Solutions of Bathusrts in New South Wales, have been received so far?
I guess that the Curry-Kenny order/s will be for it's > Slingair subsidiary airline, over in Western Australia?
MTIA for any/all help
In aviantology
Mike Clayton S W O P & E & O E

Kevin, 29.09.2008 06:44

I think the 3-view line drawing is actually of the N24 (longer fuselage) version and not the N22.

Darryl Gibbs, e-mail, 01.04.2008 04:08

Moktar, Gippsland Aeronautics have purchased all rights to the Nomad from Boeing and will be providing support for them.

I have a list of all the Nomads built at if anyone is interested.

Richard Ong, e-mail, 25.08.2007 13:34

Dear Sir,

I fly a GAF Model N22C Serial Number 95 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Please advise me of the best ways (1. Drag Strut, Nose Oleo Leg, Nose Gear Cradle, shimmy damper or any partes of the nose gear steering mechanism) to solve nosewheel oscillations. It has beed a constant problem which our maintenance department is trying to find ways to solve.

Thank you and best regards from us.

Richard S. L. Ong
P1 of 9M-LLI (Malaysian Registration) Previously Registered in Australia as VH-SNL.

Richard, e-mail, 13.07.2007 08:19

Try contacting Moorabin airport, Victoria, Australia.
I think they still have some there.

Also more info here

ross, e-mail, 04.06.2007 01:12

need detailed pictures

Moktar, e-mail, 22.05.2007 07:50

After 30 June 2007 who shall provide the ad support there on.?

Augusto de Leуn Fajardo, e-mail, 05.04.2007 20:59

I saw a GAF Nomad in service in PanamaÒ‘s Paetilla airport in may 1969. It was mainly used to carry tourists to/from Contadora Island, in the pacific ocean. The pilotÒ‘s comments on the aircraft were very, very appreciative...
Yours is a great site. Carry on the good work.
Augusto de Leуn Fajardo

Patrick Kwan, e-mail, 29.01.2007 08:28

WE have a Nomad N22B, S/No: N22B-7 belongs to Sabah Air Pte Ltd In Malaysia, we would like to know what is the Fuel Consumption of the aircraft, fitted with Rolls-Royce 250-B17B engines on it.

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