Republic F-84 "Thunderjet"
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Grumman AF-2 Guardian

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Ilyushin IL-76

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Boeing B-50

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Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk

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Canadair CL-41 "Tutor"

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Douglas DC-4 / C-54

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North American AJ Savage

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Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI

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Junkers Ju 390

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Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 Sparviero

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Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

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Short 360

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Handley Page H.P.67 Hastings

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Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

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Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar

Aron Block, e-mail, 27.01.2023 00:07

I was crew chief on F84 aircraft at Taegu Korea 1953-54. Great guys and memories

Rich Bowman, e-mail, 21.08.2022 23:02

This is a bit of a late reply, but I just read your post.
My Dad was an F-84F Special Delivery 'driver' out of RAF Woodbridge back in the 50's. We were there (I was 2 yrs old) for 2 yrs. I believe we were there from '57-'59 ...

George Clapham, e-mail, 28.03.2021 11:43

I knew your father in Korea and at Luke., e-mail, 10.03.2015 05:05

Albert Marcello:
My father Major Andrew Martin was commander of the 80th FBS at Kadena AFB, Okinawa from October 1954 to Dec. 1, 1954 when his F-84G caught fire 7 miles out from Kadena on return from a training mission to the Taiwan Strait. The 80th Fighter Squadron Headhunters is an active F-16 squadron at Suwon South Korea. The Headhunters have a very active association and website. You can write me at for more information.

Albert Marcello, e-mail, 08.01.2015 23:14

I was in Kadena Okinawa with the 80th FBS. 55-57.
Worked on the F84G as an Instrument Mec. Love to hear from
others from the 80th

Ken Robinson, e-mail, 14.10.2013 02:26

I can get Neil Simmons( Sav Ga Air Guard 116th F-B Wing
158 th) pictures from Korea F-84 Republic planes pictures FS 562-C, FS 524-B,FS-502-B, FS-691-A, FS 492-B , FS-115-?, FS-115-?
if any one is interested. K

Aaron Block, e-mail, 24.07.2013 07:21

I began my relationship with the F84 working for Republic Aviation, Farmingdale New York. Then enlisted in the USAF June 1952 literally shipped out on the USS Marine Serpent in February '53 and stationed at K2 Taegu 311th Fighter Bomber Squadron as Crew Chief on F84G until war's end.

Barry, 30.04.2013 18:30

F84G was the dedicated tactical fighter bomber version which was capable of taking the Mk7 free fall tactical nuclear bomb. These aircraft were stationed in the U.K. at R.A.F. Bentwaters and Woodbridge. I suppose really it's a good thing really that the ballon didn't go up with these things lopping "nukes" at "commie" tank formations.

liltootiemae@aol, e-mail, 08.03.2013 03:26

Worked on f84g as mech 55 -57 at kadena, okinawa. Love the aircraft.

Dan Quinn, e-mail, 28.11.2011 20:46

My father flew F-80s and F-84s from 1952 to 1958 in Korea and then Special Weapons Delivery at Luke. Does anyone remember John (Jack) T Quinn? If so, Please contact one of his sons,Dan Quinn, at Thank you.

Klaatu, e-mail, 26.06.2011 16:09

"JERRY THOMPSON,, 19.01.2010
Poor display of this aircraft, picture is of F-84g, and 3-view is a F-84F, a completely differant plane. Should have covered both airplanes."

Very true. In fact, there were so many different permutations of the F-84 that it would take an entire book to describe them all!

hualunjia, 18.06.2011 11:01

Even landed two on a taxi way and one on the infield. It was total havoc, but we got them all down safely. The 84's did the dirty work, and the 86's got the credit.

Glenn Groh, e-mail, 01.06.2011 19:23

Correction, I was there until January 1953, not 1952

Glenn Groh, e-mail, 01.06.2011 19:13

I was a control tower operator at K2 from Nov. 1951 throught
Jan. 1952. The 84's I remember are not those pictured. I think that they were D's, then later E's. Clearly remember the take-off problems relative to the "hill". This was especially true during summer, when they had jet assist, not the right name, but don't remember. They would take off two abreast like every 5-10 seconds. The runway would be completely shrouded in a cloud, and I would pray to God that someone would not abort. I was also the tower operator during the bombing raid on the Yalu. Probably 80 or so aircraft returning, low on fuel, some shot up, some emergencies. Even landed two on a taxi way and one on the infield. It was total havoc, but we got them all down safely. The 84's did the dirty work, and the 86's got the credit.

Dick Snyder, e-mail, 23.05.2011 21:42

Republic aircraft never got proper recognition .The company must not have had good P.R. for whatever reason. I flew both the "G" and "F"

chance, 12.04.2011 21:56

you know what carlos you can suck my cock pit

Charles J Wirt, e-mail, 08.03.2011 20:28

I was a crew chief on 51-1328 at Misawa 57-58.

Joe, e-mail, 25.02.2011 23:33

The 3-view is not an F-84G!

Jim Robinson, e-mail, 26.01.2011 04:58

Would you be interested in a photo I took of F-84F on the tarmac at RAF Station Sculthorpe? Also a couple photos I took of B45s at Sculthorpe. Both taken in 1956. If so, where can I email them to?

Bob Paret, e-mail, 19.12.2010 00:36

Pilot 8th FBS, 49th FBGp, 1952 K2 Korea, 100 Mission F84E & G, Member of the 49th Ftr Gp Association. PO Box 52407, Mesa, AZ 85208-0102. Reunion with Friends. Crew Chiefs, A/C Maintenance, Armament Guys were great.

ralph carter, e-mail, 14.10.2010 19:41

worked on this plane aqt 9th fb in japan and 80th fb in okinawa. 54-55

Carl(Los) Bancroft, e-mail, 03.10.2010 16:32

When Guard and Reserve was called up in 1961 in response to the Berlin Wall the aircraft was the F84F swept wing. Several squardrons were involved.

Don Robison 9TH FBS., e-mail, 23.09.2010 03:55

I flew the F-84E and G on 100 missions from Taegu Airbase.
Heaviest takeoff weight was with four external fuel tanks
on a search mission. Took all the 10,000 feet of runway
and barely made it over BUST YOUR HILL. Logged 3+15.

S/Sgt Cloyd E. Greer, e-mail, 17.09.2010 00:55

I was a member of the 27th Fighter Escort Wing and worked in the 4015th maintence Dock as a A/C mech.
the 27th was first to fly thuinder jets in Korea 1950-51

GARY BEDINGER, 22.07.2010 07:01


Tom Stopski, e-mail, 18.02.2010 21:00

I flew the F84G model in gunnery school at Luke, AFB, AZ in 1953...a very stable aircraft..great firing platform and a pleasure to fly. Later at Langley AFB flew the F84F model...a totally differnt aircraft....always felt like I was directing it while it took me for a ride, however, for the mission we were assigned, nuke delivery, it performed well enough. Also found out that it was a well built airframe if you had to put one down other than on a runway!

JERRY THOMPSON, e-mail, 19.01.2010 02:16

Poor display of this aircraft, picture is of F-84g, and 3-view is a F-84F, a completely differant plane. Should have covered both airplanes.

Earl Rebello, e-mail, 05.01.2010 17:47

I was a crew chief at K2,the 9th FBS/49FBW on F-84E& F-84G's .I crewed FS-675,FS-367,& FS-478, our mission was to bomb and straff and doing so we lost quite a few aircraft to ground fire.The F-84 was strong and easy to work on and our pilots were great. K2 was at Taegu Air Base

Bob Gilbreath, e-mail, 20.03.2009 05:29

I was a crew chief on one of these aircraft in K-2 Korea
July 1952-July 1953. 58th Fighter Bomber wing, 69th Fighter Bomber Squadron. They hauled a lot of bombs to the
War front and bombed a lot of bridges.A lot of Great Guys
Piloting those planes and not much recognition.

Gene CODY, 17.07.08, e-mail, 17.07.2008 19:17

Aircraft flown by pilots of the 27th Fighter Wing in Korean War from December 1950 through June 1951 attacking ground targets and in support of ground forces. Unit later was equipped with the F-84F swept wing aircraft.

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