Convair F-102 Delta Dagger
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MICHAEL A ELLER, e-mail, 03.05.2024 23:33

I also was stationed at the 82nd FIS at Portland International Airpport, Oregon....337th CAMRON. Went to California in preparation for the trip Tom Inguagiatomade made. , stayed at Naha AFB with F-102s from '63 to '69 when the Tripple Nickel F4C took over for awhile. I sstarted out as a 150 day TDY, went to full length, then extended a year.

Anonymous, 03.05.2024 09:15

Was with the 509th, July 66 to early 1968
Did 1 TDY to Udorn and 2 to Bien Hoa.

Geoff Atkinson, e-mail, 09.11.2023 01:00

Tom hi, I just saw this post. Is there any way I can speak to you about it. I'm researching a plane crash that happened in 1968 and this may be relevant, Geoff

Don Gray, e-mail, 24.08.2023 05:39

Don, just killing time tonight and came across your e-mail on a Clark AFB site, been a long time since I talked to you. Are you still in the Marshalltown area.

Anonymous, 19.05.2023 16:36

Tom,tried to contact you several times. A1c Steven Roberts

Don Henry, e-mail, 21.02.2023 02:42

Jim, just now returned to this website, forgot I even posted on it. I don't remember wearing a helmet so would love to see the picture.

GENE, e-mail, 09.03.2022 02:30


Jerome Nordskog, e-mail, 06.01.2022 01:25

I served a 15 month duty at Goose Bay 59th FIS
IN 1961-62..

Rob Skinner, e-mail, 09.12.2021 01:53

My father, Bob Skinner, did two tours with the 82nd at Travis, first flying 86es, later 102s. I think he was there when you were. You might remember a Deuce that caught fire on takeoff. He was able to zoom for enough altitude to make it back around and land. Close call. Could have been a disaster for Fairfield. Didn't mention it to my Mom. Small detail. She found out from one of the wives at a reception that night.
Thanks for posting.

Rob Skinner, e-mail, 09.12.2021 01:02

My father, Major/LtCol Bob Skinner was with the 59th at The Goose shortly before deactivation. He was CO very briefly prior to end of tour. I think his replacement was a Full Bird who carried out the shutdown. I'd appreciate any details you could provide.

Thanks for keeping track.

Rob Skinner

johnny carrouth, e-mail, 08.02.2020 17:44

I recently came across a picture of the entire 59th FIS at Goose Bay made in 1966. That was the year we deactivated the 59th. I would be willing to share this photo with any interested parties.

John Pearson, e-mail, 26.02.2018 05:07

To Chuck Gilbert,
was stationed at Richards Gebaur AFB from late 1962 until early 1964. I worked on the MG-10 radar fire control system on the F102. On May 13, 1963 I had just left the flight line and while driving back to the radar shop I heard a loud explosion and saw a large smoke column on the other side of the hangers between the runway and the road I was on. Everything was in out of control and I could not return to the flight line.
We were in the midst of an ORI ( organizational readiness inspection) and had to act as if we were under attack. Your father was on alert and had to be in the air within 5 minutes of the notice of an enemy target in the area (test). What we were told was that on take off his plane had some kind of malfunction and nosed up and stalled. He ejected while the plane was vertical and did not make it.
I do know that he was one of our best pilots and he was missed. Also I was and still am sorry for his loss. He was the only pilot we lost in my assignments at Richards Gebaur, Clark AB, Danang, Saigon and Bangkok.
I hope this gives you some feeling of what happened and some information you want about your fathers death.
John Pearson, 05.06.2017 22:41

Comm/nav tech on 102s in Goose Bay 1961-1963. 59th FIS. Anyone else in that area then?

Eddie P. Duff JR, e-mail, 19.05.2017 00:42

I was assigned to 509th FIS in 1966/1967, crew chief on the F-102A and the F-102F two seater. Worked on the FltLine and phase docks. Transfered to the 64th FIS and went TDY to Danang (Alert Missions). Live in the Gun Fighters Village. We went through mant Motar attacks. We lost several acft on the fltline, to include: C-141, F-4 Phantom. I remmember, "Shaky", the C-124 that always parked at in of the Fltline. If anyone remmeber me there, please contact me.

Terry Soterhou, e-mail, 03.04.2017 20:56

I remember this incident very well. If anyone would like to discuss please feel free to reach out.
@ Nick Guzman and Chuck Gilbert, I would really like to speak with you.
425 345 0402

Rock Roszak, e-mail, 03.04.2017 16:40

We've just published a digital book titled "F-102 Delta Dagger in Detail & Scale". I'm now working on another book titled "Colors & Markings of the F-102 Delta Dagger." This book will have a section on every squadron that flew the Deuce. Anyone who can contribute usable photos of the F-102 to any squadron section will get my thanks and a free copy of the digital publication when it becomes available. You can email me at

Dallas Smith, e-mail, 08.03.2017 00:14

For Jerry Doty: I met your father at Travis when I was with the 25thAD IG. I was later stationed with him at Naha, Nha Trang and Perrin. Contact me and I can give you lots on your Dad.

Robert Stoeckel bluebark67@gma, e-mail, 04.02.2017 04:07

Greetings to all. I am looking for people who knew or met my father Capt. Charels G. Stoeckel. I think they called him Curly. He flew F-102's for the 64FIS but his history in the military goes back to his days at West Point. If this name rings a bell and you have a story or two to tell...actually anything...I would love to it

tom mandziara, e-mail, 26.12.2016 03:32

1966 with 64th FIS December 1966,we were playing war games with a navy carrier going back to states,we lost a f102 with a head on collision with a navy plane ,,never seen that reported in the f102 book listing all f102s seen one f102 shown downed over south Vietnam same date think that how they coverd that up,,i was a f102 crewchief a1c worked on 102s for 4yrs from perrin afb texas to paine field wa, to clark pi

Garry Wallen, e-mail, 16.12.2016 06:29

Message for Gary Childress.... Gary, I say your entry on here and would love to get in touch with you.. I hope you check back on here... You and I and Gary McEldowney worked together at Travis in ther 82nd and then McEldowney and I shipped over seas to Clark... I hope you get this and we can get back in touch... that would be awesome... my E-mail is hope to hear from you..

Thomas E. Crews, e-mail, 29.09.2016 08:53

Michael Flannagan, I was at Perrin the same time as you 63-66. Worked in "F" flight and played softball for OMS. Would like to hear from you, contact me at:

Thomas E. Crews, e-mail, 29.09.2016 08:44

I was a Crew Chief on a TF-102A at Perrin from 1963-66, had a TDY to Korat Thailand in 65 then back to Perrin. I worked out of "F" flight 4780th OMS on the flight line. I read what Grady Howell wrote about run-up and taxi and taking the Duce to the run-up pad, it was a blast to run at full military power, then kick it in afterburner. You could feel the strain at Full power, then AB kicked in, the nose would come up for a second, then hang on, you hoped those cables would hold, boy what a ride! Calling the Tower to get permission to cross the run-ways, "Perrin Tower maintenance F-102 request permission to cross East and West run-ways", they would call back " maintenance F-102 clear to cross the East, hold short of the West". Going across hold the brakes down, increase power and let off the breaks, getting the nose/wheel in the air,(not that I would have done something like that}. Never forget my time at Perrin! Oh yea, One of the guys said they on their squadron softball team, I played for OMS, Maj. Hammer Sq. Commander love the softball team. I would love to hear from anyone that was there during 63-66 contact me:

Gary Childress, e-mail, 15.01.2016 18:15

I worked the F-102s when stationed with the 82nd FIS from 1963 until 1966 as a hydraulic mechanic. The aircraft were modified with an extra LOX converter and a refueling boom and then we deployed to NAHA AFB in Okinawa in 1966. I believe we had around 25 aircraft. I was discharged from the Air Force in 1966. I later made a trip back to Okinawa in the 80s to Kadena AFB. I met a avionics tech that married an Okinawan and told me that in 1972 when Okinawa was returned back to Japan the aircraft were abandoned in place and all of them were cut up and salvaged.

Martin Schott, e-mail, 20.11.2015 13:55

It is 3 years since KEMMEL H OWEN left his comment for 56-1072 in this forum, but I still would like to ask.
During my first visit in USA I saw 56-1072 in a hangar at Tyndall AFB in June 1985. It remained the only 'living' F-102 for me ever, and I had no chance taking a pricture. All other F-102 I saw where withdrawn already. I would love having a photo of its last flight ;o)

If this message still reaches you ... thank you in advance!!

Best regards

Arthur Frank, e-mail, 04.10.2015 17:02

I was a crew chief on the F-102A at Paine Field in 65-66. We were sent to Guam AFB when the 64th was sending the aircraft to Clark AFB using Guam as a transfer site. We landed in Clark AFB in June 1966. I left the 64th FIS to crew B-57s with the 8Th TBS with TDY to Phan Rang RVN July 66 until Dec 1967.

George Sterpka, e-mail, 09.07.2015 22:15

Went to Tech school at Lowry AFB, CO for 8 months instruction on the MG3-10-13 AWCS. I worked both mock-up and flight line on the Deuces , first in the 601st CAMS at McGuire AFB, NJ. From there worked at the 525 FIS, Bitburg AB, Germany. Back to the states to Tyndall AFB, FL. Spent many, many hours in the Florida sun working the Deuces. Enjoyed a couple William Tell comps. From Tyndall I went to Suffolk County AFB, Westhampton Beach, NY. There I transitioned to the F-101 Voodoo interceptors. Then back to working on the Deuce at Keflavik AB, Iceland from 1968 to 1969. That was the last time I saw the Deuce. Went on to work on the F-106A/B Delta Dart.

Terry Soterhou, e-mail, 19.04.2015 06:46


Terry Soterhou, e-mail, 19.04.2015 06:46


Terry Soterhou, e-mail, 19.04.2015 06:43


Chuck Gilbert chevchuc@gmail., e-mail, 25.03.2015 11:11

Hi,my Dad was Capt.Jules A.Gilbert.He proudly flew in Rome,NY ,Elmendorf,AK and was sadly lost at Richards-Gebaur May 13 ,1963. Would love to hear from anyone about him or these duty stations...Thank you!

fred bell, e-mail, 21.03.2015 00:39

Does anyone know of any F-102 crash sites in CA?

Dick Jenkins, e-mail, 27.01.2015 19:47

I guess our only claim to fame regarding the Delta Dagger was that we were one of the first fighter interceptor squadrons to operate using the F-102A. We were the 317th F.I.S. then stationed at McChord AFB. I arrived after completing Fire Control Systems Mechanic school at Lowry AFB in late 1955. When I arrived at McChord both the 317th and 318th F.I.S. were flying F-86Ds and we were patiently awaiting delivery of our deuces from Convair. Our C.O. was Walter O. Beane. Having received our full complement of birds we moved PCS to Elmendorf AFB in October of 1956. New, never before used barracks and chow hall awaited us and we occupied the south end of runway 34. In 1958, sporting a snappy paint job complete with the 317th squadron patch on the forward electronics bay doors we took part in the William Tell Missile Meet which we won. It would not be the last time the 317th brought home the Hughes Trophy. Names that come to mind for 59 years ago are M/Sgts Easterly, Gross, Charlie Wilson, CWO Earl Nash, fellow 32251F airmen, Ted N. Williams, Rbt. G Buttenhoff, Fred W. Benninghoffen, Bill Krueger, Ned Pier, Ray Drew, Lou Espinoza, Harry Karasuchi, Wally Buda, Charlie Fedderwicz, Glenn and Gary Debbin. Col. Beane Jr. passed away in Florida at age 72 in October of 1992.

If you wish to contact me hopefully my registered email address will be provided to you. I will check back periodically.

sean barrett, e-mail, 26.01.2015 22:12

Did any aircraft have a martin baker seat in it ?

Greg Gadd, e-mail, 25.01.2015 08:36

Was in 509th 1967/1969, did normal rotations to Thailand ect as a crew chief. Had a pretty damn good time with all the folks I worked with. Great squadron parties as I recall. Went back to Luke and returned to Ubon in 1972. Back to Luke and finished out my 8 years.

Jim Tallon, e-mail, 16.01.2015 17:19

Message for Don Henry, If you were S/sgt Henry, I remember you, was there at the same time you were, think I still have a picture of you with helmet on..If you get this call 803-968-2312 or E-Mail

Jim Tallon, e-mail, 17.11.2014 22:29

I was the crew chief on F-102A--tail #968 in 1967 & 1968 in the 64th FIS Sq. 405th FW. Stationed at Clark PI. DaNang VM, and Thailand,, there are about 25 of us that still stay in touch and even have had two reunions, if you would like to get in touch with us call 803-968-2312 have a list of us all-- Great acft-- got two flts in the TF-102, great flying Bird. Was also Stationed with the 57th FIS, in Iceland 1971, I like that bird.

Rich Emery, e-mail, 16.11.2014 02:56

I was stationed at Clark AB with the 64th FIS on the F102 and went TDY to Da Nang in 1967 &1968. Worked with a great group of men and loved my F102 with tail # 167. That's the only numbers I remember. It was a great plane to be a crew chief on.

Walt Steading, e-mail, 04.09.2014 03:35

I went TDY from 509th FIS, Clark to Kissahrazoo (spelling),Japan.Took 102s off barges & assembled them. Test flts. had to land at Yakota No aborting after take-off role(short run-way.)Acft. went to many bases from Yakato. WAs called back to PI; to crew Commanders acft (56-1140) Red & white checker board paintd on nose)

Terry Mccaffrey, e-mail, 29.08.2014 09:52

I was a crew chief on the F102 with the 509th and 64th FIS at Clark. I did TDY's to all our cites in VN and Thailand .and a mod program at Naha. From 1966 to 1968. The F102 was a great AC.

Levent Basara, e-mail, 26.02.2014 14:18

Hi,is there anybody who took part at the ferry flights of F-102s to Turkey in 1968-69? Any kind of data will be highly welcomed. Currently working on a book about the Turkish Air Force F-102 history.

Jetcopters Inc., e-mail, 17.02.2014 03:06

We used this plane many times in the war. We even shot down an F/A-XX.

Don Blodgett, e-mail, 17.02.2014 03:03

Was in Clark,Nov.1966-March 1968,405th FMS Jet Mech.with the 64th & 509th & B-57s. DaNang, Phan Rang, Udorn. Loved working with the 64th, great bunch of guys. Tent A-7 wasn't bad either.

Johnny Carrouth, e-mail, 27.12.2013 01:20

I went through 102 training at Perrin in 1965. Flew the Deuce at Goose Bay until a high altitude sickness incident in a T-33 cost me my flying status. Became the 59 FIS Field Maintenance Officer until we closed the 59th in Dec 1966. What a great bird to fly!

HanknNoel, e-mail, 16.11.2013 18:02

I was an airbourn nav tech at Niagara Fall AFB 27th FIS I was the tech maintaining the tacan ils glide slope gear for the f102 dagger and the f106 at caribou main was working at Niagara when the f102 crashed when the hydraulics failed on the flight controls

Frank Sanocki, e-mail, 15.11.2013 23:25

I deployed with the 64 FIS from Paine Field Wa to Clark AB and was on the first deployment to Da Nang with these planes. We had 4 planes on alert immediately and then we built a bar and alert quarters.

Tom Inguagiato, e-mail, 02.11.2013 03:48

I was with the 82nd FIS from '63 to'66 including the
big move to Naha! We flew in a C-130 Travis-Hickam-Wake-
Naha. It was a great time in my life....We maintained
the air/air Falcon missiles, heat and radar types.

Nick Guzman, e-mail, 07.05.2013 00:40

Bill:I remember the incident very well. It was #844, crew chief named Criddle, pilot Capt Gilbert. I remember you too. I was there from 59 to 65. Happiiest time out my 30 years.

Richard Hiam, e-mail, 21.04.2013 17:15

Worked on the MG-10 FCS at Truax field, Madison WI 1958-1960. Loved the work. I used to sit in the cockpit after testing the system and thumb thru the pilot's manual. My room mate ran the simulator and he said, "Don't you try it! Everybody crashes the simulator the first time." Our Co was Captain Eades. Oh yes, Warrant Officer Crawford ran our piece of the action. He always wore his field cap awry, but it was his trademark. Good man. After I musterred out, I got a job in the SAGE building with AT&T. Just couldn't leave Truax.

Bob Quinn, e-mail, 11.04.2013 21:17

I had the pleasure of working on the F-102A as a Pneudraulic Repairman at Seymour Johnson AFB -482nd FIS-1964/65. I also worked the F-101B and the F-100B/C. I still have a great affection for the F-102A.

Richard (Dick) Vedas, e-mail, 25.02.2013 01:39

I was a 32251F radar tech,496th FIS Hahn AB.As everyone knows the most common thing out, radar out! Hahn was cold rainy,foggy,just plain nasty weather.TDY anywhere was my motto,I tried to go on every one.Madrid every December and January two weeks each TDY.Any 322 radar troop will tell you about the two headed pig known as a TF 102A,what a nightmare to work on,trying to get the rails qualified with WESM's! Always make sure you have counter balance air when removing canopy jack!I was at Hahn May 1965- May 1968
Then back to my favorite Voodoo's 322nd FIS Kingsley,out Oct 68.

Mike Ferros, e-mail, 21.02.2013 02:31

I was stationed at CLARK AFB in the PI and assigned to the 509th FIS as a 27150 (dispatcher) back in '62 through'64 as an EM...It was a great duty station and I was fortunate to be associated with some the finest pilots I have ever served with. During that time, our F-102's had the skull in the desert with a rose growing from the eye cavity painted on the tail except when we went TDY to Vietnam, it was painted over until the A/C returned to Clark.
With inspiration from some of the pilots, I used the GI bill for flight training for my multi, inst and rotor craft ratings after discharge and made a career with my home state flying mostly SAR. I'll always have good memories of those pilots and the Duce...Which btw is still my favorite fighter/interceptor.

Clifford Maddy, e-mail, 07.01.2013 02:34

1956 ASIGNED TO 323RD FIS 325th FIGHTER AGROUP, Madison, Wis. Pr[ for Norad assignment Harmon AFB Newfoundland. Deuce was a fantastic aircraft. I was AFCS SPECIALIST. All worked well if pilot trusted computers. We had an old fighter pilot assigned to us who had not flown this type much. When he returned from first training flight I found a spot of chewing gum on the windshield. Guess what that was for? Kentucky windage. HA. We had excellent in commission status. AFCS was very picky about trim adjustment. At times one was ready to take off and needed trim set with engine running WOW!

Edward Elliott, e-mail, 25.12.2012 20:16

Looking for anyone that flew the 102's with the 82 FIS that went from Travis AFB to Okinawa. I am looking for the missions they flew and the rockets they used in air to ground action. The information on the IR system we installed at Travis an the purpose of our mission seems to be non-existant.

John W. Van Dyke, e-mail, 09.12.2012 04:43

From June 1967 to June 1968 I worked the flight line. For the most part, I was Crew Chief on the "Tub" 56-2367. Also, many times taxied an aircraft to the Alert Barn or to the trim pad for engine runup. Awesome plane....

Jeff Simes, e-mail, 26.10.2012 05:42

Stationed at Thule most of 1963,worked the flight line and
was a crew chief on theF-102.Not a bad plane to work on, I
think the number was 369.Long time ago.

Gary Quigg, e-mail, 25.09.2012 02:47

I am an archaeologist working on aircraft crash sites at Eglin AFB, and I have located an F-102 crash site. I believe it is most likely the remains of a PQM-102 drone, but need verification that these were shot down over Eglin. Can anyone verify this? I believe these drones were flown out of Tyndall. Thanks.

John Kirkpatrick, e-mail, 22.09.2012 05:12

I was stationed at Clark AB, RP first with the 509th FIS then with the 64th FIS on the F102s, TDY to Da Nang AB. The lead-in article really does no justice to the role that the F102 played. It was a very good plane to work on (I later moved over to the F4C/D in the 523TFS at Clark & Da Nang), it was very valuable in Bomber escort duties over North Vietnam. It played a big role in ADC duties in the mid-late 50's in the US and Canada. All total, there were 1000 F102A's manufactured.
I am proud of my time with this plane and the missions it performed. You had to be there at Da Nang to know what we did and how it/we performed.

KEMMEL H OWEN, e-mail, 04.09.2012 06:47

I flew the very last QF/PQM-102 (56-1072) manned and unmanned flights on Jun 27 & 30, 1986, at Holloman AFB, NM. It was shot down over White Sands by an experimental missile that worked very well against a fast, high-G target. Credit the Deuce with development of super missiles after Viet Nam showed we didn't have any. I have a picture of the very last flight without a pilot in the cockpit. Send me an email address to reply to.

Jimmy Bridges, e-mail, 31.08.2012 01:35

Was Crew chief on F-102s at Portland AB 337 CAMRON 62-66 when unit was closed and some ac handed to ANG. Dont know what happened to the rest as the unit was scheduled to go to VN. I only had 5 mo to go and was let go early. Would like to hear from anyone from Portland air patch! We lost six aircraft during my 3 years at Portland!

JT, e-mail, 23.08.2012 14:39

Looking to talk to anybody who flew the F-102 at Thule in the summer of 1961. Looking for info on Lt William Lilliedahl and a picture of tail number 61381. Thanks.

Dave Altermatt, e-mail, 31.07.2012 20:26

Stationed at Clark A.B. Sep 61 to Mar 63
Crew chief on F102A 405 Consolidated Maint Sq. / 509th FIS
Good bird. Enjoyed Working on it.

Carl Heineck, e-mail, 20.05.2012 22:23

I was a member of the 59th FIS in Goose Bay, Labrador from Fall of 1961 to February of 1963. I was a comm/nav tech working on F-102s. It was a trifle cold there (!) but we had a great group of guys, enlisted and officers. I believe Frank Smith was our Commander. Loved the aircraft.

Guy Roberts, e-mail, 28.04.2012 05:08

I was a part of the big move from Pain Field Wa to Clark AFB Pi, was assigned to both the 509th and the 64th, was at Clark for 16 month but went TDY to Bangkock,Udorn, and DaNang for 8 months total. I reall enjoyed working the "duice".

Neil Carrell, e-mail, 16.03.2012 03:29

Worked as radar tech on f-102 with 598th at Geiger Field Spokane Wa. 1957-1958. Some good friend withwhom I have lost contact years ago. Most enjoyable time in a 8 year enlistment.

Michael Flannagan, e-mail, 18.02.2012 07:24

Hello fellow Ducer's. I was a radar technician stationed at Perrin from 62 thru 66. Worked out of the old wooden building at south end of field that also housed the rescue helicopter pilots. Then they build us the big blue hanger with the built in shops. I worked both the flight line and the nose docks. Worked mostly mids or nights but did work some days also. We also had our mock-ups located in the large communications building next to the hangers.Loved working on the duce and have many great memories while there. From chasing and procuring jackrabbits on the runway during mid shift to playing on the shop softball team. Worked with a great bunch of people during my time there. If anyone out there was in the radar shop,shoot me an e-mail and we'll catch up. Also if anyone stationed at Perrin has some old pictures that I could get a copy of please let me know.

Gary Komassa, e-mail, 19.12.2011 09:14

I worked on the engines for the F-102A at Truax Field in Madison, WI from 1963-66. Was in the overhaul section for complete tear-down. Did not work on the flight-line with an exception of a couple of times. Removing engine from aircraft required a bit of acrobatic positions. Truax was used for many final modifications prior to sending them to Vietnam. One of the modifications we had to accomplish was to replace the 8 1/2 bearing which was way inside. The Pratt & Whitney engine was a hardy engine. The fuel control was a nightmare. Had to clean the filters using sulfuric acid for a select number of seconds. We were doing depot level maintenance during that period.

Louis Lombardo, e-mail, 13.12.2011 18:51

I served in the Air Force..1963..Keflavic Iceland. There was a picture taken by a deuce pilot of a Russian Bear bomber.... zeroing in on the waist gunner's turret. The Russian gunner was holding a can of Coke in one hand and giving the U.S. pilot the "high sign" with the other. Also one taken by another deuce pilot of his wingman flying "between" two Russian destroyers on the deck...
If you have these photos.....please scan them and forward them to

Einar, e-mail, 18.10.2011 20:56

F 102 is my favourid jet since they served here in Iceland in 57 FIS "Black Knights", I would like to build a radio controled model of but I need some plans, is anybody there who can help me ? Regards Einar

Harold Sealman, e-mail, 30.09.2011 17:33

I was stationed at Paine Field , Wa. and was a crew chief on tail # 6-1420. The 57th CAMRON Group was attached to the 64th FIS . My biggest kick was taxing and compass swings , engine run-ups @ full burner . I would be interested in hearing from others stationed there during the 60's .

Jim McNamara, e-mail, 24.06.2011 20:36

I was in the first class to train in the deuce at Perrin. Got there early August 1960. We had some of the first AF Academy grads in our class. 11 of us in the class. Went from there to the 16th Fighter at Naha, Okinawa. We were the first to go to Don Maung, Bankok. Late summer of 1961. After 2 1/2 years and 500 hours, returned stateside to Tyndall for F-106 checkout, then to Duluth to the 11th FIS. From one great flying A/C to the greatest.

jim pappas, e-mail, 05.06.2011 00:59

was one of the first crew chief's on the 102 stationed Duluth Minn 1955 still have my lapel pin we were given by convair at a ceremoney loved working on the plane and won crew chief of the month at william tell at tyndall, would love to hear from any one stationed with me during those times

Roy Barresi, e-mail, 18.04.2011 21:29

I participated in the Phase VI testing of the F-102 at Edwards in 1956. Duluth, MN was the second operational squadron (11th FIS) with the aircraft. I recall several problems with the Sunstrand drive during the test phase when Convair learned that the drive could not be removed on our test models without first removing the engine. Lots of problems with pilots transitioning from the F-89J to the F-102 when the p[lane accelerated so rapidily in A/B and they were late in getting the gear up. Several A/C reurned without gear doors!

We had an unfortunate incident with one of our A/C while our squadron was on TDY. One of our pilots armed the F-102 he was flying and accidently shot down a target T-33 (the crew chief and the pilot never verified the armament B/4 take-off). Fortunately, there were only minor injuries to the T-33 crew which occurred during ejection.

Warren Roepke, e-mail, 18.04.2011 17:22

I joined Convair in June 1952 shortly after receiving my engineering degree. Was assigned to the F-102 project to detail the canopy, the original design with 4 panels on each side. Later in the redesign to incorporate the Whitcomb "coke bottle" (area rule) fuselage, I did the design work on the fuselage formers while 2 technicians detailed them.
In 1954 I briefly worked on the Sea Dart, designing a single ski in an attempst to prevent the wave induced pounding of the twin skis.

Warren Roepke, e-mail, 18.04.2011 17:21

I joined Convair in June 1952 shortly after receiving my engineering degree. Was assigned to the F-102 project to detail the canopy, the original design with 4 panels on each side. Later in the redesign to incorporate the Whitcomb "coke bottle" (area rule) fuselage, I did the design work on the fuselage formers while 2 technicians detailed them.
In 1954 I briefly worked on the Sea Dart, designing a single ski in an attempst to prevent the wave induced pounding of the twin skis.

a.machiaverna, e-mail, 09.04.2011 05:16

President George W. Bush flew the F-102. It may be interesting to note that his last time in the cockpit was in a Navy Viking. He wanted to come aboard the carrier flying an F/A-18 but was talked out of it. The F-102 was a great airplane and the "area-rule" design was one of the most important aerodynamic breakthroughs in aviation.

Garry Wallen, e-mail, 07.04.2011 06:37

message for Don Henry
Don I tried to contact you but you address would nt go through....I would love to talk with you. I did the same trip to the P I and VN and Bangkok as you did..but 18 mos it all..drop a line...

Don Henry, e-mail, 07.04.2011 00:56

I was a crew chief of the F-102 stationed at Clark AFB, Phillipines from July of 1967 to December of 1968 in the 509th FIS. Went TDY to Bien Hoa Vietnam, Udorn Thailand and Bangkok Tailand. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or was there at the same time. Clark, the country club of the Air Force, great assingment.

skip foster, e-mail, 24.03.2011 21:07

We always said it had a mach 1 engine, a mach 2 airframe, and a mach 3 canopy. Flew it with the WisANG from 1967-1974. Great airplane!! Won the F-102 category at WmTell in 1972.

Darrell Meldrum, e-mail, 17.03.2011 22:14

Crew chief from 1960 1968 Texas ANG Houston I got to ride in TF102 2 times. my commander took Wally Shera to Dallas in the TF it broke Wally robe in the back seat of a T33 back to Houston I found out what was wrong took tools and rode back to Dallas in the T33 fixed the TF then rode back to Houston in the TF what ride 20 minutes from brakes off on runway to shut down what a ride 300 kt. at the end of the runway pulled nose up leveled off at 23000 ft after burner best part

Darrell Meldrum, e-mail, 17.03.2011 22:13

Crew chief from 1960 1968 Texas ANG Houston I got to ride in TF102 2 times. my commander took Wally Shera to Dallas in the TF it broke Wally robe in the back seat of a T33 back to Houston I found out what was wrong took tools and rode back to Dallas in the T33 fixed the TF then rode back to Houston in the TF what ride 20 minutes from brakes off on runway to shut down what a ride 300 kt. at the end of the runway pulled nose up leveled off at 23000 ft after burner best part

Rick Goodall, e-mail, 13.03.2011 22:09

My Dad flew with the 509th from 1967 to 1969. Does anyone have any pictures of the F-102 in Vietnam or at Clark? If you do, and you'd like to share, my email is Thanks!

larry v whitlock, e-mail, 03.03.2011 21:55

I worked on the 102 as a radar crew chief in Youngstown, Ohio on the first wave to hit the runways. That period was 1957-1960 with the 79th Camron. The planes were flown by the 86th F I S.
Later modifed and upgraded planes at Pa Air Guard in Pitssburgh and Kelly field with Texas Air Guard. Great plane to work on and with.....

dale nevins, e-mail, 27.02.2011 00:39

I was stationed in the Phillipines in 67-68,was a crew chief on the F102.TDY with them to Don maung,Udorn,Bien hoa, Made a lot of friends,time has lost most of them for me! Realy injoyed working on the duce. Spent more time TDY than at Clark.Lot of fun at that time.

dale nevins, e-mail, 27.02.2011 00:37

I was stationed in the Phillipines in 67-68,was a crew chief on the F102.TDY with them to Don maung,Udorn,Bien hoa, Made a lot of friends,time has lost most of them for me! Realy injoyed working on the duce. Spent more time TDY than at Clark.Lot of fun at that time.

Lee Ritter, e-mail, 24.01.2011 01:14

Worked the F/TF-102 docks at Perrin 61-62. Then Flight Line with then at Thule AB, Greenland Dec-62 thru Jan 64.

Garry Wallen, e-mail, 19.01.2011 01:31

This is intresting reading guys..I would love to hear from anyone that worked on or flew the 102 at Travis,in 1963 and 64. then to Clark PI in 64 and 65. during that time I did 70 great days at Don Mong Bankok.That was nov dec jan of 64 and then Danang VN Oct nov dec of 65. I was a Hyd. Mechanic and loved working on the Duce...One of our 102s from Travis is on display at the mus. in Tucson...It had the 82nd emblem on it until a few years ago when they painted the whole plane over...My E-Mail is gwallen@cableone .net So..Please write...Thanks..

Don Langhorn, e-mail, 09.12.2010 22:43

I was a crew chief on F-102s at Truax fld Madison,Wi from 57 to 1960

Roger Pile, e-mail, 09.12.2010 19:29

Flew the F102 at Tyndall, Thule, Travis, Okinawa and Clark, deploying to Viet Nam, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea. Accumulated 1800 hrs and 142 combat missions in it over a 9 year period between 1959 and 1970, with a break for an MBA fo 18 months at Syracuse Univ. Was one of the pilots who flew the Thirsty Camel flight from Travis to Okinawa, the first at midair refueling for the Deuce in Feb 1966. While assigned to Clark, came back to Perrin to ferry another one back to Clark, perhaps the only one to do it twice. Jerry Doty was my wingman on the flight from Travis-Hahaii-Wake Island-Okinawa. We had to abort back into Hickam when I had a hydraulic problem right after take-off, so we waited another day for the second wave of 12 F-102's and joined them for the rest of the trip. The bird was a joy to fly and I loved my association with it. If anyone has a squadron patch from either the 82nd or the 509th, please contact me.

Rick Thomas, e-mail, 13.11.2010 03:59

I was a field engineer assigned to the 48th CIS in the Pittsburgh ANG. My job was to support the Air Force in maintaining the F-102. I was there form 1963 through 1966. My boss and I supported the 6 aircraft deployed to Tyndall AFB for Willaim Tell in 1963. We won with 1 miss in four flights with 4 aircraft.

grady howell, e-mail, 04.11.2010 18:08

I worked on and served as a crew chief of "deuces" at Perrin AFB from 1966 to 1970. I was attached to 'D' Flight and A.D.A.B. (Air Defense Alert Barn) during my tour. The F/ and TF/102A "birds" and experiences of serving at "Perrin Field" are memories that I always cherish. I possessed a "Run-up and Taxi License" and can still remember the thrill of taxi-ing "deuces" out to the trim-pad for inspections. I never had to try a second time to position the aircraft in the circle. When I braked the plane was chocked, cabled, and with me pushing as hard as I could on the brakes the technicians radiod from the engine compartments, "Take her up to military Sarge!" Throttling up to "Full Military," it wasn't long before a voice chimed in, "Pop her into AB!" Damn! Rocking and reeling, that was a kick!! Once they were through with their inspections I was "untethered" and I throttled my way back to "Dog" Flight. Of course I had to wait for the green light (clearance) from the tower before crossing the air strip. The F/TF/102A was a good "bird" and relatively easy to maintain. While I was at Perrin "E" Flight lost one plane (the air crew escaped) to a hydraulics problem and another aircraft was destroyed and the pilot killed in Oklahoma (later found to be due to pilot error). I have a handfull of pictures that were taken when I served at Perrin, taken for my Mom and an old girlfriend. They are of me, the O.M.S Barracks, my room on inspection day, etc. To paraphrase an old Frank Sinatra song, "Those were some very good years."

Walt Houghton, e-mail, 02.11.2010 01:34

Assignments: 52nd CAMRON, Suffolk, Arm. Shop & Alert, 1959
4683rd CAMRON, Thule AB, Arm. Shop, 1960
4756th A&E Sqdn, Tyndall 1961-62
158th CAMRON VTANG, Burlington, 1962-70
Loved working on the Deuce. Nothing prettier than a four ship pitching out for landing. Which there was still one flying in the warbird community.Vivid memories of mass-loading & turnaround exercises at Thule in the dark and -48 F. Below!!

Jack Stein, e-mail, 27.10.2010 03:34

I worked on the F102 at Perrin AFB, Texas then was a crew chief on a TF102 in Iceland. This jet was easy to maintain with few exceptions and as an E-5 I was luck to get a demo ride in my TF in Iceland. That was quite an experience for a young airman.

Dallas Smith, e-mail, 14.10.2010 07:25

To Jerry Doty Jr. I have lots of info on your Dad. Met him at Travis and was stationed with him at Naha, Perrin and Nha Trang. Contact me:

Roger Henderson, e-mail, 09.10.2010 19:25

I worked on the F102D at Keflavic Naval air Station Iceland in 1967-1968.I was assigned to the 57th Fighter Intercepter Squadron as flight line maint. I worked at the alert barn where four HOT aircraft were on alert. I was later transfered to the Tire Shop as NCOIC. As I was in charge of the crash recovery equiptment I had the oppertunity to go to two crash sites. One aircraft was totaly destroyed leaving only the engine intact and the other ran off the end of the runway and busted its left main gear. (Both pilots were OK)

Frank "Smitty" Smith, e-mail, 04.10.2010 00:44

Flew the "Duece" with the 317th FIS at Elmendorf AFB Alaska from Dec '63 to Dec 66'. Back to Perrin AFB instructing as an IP and Academic Instructor until June '69. Great airplane and a dream to fly, especially in the cold climate in Alaska! As a side note: 317th won TWO Hughes Trophys and a "William Tell" at Tyndall AFB in '63.

Jim Gourdoux, e-mail, 03.10.2010 04:26

I worked on the F-102 from 1964 through 1966 at Truax AFB in Madison Wisconsin and Tyndall AFB in Panama City Florida as a technician on the radar and infrared missile systems. The weapons system was being converted from tube to solid state. The F-106 was newer and had a fully solid state "fire control system", but had many more problems than the F-102, which was relatively reliable. The air to air missile systems had fuel for about two seconds, and would then have another two seconds of manuerability, but they could reach mach 2 plus the speed of the F-102 during that timeframe, all that was needed to hit a target.

Hawai, e-mail, 21.08.2010 03:34

About F-102 shot down during Vietnam war. Who known anything about fighter escort for Arc Light B-52 mission? Did F-102 and F-100 flew that kind of mission in 65-66, maybe?


Jim Bath, e-mail, 12.08.2010 07:09

I was a line pilot flying the F 102 from 1961-1972, first in the USAF, then the Texas ANG ........Great airplane, almost impossible to make it bite you.......Would outturn almost anything flying then, but difficult to keep the airspeed up for long in the high G turns.......

Carl Quinn, e-mail, 28.05.2010 02:43

After reading comments on F106 attack geometry, I was reminded of a near midair between two F102s. One being the intruder took off 1/2 hour early to get into position at altitude other to intercept. These were not live fire but thats another story. The Flight data Computer developed a malfunction where the "F" pole was missing and the intercepting F102 was flying a colision course. The pilot in the intruder F102 was able to call off the attack when a collision became appearent. In the A&E radar mockup we found the cause and were amazed that this was possible. Selfridge AFB about 1961.

Jerry Bjerke, e-mail, 23.05.2010 15:45

The Jerry Doty message. I assume the person writing is Jerry,s son Jerry Doty Jr. As I noted in my earlier message, I was stationed with Jerry in the 82nd 1964-1968. My wife and I were good friends of Jerry and Kay, knew Debi and Diane.
Jerry, you can contact me via my E-Mail : or Would like to hear from you.

Jerry Bjerrke, e-mail, 22.05.2010 22:41

I was stationed with Jerry Doty at Travis and also flew the aircraft to Okinawa. I was in Okinawa until 1968. We were good friends of Jerry and Kay.
How might I contact Kay Doty? I may be contacted at my E-Mail address.

Greg Gadd, e-mail, 21.05.2010 07:05

I spent 18 months at Clark, Dec 1967 until about June of 1969. I was a crew chief and TDY a bit to Udorn and Don Maung. Seems as if I can't really find much about the 509th or 64th FIS.

Bill Ponseigo, e-mail, 09.04.2010 07:05

I was crewchief on the duce from 1962 thru 1965 at Richards Gebaur AFB near Kansas City MO. Many fond memorys of working on them , and a few sad ones . we lost 2 while I was there. One to hyd. failure and locked flight controls... this one flew around till it ran out of fuel. The other was on take off ,, it seems the pilots flashlight slid off the radar shield and jammed in the base of the cntrol stick ,,, it was found jammed in that position. ost both the plane and pilot on the runway. Very sad day!

Ray, e-mail, 10.03.2010 20:47

My Dad worked on the Convair F102's in San Diego back in the 50's. I have a small 2" plastic model that says Convair F-102A, USAF. Unfortunately, the tip of one wing tips has broken. Its been in my keep sake box for 60 years.
If there is a collector out there that would value this mini model more than me, let me know. I may donate it.

Ray Benny

Jerry Doty, e-mail, 21.02.2010 21:43

To John jcg11(@)

I was wondering if you knew my father, Jerry D. Doty. He was stationed at Travis Air Base in 1965 (where I was born) and was pilot with the 82nd. He was part of the crew that flew the 102 on its first intercontinental flight from California to Okinawa - refueling in fight five times. I have some pictures from this mission to share.

My Father recently passed away ( and I am looking for information on his service to preserver for the grandchildren. I have often heard stories about the mission you wrote about and I would like to talk to someone was part of it. I tried your email address but it bounded.

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated

John, e-mail, 06.02.2010 22:50

I was crew chief on the T/TF102A at Travis AFB, 82nd FIS in 1965. The aircraft were modified with an IFR system, in 1966 and we deployed to Naha Air Bas Okinawa to replace the 555th F4 squadron lead by Col Robbin Olds. We deployed routinely to Itazuki, Tachikawa, and Misawa Air Bases to provide aircover for the 7th Pacific Fleet. Great aircraft, for maintenance and pilots. FYI, Capt Golish brought his aircraft in dead-stick from over 120 miles, his picture made the cover of Stars&Stripes paper.

Diderick A. den Bakker, e-mail, 09.12.2009 17:35

Wanting to create a 1:33 paper model of this plane, I am trying to find sections of the fuselage. 3D views never give those. Can anyone help?

Capt. Deadbug, e-mail, 06.12.2009 21:32

A lot of misinformation has been posted about the F102 on various other sites ... mainly by guys who never flew the aircraft and who have misinterpreted aircraft loss data. They have called the Deuce hard to fly because of the number of crashes incurred.

The F102 was a "pilot's airplane." It did lack power but no pilot ever turned down additional thrust. Handling was exceptional, and it could turn with (or out-turn) most everything flying at the time. The problem was with the airspeed you didn't have after the turn.

Back to the crash data. There were few pilot error crashes. Without question, most of the losses were attributed to design failures in two specific areas. First, the Sundstrand or "angle-drive" units which transferred power from the engine to all the accessories, such as generators and pumps, had a history of failure. When the Sundstrand failed the aircraft was left with no electrical power except that provided by a battery which never seemed to be there when needed, no engine ... and no flight control except that supplied by a Ram Air Turbine deployed and not too promising under 200 knots.

Rarely did a pilot get out even a radio call when the Sundstrand failed ... a mute aircraft with a complete flameout usually resulted in an ejection and a lost aircraft.

The other design which accounted for higher losses was a weakness in the engine bleed-air ducts and the placement of flight control hydraulics where 16th stage bleed air from "ruptured ducts" (sorry) blew directly onto the hydraulics. The result in this situation was boiling hydraulic fluid which caused loss of aircraft control and loss of the aircraft.

Aside from those built-in faults, the F102 had no nasty habits ... it was a very stable, forgiving aircraft limited by early 50's military aviation thinking.

I don't think anyone regrets flying the Deuce.

Lt Gordon Gerstner, e-mail, 23.10.2009 01:42

I was a weapons controller on EC121D Ethan 03 1969. I vectored two F102s from Udorn AFB to intercept two Migs attacking our aircracft. Mission was succesfull and MIGS rtb at venn afb N. Vietnam. F102 joined us for fly by.
Anyone involved please reply. Thanks Again!!!

paul scott, e-mail, 20.08.2009 17:35

Wow! So many USAF pilots/crew on here about the F-102 (Though as you say, specs are for the F-106, of which is a much better aircraft). Amazing deltas though for the US. The US government like a small misguided UK government put too much emphasis on thinking that missiles are/were the 'be all and end all'. Indeed, here in the UK, still fifty years on, RAF chiefs are spitting that our inept government of all things good and British in technology is dismissed in as much that the RAF squadrons' Eurofighter Typhoon will have its 27mm Mauser cannon omitted. Though the cannon can be bolted back on in a moment's notice, I remember how important in the air AND the ground a cannon is as back-up for strafing as a US F-16 pilot was stating when in Iraq.
But some people it seems don't learn - as Sydney Camm had said: 'Planes have four dimensions, Length, height, span and politics'.

Robert G. Stoeckel, e-mail, 01.06.2009 20:50

My father Capt. Charles (Curly)G. Stoeckel Flew these frames out of Paine AFB and TDY SEA in '65/'66. Frame # 56-1318 USAF 64th FIS (Scorpions), at Clark AB, Philippines.

1/31/1967: Written off at Clark AB, Philippines

Jock Williams Yogi 13, e-mail, 21.04.2009 15:33

I got a chance to fly the 102 dual when my CF100 had an engine fire and I had to "drop in" at the ANG unit in Pittsburgh.

The 102 dual was side-by-side seating -and as I remember it had difficulty going supersonic -but the single didn't have that problem.

The 102 was the first delta winged plane I ever flew and also the first afterburner-equipped, and I loved it! I later had the opportunity to fly virtually all the century series aircraft -but this was the first and I was grateful for the opportunity!
The CF100 that earned me the ride was quickly repaired but I will never forget that sleek grey dart -or the hospitality of the Air National Guard!

rob combs, e-mail, 14.03.2009 22:38

my dad was a line chief for the usaf stationed at tyndall afb fl; and in 1956 he brought me to see their new airplanes...the was a quantum leap over the f-89 and f-94. I had a blast being an air force brat!

Patrick, e-mail, 23.12.2008 02:26

Comments by Max Kohnke concerning the Vietnam era and the Deuce are correct but much can be added. Eight 102's were listed as opperational losses by the 509th FIS and 64th FIS between 11/64 and 1/69. Additional combat losses were 1 by a MIG-21 on 2/3/66, 2 by ground fire over SVN, and 4 by ground attacks at DaNang. See Wayne Mutza's Book CONVAIR F-102 published by Schiffer Military History Books for more.
Mel is right, you have the wrong spec's for the F-102.

Jeff, e-mail, 16.07.2008 02:33

The Air National Guard had these at Ellington AFB, TX, in the 1960s before they upgraded. Lt. George W Bush flew 102s with this unit.

Max Kohnke, e-mail, 28.06.2008 01:08

I have seen several references to a F-102 being shot down by a MiG in Viet Nam on an escort mission for B-52s. There was a great deal of judgemental error by the brass in using a dedicated interecptor, optimized for radar intercepts against bombers as an escort fighter over enemy territory in clear weather. Virtually all of the F-102's advantages (all weather radar, speed & altitude) were lost while it's weaknesses (no guns or no rearward visibility) were exploited by the enemy.

Roger Moore, e-mail, 14.06.2008 22:29

I flew the 102 for both the Hawaii and Conn. Ang from 1965 to 1968 and it was a delight to fly. I then flew the F100 for the DC ANG briefly in 1970 and in the pattern they felt the same but the 102 was vastly superior in ceiling and turn rate. The USAF offered me a 90 day tour in Vietnam in 1966 but I declined as the 102 was no rival for the MIG 21.

Butch Owens, e-mail, 09.05.2008 05:53

I was a crew chief on the F-102A at Clark AFB, Phillipines, Tan Son Nhut AFB in Saigon, Vietnam and at Udorn and Don Muong, Thailand in 1965 and 1966. Also worked Dueces in the 51st OMS (16th) FIS at Naha AFB, Okinawa in 1961 and 1962. The Duece was a challenging aircraft but was loved by maintainers and pilots as well.

Mel, e-mail, 30.04.2008 19:30

You have the F-106 spec's instead of the F-102 spec's.

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