Yakovlev Yak-1
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01.02.2023 20:36

01.02.2023 06:54

31.01.2023 20:36

31.01.2023 15:55

30.01.2023 10:29

30.01.2023 10:23

Grumman S-2 Tracker

30.01.2023 03:08

30.01.2023 02:26

Avro 685 York

29.01.2023 17:15

Ilyushin IL-76

29.01.2023 06:42

Ilyushin IL-20

28.01.2023 17:54

28.01.2023 15:16

North American P-64

27.01.2023 04:54

27.01.2023 04:34

27.01.2023 00:07

26.01.2023 04:20

25.01.2023 10:41

Piper PA-46 Malibu

25.01.2023 02:03

24.01.2023 20:21

Gloster Gauntlet

24.01.2023 00:34

Convair 240

24.01.2023 00:29

Potez 36

23.01.2023 16:51

Short S.23 Empire

21.01.2023 08:27

21.01.2023 08:27

21.01.2023 08:27

21.01.2023 08:27

21.01.2023 08:27

21.01.2023 08:27

21.01.2023 08:27

21.01.2023 08:27

Emma, 01.12.2022 19:02

Who is anna Kreisling?

Ian, e-mail, 07.02.2016 15:55

Soviet pilots preferred lighter aicraft with greater manouevreability. To this end they would even REMOVE wing guns and anything which they believed would add unnecessary weight. They relied on accuracy more than fire-power.

D. Rossi, e-mail, 25.09.2010 20:40

The first time I saw Anna Kreisling she was sitting in the cockpit of a captured Yak fighter. I was only 12 at the time and thought I had seen a goddess. My father was working on a top secret longevity project and Anna was somehow involved. He desparately wanted me to see her and said this was probably the only opportunity I would have in my entire life as she would soon "disappear". Although at the time I didn't have the experience to fully appreciate what my father had done for me I still vividly remember how well built the Yak and Anna were.

Ron, e-mail, 02.08.2010 08:41

If your struck by the lack of guns on Soviet fighters in WW2,
they are few but most effective when you look closely.
The hub cannon on this Yak-1 had a rate of up to 800 rounds per minute. So in round numbers, that's 13 per second at 96 grams each. Thus you have 1.28 kg per second (not counting high explosive effect of the HE shells). That leaves 72 grams per second for the UBS 12.7-mm synchronized cowl machine gun. The means it fired 15 rps which is 900 rpm if each shell is 48 grams average (some with HE). I know the published rate was 800 rpm but do the math yourself. No other 12.7 guns could do even 800 rpm let alone 900 - synchronized. And with such heavy ammo besides. Muzzle velocity was still good too. The M3 Browning could fire 1200 rpm on the P-47N but that wasn't until 1945 and it wasn't synchronized through the prop like this 1940-1 Yak-1. In 1941 the P-39 cowl mounted Brownings were synchronized at a rate of 300 rpm each for comparison (as a closer contemporary fighter). So 1 UBS was equal to 3 Browning 12.7-mm (0.50 Cal. with lighter ammo on average besides). True the early Yak-1 had the light ShKAS machine guns firing a rate of 1625+ rpm each synchronized. These Yaks thus had longer useful firing range since they were not using wing guns that converged only at a certain range.

Ronald, e-mail, 02.09.2008 07:55

Weight of fire / sec. salvo = 1.856kg-2.000kg
Climb to 5km = 4.5-6.8 min
360 turn = 17-21 sec.

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