De Havilland D.H.112 Venom
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04.12.2021 22:38

Consolidated B-24 Liberator

04.12.2021 18:15

Cessna Model 441 Conquest II

03.12.2021 17:16

Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12

03.12.2021 17:11

Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8

03.12.2021 17:04

Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2

03.12.2021 16:47

Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.1

03.12.2021 07:27

02.12.2021 11:06

Handley Page H.P.50 Heyford

02.12.2021 02:20

01.12.2021 23:45

Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

01.12.2021 09:26

01.12.2021 03:17

Douglas DC-6 / C-118

30.11.2021 22:00

Mitsubishi G3M "NELL"

30.11.2021 03:36

29.11.2021 23:22

29.11.2021 18:05

29.11.2021 07:13

29.11.2021 04:06

29.11.2021 02:51

Aermacchi/Lockheed AL.60 Conestoga

28.11.2021 22:00

Junkers Ju 390

28.11.2021 03:01

26.11.2021 23:35

Martin RB-57D

25.11.2021 17:10

De Havilland D.H.88 Comet

25.11.2021 15:10

Seddon Mayfly

25.11.2021 00:56

24.11.2021 12:40

Short Biplane No 1

23.11.2021 05:06

Arline Rodrigres

22.11.2021 22:59

22.11.2021 20:08

22.11.2021 12:25

Curtiss Eagle

Anonymous, 20.10.2021 00:48

The sad fact is that the British, who had led the world in aircraft development in 1945, had completely lost their edge after only four years. Note that the Venom, which was first flown in 1949, had a top speed of only 572 mph and a ceiling of only 40,000 feet. That performance was hopelessly inadequate in comparison with the contemporary North American Sabre and Mig-15. RAF fighter squadrons were getting Venoms when they should have been getting Hawker Hunters. I'm not saying that the Venom was a bad aircraft, simply that it was outdated before the prototype ever even flew.

Les Neaves, e-mail, 09.10.2010 16:27

I flew both Vampire and the Venom in the 1950's, with 145 Squadron in Germany. The Venom was supposed to reach 0.94 Mach, I only managed to reach 0.91 Mach and that was after reaching 42,000 Ft, rolling it slowly onto it's back and pulling through into a dive. Even so it was a nice aircraft to fly.

John Daly, e-mail, 05.03.2010 07:41

The Mark 4 was the most delightful aircraft. Splendid stable gun/rocket platform for air to ground and plenty of power (NO Navigator nor radar!) Could loop it at 40,000 ft. Bang seat, power controls. Perfect!

Don Huckle, e-mail, 14.01.2010 13:53

The NF2 was a stopgap all weather fighter rushed into service in spite of Farnborough`s misgivings. It carried the outdated AI Mk10 which came from the Mosquito. It was probably as well because the first time we fired the guns the recoil smashed through the bulkheads and destroyed the radios. When fired after dark the muzzle flash caused the pilot to lose his night vision. Unlike the Sea Venom ejector seats were not fitted

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