Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose


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Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose

The first prototype flew on January 15, 1943. Did not entered production. Two built.

Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose

 ENGINE1 x Avco Lycoming XH-2470-1, 1715kW
  Max. speed649 km/h403 mph

Vultee XP-54 Swoose GooseA three-view drawing (1278 x 770)

Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose

Vahe David Demirjian, e-mail, 05.08.2020 06:59

The serial for the second XP-54 prototype is listed as 41-1211 in some older sources, but official documents list 41-1211 as being allocated to a BT-13 Valiant trainer, and the second XP-54 prototype was actually ordered in 1942 and given the s /n 42-108994. The XP-54 actually flew 10 flights, contrary to most previous publications.


Barry, 30.03.2016 17:27

Beating the Northrop XP 56 Black Bullet and the Curtiss XP55 Ascender in response to USAAC request for an unusual design fighter. The resulting aircraft failed to live up to expectations. The original power plant for this pusher aircraft was the Pratt & Whitney X1800 which was not proceeded with so the 2,350 shp Lycoming XH2470 was substituted. A fully pressurised cabin featured a complicated ingress and egress system whereby the pilot would lower the seat electrically in which he would place himself and then be raised into the cockpit. In case of escape the seat and pilot would be ejected out of the aircraft to avoid being hit by the propeller or tail plane. It's performance was totally lacking, only two were manufactured. The second becoming a spares supply for the first whilst it was being used in an experimental programme.

Span 53'10" Length 54'9" Height 14'6" Wing area 456 sq ft Empty weight 15,262 lb Max take off weight 19,337 lb
Maximum speed at 28,000 ft 381 mph Range 500 miles
Service ceiling 37,000 ft Climb 2,300 ft /minute
Armament 2 x 37 mm T12 /T13 cannon 2 x .50 cal M2 Browning machine guns


Gene, e-mail, 26.06.2010 21:29

I was living in Downey at the time and remember seeing it fly. Very exciting!


Missileman, e-mail, 03.10.2009 16:15

The name "Swoose" comes from the aircraft being half swan and half goose.


Castle22r, e-mail, 16.06.2008 19:16

Smart invention,Funny name.


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