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Detroiter SB-1

The Stinson Detroiter was the first operational airliner of Northwest Airways (predecessor to Northwest Airlines), and it is notable for having a soundproofed and heated cabin. In the region of 36 of this braced high-wing monoplane were produced in a number of versions. Later builds had the more powerful J-6 Wright engine, and some earlier builds were later retro-fitted with the type. Detroiters were involved in a number of long-distance and pioneering flight exploits, but one notable first involved a Detroiter acquired by Packard Motor Co. It was fitted with a diesel engine, and on 19 September 1928 it was to become the first diesel-powered aircraft to fly.

 ENGINE1 x 300hp Wright J-6 radial piston engine
  Take-off weight1580 kg3483 lb
  Wingspan14.22 m47 ft 8 in
  Length10.01 m33 ft 10 in
  Max. speed214 km/h133 mph
  Ceiling4267 m14000 ft
  Range1125 km699 miles

Paul Morrell, e-mail, 13.12.2009 06:05

There has been built a 1 /5 scale model of a SB1 here in western Canada. I am in search of drawings that may assist in building a full scale model for a museum exhibit.


Tom VanVechten, e-mail, 04.01.2008 05:27

Photo at top of Stinson Detroiter page shows the Stinson SB-1 which was the biplane version that proceeded the high wing monoplane version of the Detroiter. The monoplane SM-1 was much the more popular version. The basic design was scaled up and down to produce various sizes. Those including: a 6 seater (pilot & 5 passengers); a 7 or 8 seater; and the smaller 3-4 place Detroiter Junior which was the SM-2


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