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Standard SJ / J-1 / SJ-1 / JR

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Dorian c Brown, e-mail, 23.01.2015 04:29

I have a Propeller its a Airplane Standard J1 Hall Scott
A-7-A 110 Horse power. It appears that it stop being made in 1918.8ft long 4 inches wide.Two Brass Plates on them. Does anyone know how much these might be worth?



Gerald Thornhill, e-mail, 09.12.2011 10:20

The EAA group at Oshkosh WI have a Standard with a Hisso 150 which I plan to carve a prop for at the summer 2012 exposition in July. I need to know the aircraft speeds possible with this engine so I can calculate the pitch with 1450 RPM. 75 MPH seems to be close but I`m not sure, can anyone help. Jerry


Roland Boucher, e-mail, 11.12.2010 02:07

There was a very nice Hiso powered standard at flabob
that i beleive was used in the movie "THE GREAT WALDO PEPPER" I never flew a standard But i was priviliged to fly a Hisso powered trave air based at santa Paula 200 hp and a 9 foot prop does make quite a diference--I think it would loop from level flight

I hope someone gets both these aircraft in this site


Ashley Waters, e-mail, 07.11.2010 22:35

The 1918 Standard J series, tandem two-seat trainers were developed from the WWI, earlier (1917) H series. The original SJ series were powered by a 100 hp Hall-Scott A7A engine, which proved to be underpowered. The improved J-1 series were powered by a 175 hp Hall-Scott A-4A engine, which produced speeds of 95 mph. After WWI, the J series were employed in the mail service. Many were operated by civilian "barn stormers", who converted them to Hisso Suiza and OX-5 engine power. The original J series aircraft utilize a tail skid, while the aircraft in the photo appears to have the tail skid resting on a 2-wheel dolly, along with a much later "N-number" registration. Additionally, the original J series employed upper, top wing bracing, apparently not employed on the featured aircraft.


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