Sikorsky S-41


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Sikorsky S-41

Fifteen-passenger development of the S-38 powered by three 428kW Pratt & Whitney Hornet engines. Also used in small numbers by the US Navy as RS-1.

Barry, 30.03.2016 12:19

7 built all to Pan Am save one to the USN as the R.S.1

Span 78'9" Length 45'2" Height 15'3" Wing area 729 sq ft Empty weight 8,100 lb Gross weight 13,800 lb
Maximum speed 133 mph Range 920 miles Service ceiling 13,500 ft


AL, e-mail, 21.03.2013 13:03

I have a couple of scans of this aircraft, taken in Florida around 1935, and upon observing this photo and the others that I have, it tells me that there are only two engines, not three as mentioned aboved, on this aircraft. Can someone please correct this? Thanks.


soccerman, e-mail, 18.06.2011 05:48

Also used in small numbers by the US Navy as RS-1.


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