Sikorsky S-34


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Sikorsky S-34

Sikorsky's first attempt to build an amphibian, the six-seat S-34, flew in 1926. During a test flight, piloted by Capt. Collier and with Igor Sikorsky as observer, it developed engine trouble while flying low over water and sank after forced landing. The two men were rescued and taken ashore by motor boat.

Barry, 15.11.2016 14:08

Power plant 2 x 200 h.p. Wright Whirlwind J4

Span 56'0" Length 34'0" Height 10'7" Wing area 396 sq ft
Empty weight 2,900 lb Gross weight 4,500 lb

Max speed 145 mph Range 260 miles Service ceiling 15,000 ft


Terrence Alleg, e-mail, 05.02.2013 23:39

Believe it or not my father Lawrence Alleg bent the keel on the plane in the photo which is being launched it was the first one.


Dave Hammill, e-mail, 05.04.2008 06:34

What S model amphibian was used in the most recent Howard Hughes film.


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